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At the time his idea seemed simple. But its strange how things never really turn out how you expected them to. Jack was going to take some leave as he was due it; he wanted to head up to Minnesota to his cabin, his home in the woods. Hammond had retired three months earlier leaving Jack in charge of the SGC. He had to take some time off every year and had left the base in Sam's hands. The base's second in Command. She had been promoted to Lieutenant- Colonel the same day that Jack had received his promotion.

He arrived after the long journey up in his Truck and looked around just to make sure that the old cabin was fine. As it was dark it was pointless to do any fishing so he relaxed in front of the fire with a beer and a good hockey match, with Taz and Mac, his German Shepard and his Irish Setter, at his feet. As the evening drew on the hockey match got progressively better for his team and he started to forget the Stargate for a while, unfortunately that doesn't really happen for a long time. Something will remind him of the gate and then he'll end up thinking about her again. Her was of course the only woman who made him feel good, and like a day old kitten when he was near her, she was of course his second in command Samantha Carter. He started to feel tired as he continued to reminisce about time with Sam. Jack knew he loved her, he realised that when Turghan and Abu had kidnapped her. Jack knew that he had to go in a rescue her because he wasn't about to let that louse harm his Captain. He smiled and continued to think about Sam.

He must have fallen asleep because when he woke the dogs were moving around the cabin. He grinned before whistling, to bring them to order and then getting them something to eat. Jack grinned as Mac and Taz scoffed their food down as he made his. Contrary to what he had said in Antarctica he was actually quite a good cook, eight years of being a bachelor does these weird things to people, plus he could really cook before so it was only a case of getting his skills back.

His mind continued to wonder as to why she had once again declined the invitation to go fishing with him. He grimaced as he realised the only reason why she couldn't really come with him as because the second that they were out of the SGC and had no reminder of the chain of command they would end up doing something that he wasn't sure that they were ready for, the regulation having only been changed a month ago. He was not going to destroy her career she still had so much of hers left, and her friendship was very important to him. He wasn't so worried about his own career. Jack knew that 47 wasn't old but when he'd spent his life getting shot at, and his knees were beginning to become a constant pain, even though he had been placed in the sarcophagus by Baal it seemed a great age to retire from the field at.. He certainty don't feel his age, he was one of the luck few who had yet to get that pleasure. He grinned at himself in the mirror before heading to bed.

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