As the book left us off, Susan, Tim, and Lucien where on they're way to Timothy's house in Salem County, New Jersey. *Gasp! Susan in the North! * *~* I do NOT own any of these characters expect the ones I make up!

*~* I can't believe that I'm going to live with Timothy's family in the North! Susan thought as she looked over to where Tim and her brother Lucien were arguing over what was the safest route through the border. "I've been through the border many times Lucien, I should know where is the safest way through." Tim said. "Yes but there were only you Tim. Now there are three of us and the patrollers would notice us going through. I say my way is safer." Said Lucien right back. Tim sighed and walked my way. He sat down next to me and handed me some food that he had been holding while fighting with Lucien.
"Here eat this before it gets too cold. Sorry about all that, I still say my way would be safer but old Lucien is more stubborn than an ass." He said and winked at me. I smiled at him but didn't say anything. I was lost in my own thoughts about what living in the North would be like. I ate my dinner slowly, savoring the taste of good Southern food before I had to start eating Yankee food. Even though I liked, no, loved Tim, I still had my concerns about the Yankees. I had grown up thinking that the Yankees were evil and tried my best to help the Cause even though mother wouldn't let me do anything to help. I hated her so much for it, and yet I wanted to love her. But I couldn't and I know that she could never love me. But it didn't matter anymore. I had Tim who loved me back and Lucien. Lucien was everything to me and I was very sad that I had let him down and now I had to go away to protect him and myself. "What are you thinking about?" Tim asked me, breaking my train of thoughts. I looked at him, at his piecing blue eyes, and a shiver ran down my spine. I wanted to kiss him, but Lucien was there watching us, never trusting us to be alone. "I was just thinking about what it would be like to live with your family, Timothy." He was silent for a moment and started to talk. "Susan." he hesitated for a moment. He took my hand and held it to his chest. "You'll love it there Susan. Summers are nice a hot just like the South, but then fall comes. The air is cool, and the leaves on the trees turn bright red, yellow, and orange. While walking, the leaves crunches under you're feet, and we gather the leaves into a pile and jump into them, at least we did when we were little. You'll see Susan, you'll love it there." I smiled again and looked around for Lucien. He was standing over by a tree looking at us, so I gently pulled my hand out of Timothy's grasp. Tim turned around and looked at Lucien and laughed. He got up again and walked over to where Lucien was standing and they started to talk in low voices so I couldn't hear them. Night fell and we started up again to pass the border. We made our way to the edge of the woods that followed the road and waited for the right moment when the patrollers changed sifts. We moved along the edge of the road and slipped right by those Baltimore detectives. We continued to travel north until daybreak where we stopped by an old inn. It smelled and the food was horrible but no high-class person would ever stop here and maybe recognize us. We got two rooms, Tim and Lucien in one, and I in the other one.