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"The disappearing of many trainers' Pokémon have continued and the police has not even suspects. This strange phenomenon began for three days ago and reports of new cases keep on streaming in.

The statements the police have made so far is that "it's possible this could be amateur thieves that saw this chance in the middle of the Hoenn League Tournament chaos"..."

Misty sat curled up on the couch and saw Tracey throw himself down onto an armchair.

He sighed deeply before reaching out a coke can to Misty, who gladly received it.

"You heard about the disappearing Pokémon?" asked Misty as she opened the can, rapidly taking it in direction of her mouth to lick up the coke that had trickled down the side of the can.

"Yeah, I was just in the kitchen, y'know. I could hear the TV." Tracey replied somewhat thoughtfully as he tried to open his can.

"Do you want me to open it for you?" Misty asked smiling.

"Yes, please." Replied Tracey and gave Misty the can instantly, "It's weird that officer Jenny hasn't found the thieves yet. She's usually very effective."

"Maybe they're good at what they do too." Misty said, not looking up from the can, which seemed to refuse to get open.

"You think it could be Team Rocket?"

"Jesse and James? Naa, they've been pretty quiet this tournament, too quiet. I kind a miss 'em. I haven't seen them in a while." Misty let the can sink down into her hands as she sighed deeply.

"I haven't seen them either. But Butch and Cassidy have visited prof. Oak's lab regularly during these years." Tracey grinned at the sight of Misty trying to open the can and before she had time to react, he had snatched it back. He took a paper clip that had laid on the table in front of him and used it to get the can open.

"Why didn't you do that from the beginning??"

"I dunno."

Misty turned her attention to the TV-screen as the latest battles were shown and the trainers who had made it to the next battles.

As the energetic man announced that the first part of the tournament would soon be over (two battles left before semi-finals), Misty came to think of Mrs. Ketchum.

"Um, Tracey?"


"You think that Mrs. Ketchum will keep going to the battles if Ash keeps pushing her away? I mean, shouldn't we do something so that – I dunno – she doesn't feel so abandoned?"

Tracey sighed deeply and looked tiredly at Misty, "Listen, there's nothing we can do. This is something that they have to solve themselves. Sure, we can keep her company and do our best to cherish her up but the fact that Ash doesn't even want to see her in picture is something that will always hurt her."

Misty lowered her head and let her untied hair fall down over her shoulders and hide her face. Her hands were turned into fists and she fell into silence.

Tracey got obviously surprised at the reaction and found himself empty on words and just as some words came back to him, Misty spoke,

"I can't believe that he can be so stupid."

Her words reflected anger and frustration and when she decided to look up again, Tracey could see that she had tears in her eyes, which only confused him more.

"Can't he see what he's giving up?" Her voice was shaky but she continued, "And for what? His stupid ego! I mean, can't he at least try to understand why she couldn't tell him?! I would. At least I would be happy she cared enough to bother."

A sob forced her to stop speaking; she looked away to hide the tears that were rolling down her cheeks, tears that represented years of oppressed sadness.

Tracey got up from the armchair and sat in front of Misty, looking compassionate at her. Misty refused to look him in the eye and kept her glare onto the sleeve of his shirt.

The fact that Ash was denying a mother she wished she could've had was a stupidity she could not understand at all.

The few times she had had the chance to see how strong the bonds were between Ash and his mother, she had almost envied what they had and those times she became so angry with her own mother.

How many times hadn't she found herself cursing the one person she wished had been there when she needed her?

Tracey wrapped his arms around her, giving her a comforting hug. A sad expression spread over his face when he felt how Misty sobbed quietly while resting her head on his shoulder.

He didn't like to see her sad, especially when he didn't have a clue of what was upsetting her to the point of crying.

The sound of the blaring TV-screen overpowered Misty's sobbing as the latest rapports of the kidnapped Pokémon were shown once again.

"Where were you, May?" asked Brock as May walked into the tiny kitchen.

May looked up at him with a tired smile and sighed deeply before replying, "I was taking a walk."

"You okay?"

"I can't complain...um, what's for dinner?" asked May with a fake smile on her face.

Brock picked up the bowl in front of him and showed it to May, "I think that Mrs. Ketchum's baby will be a vegetarian. All she wanted was a salad, so I haven't made anything else. It's that okay with you?"

May nodded, "Yeah, it's okay. I'm not that hungry anyway."

She watched Brock go out of the kitchen with the bowl in his hands and soon he disappeared into the living room.

Why did things have to be like this? Why did Ash have to change?

A gut feeling grew inside her stomach, making her feel as if she was about to throw up.

It didn't matter where she went; the feeling of Ash's absence followed her everywhere.

For many years had the fear of being left by someone she held close, lived in her.

But somehow this feeling was stronger than her usual fear. May did not dare to think that she could be having a crush or anything of the likes on him.

It couldn't be, could it?

That would be just typical to have a crush on someone she knew had another love-interest.

Without thinking of where she was going, May ran out of the cottage the same way she had entered.

All she knew was that she had to find Ash.

Yet another night's walking through the Ever Grande City was passing by.

The dark blue night-sky was as starry as ever and the moon was slowly making her known as the dark clouds slowly vanished.

Pikachu looked at Ash from where she was seated on his shoulder.

"(Pikapi, how long will you keep this up?)"

"Keep what up, Pikachu?"

"(All of this. The depressing walks at night, the isolation from all of our friends, the pity for yourself.)"

"'Til I feel like it." murmured Ash, pouting.

Pikachu rolled her eyes and let a silent sigh escape her.

A sudden shot-like sound made Ash and Pikachu turn around to their left, leaving them facing a great, white lighthouse.

It came from inside that building.

"A lighthouse? At a mountain?"

"(Does it matter, Pikapi?! Someone might be hurt!)"

Ash didn't argue and began to look after a way to get to the lighthouse since it stood on an elevation and had high fences around its entire plot.

"(There's a way up!)", said Pikachu and pointed at a road that led up to the lighthouse.

Ash didn't hesitate and ran up the whole road to its end, which unfortunately was a closed entrance.

There was some kind of device going from the door into the lighthouse and Ash looked at it for a while before sticking his hand to the other side of the door and slowly taking the device off.

"Pikachu, push the door open – carefully!"

Pikachu did as she was told; she jumped down from Ash's shoulder and began to slowly push the door open.

Ash took the device in his other hand, putting the device onto the ground and walked into the territory surrounding the lighthouse.

"(What's that, Pikapi?)"

"Dunno, but it's always better to be safe, right?"

Another shot was heard, this time there was nothing that could stop Ash and Pikachu on their way into the lighthouse.

The door into the lighthouse was nothing out of the ordinary and was easily opened by Ash with a light push.

Pikachu ran up to Ash's shoulder and got a hold of Ash's jacket collar.

The room they had entered was huge and the only thing there was to see was a long staircase that led to the next floor.

Ash began to walk up the stairs but was stopped in his tracks when the sound of shooting began again, right behind him.

"Who's there?" asked Ash out into the emptiness.

"I would like to know that as well." Replied someone with a dark voice that echoed through the room.

Four figures appeared in the entrance, it was hard to distinguish the figures as the door was closed behind them and the place turned dark once again.

"I'm Ash Ketchum."

"Ah, I have heard a lot about you, Mr. Ketchum. I believe you have interfered in many of our operations."

The echoing voice finally got a face as a man walked into sight from the side of the room.

Ash identified him as someone dealing with Team Aqua as his uniform pretty much gave him away.

"Here to repeat history, are you?"

"No, I'm here to see what all the shooting was about." Ash replied calmly as the executive came closer.

"Oh, but you see, that is not any of your business, Mr. Ketchum." Said the executive amused.

"I've already made it my business." Said Ash, letting a bit of his calmness go.

"Do you know what I hate except for the ideals of Team Magma?" The executive did not let Ash answer and kept on talking, "Nosy kids who don't respect the privacy of others."

There was a short silence when Ash didn't reply to what the executive had said. It was broken by a soft laugh from the executive and with an evil grin he continued; "You know, there are not many nosy people who have lived long enough to tell any government federation what we are up to. All they have are speculations."

He turned his head enough to see Ash in the corner of his eye. Ash had eyes flaming with anger and his hands were slowly clenched into fists, but he stood still and straight.

"Was that a threat?"

"You may take it as you want, Mr. Ketchum. Now, let's stop chatting and get this over with. When I have beaten your Pokémon, you will be the next one falling. It's such a shame that a trainer like you had to end like this. Killed for not minding his own business."

"You still haven't told me what the shooting was about."

"Oh, but I don't want to weigh your adolescent mind with such awful things, Mr. Ketchum. There are certain limits for my cruelty." He said, laughing softly at his spoken sentence.

The executive's exaggerated courtesy when speaking was driving Ash out of his mind and his temper was shorter than it had ever been, making him an object very easy to annoy.

"But if you must know, I guess there will be no harm done if I tell you considering the events in this very near future. Those shooting sounds you hear come from the cells where we have locked our latest kidnap victims. That's all the Pokémon we have taken from trainers who have dared to defy us and now they are trying to go back to their beloved masters." The last sentence was filled with despise and disgust. The executive shook his head and snorted, "Now, we are showing them who we are. The only respect human know is fear. We have brain-washed these creatures in order to turn them against their trainers and later we will form an army of angry Pokémon, obeying us only."

Ash managed to relax. He looked down to the floor quickly as a grin spread over his face. Ash shook his head as he looked up again, "Seems like every leader of these freaky organisations I meet, have the same dreams. And you, like every other leader, will fail."

"You seem confidant, Mr. Ketchum. Are you familiar with bottled up anger?"

"All to well."

"In that case you should have an image of how mad that can make a human. Imagine then what a mad creature with natural powers can do." The executive took out a Pokéball and looked at it rapidly before letting the berry sized object roll around in his hand.

As Ash was about to choose his Pokémon, a giant TV-screen was switched on and showed how a very familiar person was trying to make her way by the fence.

Ash's eyes grew wide of shock and he had to back away a few steps to get a good view and assure himself that he was seeing right.

"Suddenly things got very interesting, didn't they?" the executive evilly, "You don't happen to have seen a black little device on your way in, did you?"

Ash looked at the executive in fear, the executive laughed, "If I'm not mistaken, this girl is someone to you. It would be such a pity if she happened to pass by the device and be blown up in the air just like that."

"You wouldn't." Ash managed to say.

"Oh, yes, I would. You, Mr. Ketchum, are the trainer who has interfered with our plans the most. Somehow you have managed to stop every other operation we have started, you've managed to send one of my best teammates into prison. You will pay and judging by your character, this is the best way to make you pay all your debts."

"Ash?" May's voice was heard from outside shortly followed by the fence-door's creaking as it was being closed...

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