Kenshin was soon back on his feet and able to take part in the partying. Soon, the time came for him and his friends to leave for Tokyo. Misao and the rest of the Oniwabanshuu said their goodbyes. Kenshin and Aoshi agreed to have tea sometime. Misao promised Kaoru that she would come visit soon and they would have fun together in Tokyo. Tickets in hand, the Kenshin- gumi left Kyoto.

Kenshin and Jiani took one last look over their shoulders at the city they were leaving once again. The former sighed wistfully. "Kyoto: a place of bitterness and sorrow that I shall return to again someday."

His daughter nodded. "And perhaps we shall visit Mother too."

The two warriors had ventured out to visit Tomoe shortly after Kenshin was able to get out of bed. It had been a brief visit, but they had left flowers and promised in silence to come back again.

Kenshin glanced over at Jiani and smiled slightly. "I meant to tell you earlier that you've truly grown up into a fine young woman, Jiani-chan. You have inherited your mother's beauty, that's for sure."

Jiani blushed. "You think so?"

Kaoru and Yahiko poked their heads out the door, watching their beloved redheads. Kaoru smiled in satisfaction. "I'm glad they were able to come together in the end."

Yahiko rolled his eyes. "You're so mushy, busu."

"Shut up, you little brat! And besides, if you think so, then why are you out here watching too??"

Instantly, the fight broke out. Kaoru grabbed Yahiko's cheeks and stretched out his face while he pulled her hair. Kenshin and Jiani turned around just as they tumbled into the dirt.

Jiani blinked. "Papa, are they always like that?"

Kenshin chuckled. "Aa, but you learn to find it amusing after a while, that you do."


At long last, the Kenshin-gumi returned to Tokyo, headed down the Asakusa neighborhood streets, and into the yard of the Kamiya Dojo. Tae, Tsubame, Dr. Genzai, and his two granddaughters were there to greet them.

"Uncle Ken!" Ayame and Suzume cried, darting out to throw their arms around his legs.

Kenshin smiled cheerfully as he patted their heads. "Ayame, Suzume, you're as pretty as ever, that you are."

Jiani regarded the children lightheartedly. She hadn't gotten the chance to meet them much before, but she found them to be rather cute and humorous. She wondered if she was like them as a child.

While Yahiko and Tsubame greeted each other with flushed cheeks, and everyone else said their hellos, Kaoru and Sanosuke turned towards the two redheads, who were hesitating outside the door. Kaoru went up to Kenshin. "Is something wrong?"

He sighed. "I just find it strange that I have returned here after wanting so much to not have you all involved in the dangers of the Battousai within me. Three months of travel have naturally brought me back."

Kaoru smiled and held out her hand. "Welcome home, Kenshin."

He looked from her to Jiani, who nodded happily. He accepted her hand.


Jiani and Sanosuke stood together while the couple followed everyone else inside to eat. The young girl sighed. "Well, I suppose Father kept his promise after all."

Sanosuke folded his arms behind his head to stretch. "Yeah, well you have to admit that Kenshin's pretty good with his promises."

He cracked a grin. "Well, shall I be the one to welcome you back, Jiani?" He held out his good hand.

Jiani chuckled and gladly took it. "Like Father said, tadaima."

A/N- Okay, so ends Part 2. Now ready yourselves for the third and final part. This next story will center on the relationship developing between Sanosuke and Jiani. Stay tuned!