A/N: Here's the deal, in this time-line Cell didn't tell Piccolo where he was being 'grown' at so the 'baby' Cell was never destroyed. A handful of things have led to an early release of this Cell, basically around the time Dragonball Z ended, the final tournament they all entered in, though it starts a bit before that. That's all from me, enjoy.

Chapter one - The Disappearance of River Town


"Do you have any idea how bored I am?" Frieza said kicking a stone off into the unseen reaches of his prison.

His father, King Cold, rolled his eyes. "Frieza, you're beginning to be annoying. Why exactly do you keep coming up with these plans? The last one ended just like all the ones before it, Pikkon came down here and beat the crap out of us."

"I don't care, I still want my revenge! That damned monkey... both of them!" Frieza shouted. To their surprise they heard laughing coming from behind them. Turning they saw Cell. "What do you want?"

"To entertain you." he said cracking his neck. "I've got a story to tell you. Once upon a time a computer beeped and a glass tank shattered. From that tank emerged Cell, or rather, Cell 2.0." he said grinning.

King Cold looked up at him the boredom on his on face vanishing. "You mean it's finally happened? You're present self has finally been 'born'?"

Cell grinned and nodded but Frieza only snorted. "Like that matters. You saw Goku fighting that Majin Buu ten years ago..."

"Yes, and I saw the little robots gathering DNA as well. That's why I call him Cell 2.0, he's got more bits and pieces than I did. Majin Buu for one."

"What?" cried another voice. "You've got to be kidding!"

Everyone turned and saw Bobidi walking over to them. Cell shook his head. "No, I'm not kidding. I have no doubt that the Supreme Kai's DNA was taken as well, my counterpart should be stronger than me once the incubation is over."

"Incubation?" Frieza asked.

"My larval state has emerged from the tank, it'll take a few days before it sheds into its first fighting form. After that I'll know how strong he his, until then he's pretty weak. All we need now is a way to watch the fun."

Bobidi smiled. "I can handle that." He brought a short yellow hand out from behind his back producing a crystal ball about twice the size of a basketball. He handed it over Cell so that the android could track himself down and they could begin the wait.

Five days later:

The crowd around the sphere had grown a bit larger since the wait began. The Ginyu Force, minus Ginyu, had come along, as had Nappa and one very cocky Raditz, the 'missing' Sai-jin as they called him due to his constant disappearances. Dr. Gero had also shown up a few days ago when word reached him.

"We've got movement!" Recoome called out drawing everyone's attention to the small crystal orb. The ground was shifting, moving apart, as a large pink bug crawled out of the ground. They watched it for a moment before Recoome sighed. "False alarm... sorry."

"I think not." Cell said and had Bobidi follow the bug. "That's my larval state, only he's pink. Majin Buu's doing I'd expect." This news made everyone smile as they watched the shell crack and split. A moment later a pink version of Cell's first form emerged from the shell. "Ah... he's incredible." Cell said watching. "He's already stronger than I am..."

Dr. Gero's voice cut in to the group next. "You're forgetting something. Android 17?"

"Ah yes. My counterpart needs him more than I." Cell's body began to shake and ripple, his muscles bulged out and the short remains of his tail opened. A second later a head emerged, then his shoulders, after only a moment Android 17 was laying on the ground. Then, a moment later, Cell and the android vanished. Cell was only able to stay on Earth for a split second before the powers of the H.F.I.L. yanked him back to his eternal prison, but it was long enough to drop off 17.


Krillin touched down just outside the now huge Son family home and looked around at the peaceful area. Every time he came out here he got the urge to just lay down in the grass and sleep all day. Not that he ever did, his life was far to hectic these days to get any real rest... he'd opened up a martial arts school, which Hercule had endorsed in the hopes of drumming up business. /Boy did that ever work./ he thought sighing. He used very stringent screening methods before he accepted a student, they had to be young, strong, and have some skill with KI, whether they knew it or not didn't matter. Despite that he still had forty students to train every Saturday.

Forty students who were already much stronger than the normal person and planning to enter the tournament in a weeks time. Of course, he'd warned them they'd lose, that fighters well beyond anything they could achieve would be there, but they were insistent. So, he'd signed them all up early and decided to call it a learning lesson for all of them, and a good practice. Then there was raising a teenage daughter and an eight year old son. He sighed again as he left the warm grass behind and walked up to the front door knocking.

Gohan answered wearing a strange combination outfit, orange GI, glasses, and carrying a physics book. "Hey Krillin!" he said happily hugging the short bald (yes, he's shaving his head again) man. "Long time no see, how's your dojo doing?"

"Great. Excellent in fact. All of my students can fly, and I've got six capable of simple energy attacks, with one of them able to do the Kamehameha. Though I think I could use a visit from you this week. Maybe once they get beaten up by you they'll reconsider the tournament..."

Gohan laughed as a sudden gust of wind tore away from the house and blasted off into the distance. They both watched Goten fly off at top speed somewhat curious as to why the teen was in such a hurry, until they heard the loud roar from within. "Where'd those infernal kids get to!" They both turned to see a rather enraged Vegeta emerge from another door, and it was all they could do not to laugh. He had a towel wrapped around him, he was dripping wet, and his hair was neon pink. "I swear when I get my hands on them!" he cried shaking his fist. "Not even the Supreme Kai will be able to save them." With that he turned back into the house to look for a way to fix his hair.

"What's he doing here? Bulma kick him out again?" he asked grinning.

"No, Bra set the place on fire again... well, technically Trunks was the one that fired the KI blast but she spilt green pain all over him. So the four of them are staying here while the place is fixed, should only be another week or two."

Gohan moved out of the way and let Krillin in. He instantly picked up the smell of cooking food. That's one of the reasons he'd come over, dinner. They were having a small gathering to celebrate ten years of peace, and Majin Buu's defeat. "Hey Pan, hey Buu." he said waving to the little girl and large pink... thing... as he walked through the room. They just waved at him and went back to playing with Bee.

As he entered the living room he saw a surprising sight. Goku, neon pink Vegeta, Piccolo, and Bulma were all sitting quietly watching something on the television. "Hey guys... what's up?" he asked stopping beside Piccolo. The Namek just nodded to the T.V. Krillin watched the image, it looked like a large crater and he'd learned that usually wasn't a good thing.

"I repeat," the reporter said. "This is a live image feed from what used to be River Town. The authorities aren't sure what caused the explosion that wiped out this small community only a few hours ago but believe it may have been a large meteor. The investigation is still underway but early reports mention a streak of light or fire, then a blinding flash. After that the town was gone. Our hearts go out to the two hundred and eleven people who died in today's tragedy." Bulma flicked off the T.V.

"What do you think guys? Is it trouble?" she asked.

"Not sure." Piccolo said. "I've not sensed anything unusual lately, beyond Krillin's students at least. What do you think, could one of them have done this?"

"No, no way. I know all of them as good as any of you. I make sure not to train anyone who's capable of something like this."

Gohan set his physics book down and then took a seat himself. "It may just be a meteor, or maybe an old space pod crashed? Who knows how many may be floating out there."

"The kids right." Vegeta said standing up. "The only way to know for sure is to go and check it out. But it's not going to be me, not until my hair is fixed."

"I'll go." Piccolo said turning. "I'll be back once I've found something."

"Hang on Piccolo." Gohan said removing his glasses. "I'm coming with you, this has my curiosity at the moment." The Namek nodded and together the two of them left the house and departed for River Town, or what was left of it.


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