A Woman in His Life

Chapter 23 Epilogue

By Penmom

(1) These characters aren't mine; I just play with them. (2) This is AU season 3. (3) Another SNOW DAY! (4) Drawing to a close here. I think there is more to be said with this little universe, so I may bring a sequel out sometime. Look out for it, if you will. (5) Truly, my most sincere thanks to all whom have stayed with me - truly.

Try as he might, Malcolm Reed cannot erase the slight smile from his lips. As he punches in his deck on the turbo lift, he can't help but reflect on the evening's events.

He would have never thought - in his wildest dreams - Trip settling down --- much less being happy about it - much less --- much, much less with a Vulcan.

The Captain had officiated at the wedding ceremony that encompassed both earth vows and a quite boring Vulcan oath.

T'Pol had been as cool and regal as always. But something about seeing her clasping hands with Trip seemed to soften her a bit.

This marriage was a lot like what he had found space to be --- unexpected, pushing your boundaries, pushing you to places you'd never even dreamt of but despite all the misgivings, all the struggles --- you end up stronger, more than you could have been otherwise.

As the door slides open, Malcolm sets his shoulders straight. He can do this, he tells himself. Hell, if Trip could, then he certainly can.

And with that final thought, he turns the corner to find Hoshi.

The End