Title: They Can Never Be

Series: Lies in Redemption (Prologue)

Author: Althea

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Rating: PG eventually R

Pairing: Harry/Lucius

Summary: Beloved Enemies Drabble Challenge word "gossamer"

Warnings: Slash(Yaoi), possible OOC including dark!Dumbledore

Word Count: 495

Archive: Beloved Enemies, FF.net, my site althea.dreamscrying.net others please ask

Authors Note: Will update as often as I can. Will be multi-parter. Also on HarryxLucius mailing list. My first fanfic. Be kind.


I watch him from across the room. He is poised, perfect. Once I feared him, now I long for him. He doesn't smile. Malfoys don't smile. He doesn't acknowledge anyone's presence but Draco's. He came after being released from Azkaban. It seems there still isn't enough to hold him on. No proof of what he is. That night changed my life in so many ways. One way is in how I now see "him". Lucius Malfoy. Death Eater. Aristocrat. Beauty touched with darkness. Darkness that touches something in me. Makes me feel, makes me need. Beauty that speaks to me. Eyes cold steel. Skin flawless porcelain. Hair gossamer silk.

He is an angel. A demon. I want him to see me. Not as Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, but as Harry. He never will, no one does. He will see me as the Dark Lord's enemy and by virtue his. He looks over at me. Smirk firmly in place. He has no idea what he does to me. I wish he would see. Something flashes in his eyes for a minute. It's gone before I can place it. A fleeting something that shone through the icy mask he usually wears. What was that look? Was it for me? Does he somehow know of my feelings for him?


I came to see my son as soon as I could. He needs to know that no one can defeat the Malfoys. I had another reason for coming though. A weakness I can't afford to have. A desire that I must purge. He sits across the hall. His eyes keep looking at Draco and I. I know how he feels about my son and how he must feel about me. Yet I wish for a moment that he didn't hate me, that I was not forced to hate him. Unfortunately, he is Harry Potter and I am one of Voldemort's most loyal supporters.

He doesn't know I can see him watching me. My mask is firmly in place. Yet I do see those sparkling emeralds following my movements as though I might suddenly disappear. He probably thinks I've come to take over the school, little does he know I barely got Dumbledore to let me in. I wish I were younger, he were older, we weren't on opposite sides of this thing. That I was free to go over to him and that he could return my feelings.

I look up at him. He looks right into my eyes. For just a moment I see something like longing in those gem-toned orbs. I must be wrong. He despises me. Does he know? Suspect that I may feel something other than hate for him? No, he couldn't. I lead my son out to say goodbye in the Entrance Hall, where eyes will not witness it. As I walk out into the sunshine, I feel my dreams of Harry float away like gossamer on the breeze. They can never be.



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