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Chapter Nine - Ultimate Power, Shattered Universe

The combatants each landed a hard right hook upon the other's jaw sending out a shockwave of energy for several thousand miles. The impact barely phased Buu but sent Cell spinning for a couple miles. The Biodroid attempted to scream in the void of space but no sound came. However, his aura flared larger and his power built rapidly. Within a couple seconds he was practically as strong as Buu, his muscles having bulged to massive size. ~I'm going to destroy you!~ he mentally screamed surging in toward Buu. In his wake he left more than just trailing stream of energy but a pulsing tear in space. Once more the two clashed, each impact sending shockwaves of energy surging off into space, each hit tearing a rip in space.


Supreme Kai's planet:

"They're going to destroy everything!" Shin cried.

"Well what did you expect?" the elder Kai asked. "Both of them are more than twice the power of even Vegetto was when he fought Buu. No universe is meant to contain this kind of power, it's beyond unnatural."

Shin looked over to him and blinked. "So what do we do?" he asked.

"How should I know!?" the other cried back. He mumbled something under his breath and held out his hands. There was a spark of light and quick snap. Suddenly an odd energy sphere appeared before him. "People expect me to do everything around here. I'm getting old!" He took hold of the sphere and raised it above his head. There was a flash and another snap as it vanished.


"Take a look." he ordered.

Shin looked back toward the battlefield and saw the massive energy sphere that surrounded the solar system Cell and Buu where fighting in. "My word, what... is it?"

"Hopefully it's a dimensional seal." the elder Kai said. "With any luck it'll prevent any damage they cause from ever spreading outside the area. Of course, I'm not really sure if that's what it is or not, so I might not work."

"Not... sure...? Not sure! What do you mean you're not sure!"

"Well I've never made one before! Have you?! No, didn't think so." He turned from Shin back toward the battle. "I just hope Buu finishes with him before the system's star goes nova from that KI blast in... about fifteen minutes."


Unknown Solar System:

Cell ducked under a hard kick and came up behind Buu with a kick of his own to the pink creatures back. There was a shimmer of Buu's body and the creature turned around without really turning. Buu thrust out an arm but Cell slipped to the side. The pink arm extended and hooked around behind the Biodroid before turning back in and looping around him several times. Buu then turned and flung his arm off in the other direction. Buu didn't bother to release Cell as his arm stretched longer and longer slamming him a moment later into a distant planet.

In the blink of an eye Buu was standing on the surface of the world as well. "Ready to give up yet?" he asked smirking.

"Never!" Cell roared charging in once more. The sudden burst of speed caught Buu off guard and sent the Biodroid's fist slammed into his face hard distorting it. Somehow, despite Cell's new muscle mass, he wasn't any slower. The purple powerhouse continued to pound on Buu bending his body out of shape with each thunderous smash. He ended with a knee to the chin that sent Buu skyward. Then he turned and cupped his hands at his side. "Kaaaaaaaa. Meeeeeeeee. Haaaaaaaaaaaa. Meeeeeeeeeee. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" he fired the stream of energy into the air tearing rips in space as it sped along and then engulfing Buu completely.

The wave faded into nothing after a moment having created several pulsing tears in space and a massive crater on the planet's surface. Cell grinned as stared at the point in space where Buu had floated a moment before. "Ha! He's been completely obliterated!"

"Not quite." came a voice from behind him. Cell spun around and saw a short Buu staring back at him. Then a voice came from below him. "Yeah, we're still here." Looking down he saw several more small Buu's. Suddenly several powers rushed his senses and he looked around him. There were at least a dozen Buu's pointing their hands at him and charging energy. And then, in a flash of pink, they all fired. When the explosions and dust died it revealed a heavily distorted Cell. There was a snarl from the mass as it quivered and split into nearly thirty small Cell's. The Buu's grinned as they launched in at the Cells. Each little titan did battle with another spreading apart and fighting across the planet's surface.

As they fought two of the Cell's bumped into each other and remerged. Slightly larger now, and stronger, it fought with two of the Buu's simultaneously. These multiple battles continued across the planet for several minutes, the warriors remerging as they bumped into each other, until, at last, both warriors were fully restored. "Well now, that was fun." Buu said with a smile. Cell merely growled.

"Such a temper Cell, you really need to relax more." Buu turned and looked off toward the softball sized sun in the sky. "Hmm, well now, seems the sun is going to explode in a couple minutes. That gives us maybe ten minutes before the explosion reaches us..." Buu tapped his chin in thought. "I wonder how much power an explosion like that has? Enough to destroy us?"

"What! What are you talking about?"

"That blast you dodged earlier in space. It's heading for this systems star."

Cell turned to look for a moment and then growled again. Suddenly he launched in at Buu yet again. He pulled his leg back and slammed into the side of his head before floating over him and elbowing him in the top of the head knocking him down into the planet. Cell dove after him and continued to pound on him driving him deeper and deeper into it's surface. A sudden hard kick from Buu caused a massive explosion that tore the planet apart and once more the warriors were left fighting in space.

Cell went to counter Buu's attack but the pink creature split his body in half allowing the kick to pass 'through' him doing no damage. He then countered with a powerful head butt. Next he fired a strong KI blast at his opponent but Cell shimmered and vanished a moment before the real Cell slammed his foot into Buu's face and drove him backward several thousand miles and through another planet. He stopped to dodge a kick from Buu and then dove in and landed a hard right punch to Buu's chest knocking him back even farther.

The battle continued, each blow driving the warriors farther and farther away from the Sun. It took a few moments but a blow from Buu slammed Cell into an invisible barrier causing it to flash and spark before cracking and shattering just as the distant star flashed brilliantly as it went Nova.


Supreme Kai's world:

"Well that's not good." the elder Kai said blinking. Suddenly his calm demeanor vanished and he started shouting. "You idiot! You smashed him right through the barrier! I don't even know why I try, I tell you, everyone these days are idiots!"

"Can't you make another one?" Shin asked.

"They need to be within a certain range of a star to make one, they're too far out now!"



Cell smashed his foot into Buu's back sending him into the distance again. Charging in he slammed a fist into him and knocked him onto a large asteroid. Landing on it as well he thrust his arms out to his sides and charged sparking gold energy around each hand. "Prepare to die!" he roared in the thin atmosphere. He slammed his arms together merging the orbs of energy into one and continuing to charge it. "Final!"

"No chance Cell, this ends, this ends NOW!" Buu stretched his arms out as well and charged gold energy around one hand and blue around the other. Then he slammed his arms together merging the energies into a swirling ball of blue and gold before moving his arms to his side in the Kamehameha position. Energy began to appear from the distance and swirl around Buu before joining into the attack. "Final!" he cried as the orb of energy grew to the size of a basketball. "Spirit!"

"Flash!" Cell shouted firing the stream of Golden energy toward Buu.

"Kamikaze! Haaaaaaaaaa!" roared Buu thrusting his arms forward and firing his attack as well. The blue and gold energy exploded from his hands and Cell's eyes widened in shock as a replica of Buu's face took shape on the attack followed by arms growing out. The end of the attack looked like a Super Ghost.

The Final Spirit Kamikazeha slammed into, and caught, Cell's Final Flash. The Ghost face grimaced in sync with Buu's face as they pushed back against Cell's energy beam. "I've had it with you Cell!" Buu cried, the anger of both Goku and Vegeta taking over the merged warrior's emotions.

"You can't win!" Cell cried forcing more energy down the length of his attack. The wave grew larger and slammed into the hands of the Ghost at the end of Buu's attack and began to push it back. The Ghost shifted pushed it's shoulder into the Final Flash trying to push it back the other way.

"No! I refuse to lose!" Buu roared. The space around the asteroid began to shimmer and crackle as the fabric of reality began to peel apart from the sheer magnitude of the attacks. /Alright Kakkarotto,/ Buu thought to him self. /That idea had better work!/ "Here goes nothing! Kaio Ken!"

Buu's arms exploded into massive size as did those of the Ghost. Grinning the Ghost began to push the Final Flash back toward Cell with just one arm at extremely high speeds. As the attack tore into and through Cell Buu let out an earsplitting cry as his body began to rip apart. Suddenly Cell exploded into nothing and a second later Buu's body erupted in a violent explosion as well. When the lights died away nothing remained of the space where the battle had been occurring, not even the space itself. That portion of reality no longer existed, in it's place was a massive black hole.


Supreme Kai's World:

"Wha... what happened?" Shin asked watching the void.

"Buu was destroyed along with Cell. He used the Kaio Ken but that body was unable to contain the power, or even control the technique." the Elder Kai sighed. "He may still exist somewhere... the power he put out when exploding tore a massive hole in the fabric of reality. However, if he was killed in the blast his soul wont come to Otherworld because of that tear, it would either be trapped in the tear or destroyed completely. I can tell you this much though. That distortion wave they caused is going to cause massive damage throughout the entire universe, and Otherworld, as it spreads."

Shin closed his eyes. "Goku, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo..., and even you too Buu. I hope you are okay and can find your way home again..."

"Me too." the old Kai said. "But right now we must see to it that that distortion wave dosen't cause the rest of the universe to follow them." Shin nodded and the two Kais went to work.