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// -Inner Sakura

Chapter 2: The Sex Bracelet

"Good morning Class!" said Mr. Iruka, the assistant gym teacher. "Please settle down and line up quietly."

"Iruka." Kakashi the head gym teacher said. "You don't have to be so formal with them. they don't listen anyway!" Kakashi continued as he glared at the students. "Now shut up and get in line you little brats!" He ordered as he took out a copy of Come Come Paradise.

All the students lined up quietly.

"What are we doing today Kakashi-sensei?" asked a hyper Naruto.

"We will be doing basketball!" Kakashi replied.

This statement was met by the comment "Yes!" from everybody, but one girl who was busy looking at her wrist.

"Shit" she mumbled.

Kakashi split the line in half. "These are the teams. When you get your team together and decide who's playing what position, send a player to me for the jump ball." Kakashi said. "Here are the teams:

Team 1: Sakura Hinata Naruto Shikamaru Chouji

Team 2: Sasuke Ino Kiba Shino Hikaru (an original character)

Sakura sighed. (Yes again.) and sent Hinata to Mr. Kakashi. The other team sent up Sasuke.

"All right! You two will be the jump ballers! (Is there such a word?)" Kakashi announced as he continued to read Come Come Paradise. "Get in positions everybody! 1, 2, 3 . GO!"

Sasuke and Hinata jumped for the ball. Still in the air, Hinata grabbed ball. Sasuke smirked and knocked the ball out of her hands.

"No foul!" Iruka called.

Shino then grabbed the ball and dribbled down the court. Shikamaru attempted to block him, but Shino passed to Ino, who shot and scored! The score was 2-0. Sasuke's team was winning!

.And so the game continued on.

*3rd Quarter* The score is 22-18. Sasuke's team is winning!

Sakura had the ball. //Yay! Yeah! Show Sasuke and everyone else what your worth!!! Go for it!!!// Inner Sakura cheered. She dribbled down the court, being careful not to 'travel'. Kakashi wasn't really paying attention (reading his dirty book =^.^=), but she wanted a fair game. She was at the foul line when Sasuke popped up in front of her in order to block her shot.

No matter how hard she tired, she couldn't find an opening to pass to someone else. Sasuke lunged for the ball and a resounding SNAP was filled the air. Everyone stopped and stared. Sakura's eyes widened as she looked down at the floor. where her sex bracelet lay.

Everyone was silent except for one blond teen. He walked toward the pair.

"Sasuke you idiot! Give Sakura-chan's bracelet back!" Naruto said.

At that statement Sasuke and Sakura blushed, all the girls started crying or whispering and Ino ran sobbing out the door! Naruto stood there with a look of utter confusion on his face.

"What's going on?" asked Naruto.

At this moment Kakashi "suddenly" decided to leave for the bathroom. (Perfect timing eh? He knows when to leave in order to avoid trouble.) Chouji stared at Naruto. "Are you that big of an idiot?!" asked Chouji. "It's a SEX bracelet!" Chouji said. He noticed Naruto's still clueless expression and continued. "Don't tell me you don't know what that is!? Did you sleep through Health class or something?" asked Chouji.

"I know what sex is, but what's a sex bracelet?" Naruto asked.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"Um. N-Naruto-kun. come here." Hinata whispered as she beckoned Naruto towards her.

"Huh!?" asked Naruto as he walked towards her.

Hinata began whispering to Naruto. She blushed at being so close to him, but continued her explanation. Naruto's eyes widened with shock. How could something like that even exist!? It was to sick and twisted for Naruto to even comprehend.

"Sakura-Chan *sniff* How could you!?" cried Naruto as he ran out of the building in the same fashion Ino had earlier.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata softly yelled as she ran after him.

"At least that's taken care of." Chouji said.

"How troublesome." Shikamaru added.

By this point, the entire class was whispering and glaring at Sakura and Sasuke, when the bell rang for lunch. Still whispering and glaring, all the student's changed for lunch.

Just as the last girl left the locker room, Kakashi poked his head out of one of the lockers and looked around.

"Damn!" he said. "Missed them!" He then held up a pair of striped panties. "Meh. at least I got something!"

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