She sat in her new office. She was proud that her hard work had finally paid off. He wouldn't be able to treat her like crap again. She now had more power than him; and she was happy that he was miserable. He had made her suffer with is incoherent decisions and his misleading actions towards her. Since leaving Harmony, Theresa Lopez- Fitzgerald was more happier than ever. She had manage to pull herself away from the mess that was Ethan. She even went to school and got herself an education; an education in politics that is. She became national debate champion at the University of Wisconsin and decided that, that was her calling in life. After ten years of hard ardous work she was now the new proud govener of New York. Theresa made sure that she let her power be known to the rest of the world. She would call just befor an execution was about to be carried out, and would make family and friends cling to the sudden pause as she made her decision about whether or to continue.

Instead of living off others for money, Theresa was so much more richer than she could have ever dreamed of being. She made millions of dollars just by showing up at certain store or charity event. She had also developed a talent for business. She opened up her first store five years ago; of course, she had named it after her name. Theresa's was now a huge fashion store. It mainly carried business suits for those women who were becoming more independent like herself.

Theresa had done the unthinkable; move away from Harmony. She had no more friends there anyways. Whitney and Theresa broke off their friendship, when Whitney blamed Theresa for the death of Gwen's first baby; Sara. Theresa had enough with the abuse that she was receiving from her family and her friends. She was tired with how her mother had treated Luis. She wouldn't let him tell the truth to Antonio. It had been ten years and Sheridan was stuck with her clueless oldest brother. He still did not know that William was actually Luis's not Antonio's. Pilar was now living in Nevada with her new boyfriend, Jamal. Pilar and Jamal did not look good together. He was 31 and she was just turning 60. As for Miguel, he had gone off to school away from Charity and Kay for good. From Theresa understood, Miguel was now studying at Berkely University at Cal. He was going to become a Chemical Engineer. Theresa's oldest sister Paloma had gone threw a nasty divorce to her lawyer husband. She got nothing out of the deal, and ended up loosing her two youngest childeren to husband. Chad and Whitney had finally broken it off. They had gotten married in L.A ten years ago. The marriage had only lasted two years the first time. They then remarried again a year later, and had made it through another six years before giving up. They had two children together, Carla and Alyssa. Chad had become a sucessful music scout. Whitney on the other hand didn't make it past a year in the music world. She instead turned to acting, where she made guest appearences on Friends, The West Wing, and The Practice. Whitney was now staring on Charmed as Piper's friend who is really evil.

As for dear old Gwen. She was have the time of her life; not! She was miserable she was stuck with Ethan after Theresa decided to leave. But that is what she had wanted. She wanted Theresa to leave her and Ethan alone. So why was she so unhappy? Because Theresa had ruined her life, economically and emotionally.