The Moon and the Stars – By DS Wynne


Disclaimer: "Sailor Moon" and DC Comics' "Starman" (and others) belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a fusion/crossover fan fiction.


October 8, 2003.

"Serena, you have a package!"

"Thanks, Sammy!"

As Serena turns away from setting up her new her telescope, she walks towards her brother.  She takes a look at the address and frowns.

"What's in it?"

"It's something from Dr. Ted Knight from America, Sammy."

"Oh, that's right.  He's the American astrophysicist that sponsored your trip to Opal City last year."

"Yeah," Serena replied.

Since the defeat of Sailors Galaxia and Chaos, there has not been a real need to be "Sailor Moon" full time.  In fact, for the past two years, there have only bee a dozen youma attacks.  Serena and the Sailor Scouts do get together for other things, but for the most part each Scout have their own lives to deal with.  For a long time, Serena felt directionless.  Sure, she and Darien could have gotten married and began their life together, but both realized that to do so would lock them to a destiny that neither Serena nor Darien was comfortable with the idea of pre-determinism.  Serena wanted more out of life, and Darien didn't want Serena to resent him for not allowing her to explore her potential later on in life.  Besides, according to Sailor Pluto, they were destined to be together in the end anyway, so why rush things?  So both agreed to cool things between the two of them for now, thus allowing Darien to go overseas for his professional experience as an Engineer. 

As for Serena herself, she was having a much difficult time deciding on what to do.  She tried cooking…she tried fashion designing…she even tried being a mime.  All three outings proved to be a disaster.  Depressed, Serena went to her friend Amy ("Sailor Mercury") Anderson's place and sulked.  While Amy went to bake some cookies for her friend, Serena noticed Amy's copy of "Popular Science".  Bored, Serena thumbed through the publication, until it focused on the heroics of Dr. Theodore Knight, a scientist who was once the popular World War II "mystery man" known as "Starman".  Serena was fascinated about the man's background, and how he created the so-called "Cosmic Converter".  The Cosmic Converter was perhaps the most efficient engine that converts solar energy into a fuel source.  At least, that was supposed to be the case until the man withdrew his designs from public scrutiny years ago.  The article then went on to indicate his last known residence as an astronomer at the Opal City.

Fascinated, Serena began to write letters to Dr. Knight, asking questions about his research.  For a while, Serena did not receive any responses.  However, her persistence paid off.  Dr. Knight not only answered her questions, but also encouraged her to "bone up" on her math and science.  So, for the next year, the two corresponded with each other; six months later, Serena accepted an invitation to become an exchange student at Opal Technical High School as a way to meet Dr. Knight in person.  She also met his son Jack, who was an aspiring "Curious Goods" collector, from whom Serena was able to get a first edition "Astroboy" manga, which was worth a few thousand dollars. Serena also developed a small crush on him, since he came off as the "cool rebel" type. 

At the end of the experience, Serena was dedicated to follow Dr. Knight's footsteps as a scientist, and got a phoenix tattoo from Jack's favorite tattoo parlor on the small of her back…but don't tell her parents.  Shh!  Also, before heading for home, Dr. Knight gave Serena a small collection of vintage scientific journals: "Paradigma", "Fate!" and a few others.  She thanked the Knight family, promising to return as soon as she is able.

Unfortunately, that promise was not meant to be.

Shortly after her excursion, Serena learned of Dr. Knight's untimely death at the hands of an old arch-nemesis.  She cried for weeks before she renewed her dedication to become an astrophysicist in her own right.


"Uh, thanks again, Sammy," Serena said.

"Can I take a look?"

"Let me think about it, 'Kay?"

"Sure thing, sis."

After Sammy left, Serena sat the package down and opened it up.  Inside, there were two books, and envelope with her name on it, and a small, metal box.  She picked up the letter, opened it and read it.  It was a letter from Dr. Knight's son Jack.  Apparently, according to Jack, Dr. Knight wanted to give these books to her, but was not able to do so due to poor health. 

After reading the letter, Serena looked at the books.  One was Dr. Knight's personal journal and notes, and the other was a copy of a text called "Kitab al-Alaciras".  Then, she opened the metal case.  Inside was a pair vintage, World War II Royal aviation goggles.  She knew what they were supposed to be for, since she had seen Jack use them in action. 

With a sigh, Serena opened the Kitab al-Alaciras text.  As she did so, the pages gave off a slight glow.

"Oh my…Dr. Knight is right!  It really IS full of stars…"

Six months later…

The calm of the City of Tokyo was shattered, with a wave of youma attacks.  Four of the Inner Sailor Scouts were busy fighting off a few within the confines of Juuban Park.  What made these particular youma insidious was that these "youma" were shadow-like entities…entities that can possess innocent victims.

"Dang it, where's Serena?" said Sailor Mars, as she lobbed off a flame burst.

"Yeah!" Sailor Jupiter interjected.  "She should have been here by now!"

Jupiter gave off an electrical discharge, strong enough to successfully shock her foes.

"She'll be here!" Sailor Mercury replied, as she "froze" a few more youma.  "She didn't get the message until a moment ago."

Sailor Venus was having better luck.  Her energy blast seemed to have an effect on the youma.

"Well, Serena better get here soon.  I don't know if we can keep this up-"


A beam of moonlight rained down on a whole slew shadow youma.  The youmas' "skin" melted off the victims like oil on water.  Everyone, and everything, looked up to see a floating teenaged girl.

"Sailor Moon…" Artemis the Guardian Cat whispered to himself, who was hiding in the bushes when the youma attack began.

Sailor Moon, who was wearing her flight goggles, took out her data-gathering sensor, which looked like a modified personal data accessory (or PDA).  While holding her device in one hand, she held onto her "Cosmic Rod" (which looked like an elaborate "hooked" spear), which allowed her to float in the air.

"Hmm.  Anti-etheric patterns do confirm alternate origins.  In other words, these things definitely come from the so-called 'shadowlands'."   

"Serena, stop grand-standing, and do something!" Luna the Guardian Cat admonished, who was perched on Moon's shoulder.  "This is no time to be academic."

"Relax, Luna.  According to my readings, these things are easy to deal with."

Just as Moon finished speaking, the youmas took aim at her and fired off globs of dark matter at Moon.

"Hang on," Moon said, as she put away her device.  She then grabbed her rod, and batted each glob away.  "Guys!  Get cover!"

Nodding, the rest of the Inner Scouts dove for cover.

"In the name of the Moon, you will be punished!"

Sailor Moon began to twirl her rod.  Soon, it appeared to be a solid wall of light.  Soon after, a huge beam was released, bombarding the area.  When Moon stopped her attack, all the youma were normal again.



"Serena, what are you doing?" asked Lyta.

"I'm taking samples," Serena said, as she scooped up some residue of the youma into a small vial.  "Ami, as soon as I analyze the contents, I send the data over to your way."

"Okay.  I must say, you seem quite the scientist lately, Serena."

"Not really.  I can never be as smart as you."

"So…you are becoming… a NERD?" Raye mocked.

Serena rolled her eyes.

Since the day she studied her texts, Serena has "Awakened" to a whole new world of science called "Etherism". According to the Kitab al-Alacir, "ether" was the fifth element that made up the universe.  Any and everything is possible with ether.  In fact, she has only recently been inducted into a secret society of like-minded "Scientists" known as the "Sons of Ether".  Dr. Ted Knight was a member of such an organization until his nervous break-down in the 1950s, and had remained in seclusion from his Tradition's activities ever since.  The process of "Awakening" allowed Serena to "see" the very foundations of the universe in its true form, not unlike the mystics of old.  In fact, what Serena was learning could be called "techno-magic", or "the magic of the machines".  Recently, Serena has come into contact with Dr. Knight's former colleagues within the Sons of Ether, and has yet to induct Serena into the Tradition.  There is a college for "Etherites-in-training" locally, but she hopes to explore all she can of Dr. Knight's journal before making her presence known to them.

"So, that's your Cosmic Rod?" Mina asked.

"Yeah.  I built it based upon Dr. Knight's notes, but I modified it a bit."

"How so?" Artemis asked.

"Well, it converts solar energy into a fuel source, but it can also tapped into my star-heart for more energy."

"Serena, you should do that," Luna said.  "You don't know what could happened if you draw too much energy from it."

"Actually, I do," Serena replied, as she took out her PDA.  "I made the calculations myself, and Amy confirmed it."

"Amy?" asked Luna.

"Serena's right.  The converted solar energy acts like a buffer.  As long as she keeps track of the energy ratio, she'll be fine."


"Relax, Luna," Serena said, as she popped the youma samples into a "sub-space" pocket.  "It's alright."

"How…did you do that?" asked Lyta.


"Make that thing disappear."

"I picked up a trick recently at this dojo I'm taking a self-defense class from."



A lone shadow youma burst out of the bushes, determined to kill the leader of the Sailor Scouts.

"Serena!" everyone yelled.

Serena, without looking, picked up her rod and jammed it into the youma's stomach.  She then performed a reverse spin-kick, knocking the youma on its back.  Serena then put her goggles back on and jammed her rod into the youma…


"Wha…what happened?" said a distraught man.  Apparently, he was a victim of the youma, too.

Meanwhile, everyone else was shocked at how easily Serena took out the youma.

"Where did you learn that?" asked Lyta.

"From the same place I learned how to 'hide' things…at the Tendo-ke."

While this exchange went on, an elegantly dressed man, wearing a top hat, smiled.  Since the youma attack, the man observed the Sailor Moon's actions.  In fact, the man was the caused of the youma attack in the first place.

"So, Dr. Knight's legacy is assured," The Shade mused.  Since the death of his old nemesis and friend, the Shade wanted to be sure that if he ever becomes a villain again, both the Star Spangled Kid (a teenaged, superhero girl who is the member of the famed Justice Society of America) and Sailor Moon would be there to stop him.

Smiling at the thought, the Shade went back into the Shadowlands, glad that the future was bright indeed.


Author's note: Just another take on the Sailor Moon mythos.  Serena has decided to become a Scientist when she finishes college, but by the time that happens, she will have surpassed many of her peers.  In the meantime she has yet to choose which faction she wants to be a part of within the Sons of Ether.  Should she become a member of the Royal Ethernautical Society, aka an "Ethernaut" (an explorer of space…and beyond)?  A member of the Cybernetic Research Institute, aka a "Cybernaut" (a maker of tools and machines)?  A member of the Utopian League, aka a "Utopian" (radical Scientists with a Socialist bent?)  An ordinary "Adventurer"?  A Dissident (aka "Mad Scientst")?  A Progressivist (a reforming Scientist?)  The skies the limit.