"Beach Party" by DebC Written for a photo challenge. My photo was here: - menbackupstories/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=18

The sun was beating down, warming the sand until it scorched the soles of your feet. Logan knew this from experience; one of the teens had walked off with his beach shoes by mistake. He'd literally hopped from one foot to the other all the way down to the beach.

When he found out who'd taken them, they'd pay. As would the kids who thought it was funny.

On second thought, he'd save it for whomever thought it amusing to put his name down as chaperone for this little field trip. Being turned into a baked potato while Jean and Scott shared a beach blanket a few feet away and a couple of the newer students kept daring Bobby to turn the entire ocean to ice--"I'll bet you can't do something big like that" rang in his ears even now--was not his idea of a vacation.

The beach they were at didn't allow alcohol, so he was stuck drinking brand name soda just like the kids. Bonfires were a huge no-no. As was going topless. Which was a shame, because Jeannie... would so look good topless. The cabins didn't have air conditioning, either, and because of the Professor's "no-coed cabins" rule, he was bunking with Scott.

On top of all that, the heat was making Logan sweat, which wasn't a bad thing, except this damn fly kept buzzing around his head. He'd wave it away, only for it to return.


Well, that took care of the fly.