"Phoebe? As in my little sister Phoebe?" Prue's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Yes, oh Prue, I've missed you so." Phoebe then flung herself on the older woman, whose eyes widened in shock, while Paige is left looking on awkwardly, not knowing how to act.

"Aunt Paige ..... this is really weird." Wyatt said voicing exactly what Paige was thinking. "You said it kiddo." At the sound of their voices Prue looked up from hugging Phoebe. "Who are you two?" "Well...." Paige began but Phoebe cut her off. "This is Paige, our half-sister. Mum had an affair with Sam, her whitelighter remember? And this is Wyatt Piper and Leo's son." "Don't be stupid Phoebe, Mum never had an affair with Sam, she wouldn't have to – they got married you know that! And Leo, well, Leo died years ago and the only son Piper has is Chris and that was with Michael, our new whitelighter." Prue said this in a rush and a tone that showed her that she thought that Phoebe should know all this by now. "But..what? I don't understand." Phoebe said flustered. "Leo didn't die..well... he did tenchnically, but not while Piper knew him, and Sam and Mom never married! They couldn't it had to all be kept a secret! That's why they gave up Paige!" "I think we need to talk..."

"So your saying that I died and Paige took my place in the Power of Three and then after having Wyatt, Piper died, and to get her back you have to do something here?" Prue's voice sounded a little confused as she unconsciously traced a patter in the attics couch. "What do you have to do, do you know?"

"No, we have no idea." Paige answered. "Could you tell us about this time?"

"Sure," Prue smiled at the red head. "I work at 415 magazine as a photographer, my husband, Andy is a police officer, Piper manages a very successful nightclub called P3, her husband Michael is a teacher at Magic School, and Chris their son is doing a history course at uni along with his girlfriend Bianca, who is a Phoenix Assassin. And you Phoebe, are a advice columnist for your own paper, called... guess what?"

"Ask Phoebe?" Phoebe supplied with a confused look in Paige's direction. "Yeah, how'd you know?" Prue asked smiling. "Lucky guess. Uh, Prue? Could you please get me a glass of water? My throat's parched." "Sure!" When Prue was out of earshot, Paige leaned over to Piper and said, "Well, it seems almost the same – we all have the same jobs and everything – well you and Piper do, everything is about the same except for this Michael and Chris guy, this Andy guy and this Bianca girl. And where the hell is Leo?!" "Oh no, Andy was Prue's – well our Prue's high school sweetheart." "Oh." Paige nodded. "Well, I think we should try and meet these guys and see what their like." The two sisters turned to their nephew and nodded. "Good idea."

Sorry guys... I've been stuck... I hope it makes sense.... Their stuck in a parallel universe in case you didn't get.