Notes: I sensed a kind of closeness between Raven & Beast Boy when she healed him in the first episode. Of course, by the next one, she was insulting him like Cyborg would, so maybe I'm exaggerating…

Summary: Beast Boy tries to impress Raven. Emphasis on tries.

Broody and the Beast (Boy)

A Teen Titans Fanfic by

Nate Grey 1: Friendly Advice

Raven, contrary to popular belief, did not wake up every morning at six.

Her body, however, was in the habit of being attended to at certain times, and often went about making itself presentable without her knowledge. More than once she'd woken up to find herself spitting out mouthwash or getting dressed.

None of that was out of the ordinary to Raven. She detested alarm clocks, and since her body was perfectly willing and able to get up on time without her being conscious, there was no reason for her to own one.

Of course, that did not apply to her fellow Titans, all of whom, save Robin, needed exceptionally loud alarm clocks to get moving. Usually, it was one of these that finally snapped Raven awake, or the inevitable shoving match between Cyborg and Beast Boy over who got the bathroom first. She honestly didn't know why they bothered: Cyborg always eventually wrestled whatever form Beast Boy was in to the ground, and upon rising to celebrate his victory, found the door slamming shut in his face as Robin claimed the bathroom first.

Thankfully, Starfire was not at all stingy when it came to sharing the girls' bathroom. She was, in Raven's opinion, sometimes a bit TOO willing to share her supposed private time. Apparently, it was common practice on her home planet for girls that were friends to share absolutely everything. This had become a problem very quickly, as Raven had no desire to share toothbrushes with someone that delighted in serving and eating "fuzzy" food. But after several weeks (and even more new toothbrushes), she had finally drilled into Starfire's head that some personal items were not to be shared (especially not clothes).

Robin and Cyborg managed to keep straight faces as Beast Boy told them his idea.

Only when he was done did they roll on the floor with laughter. It was only polite.

Beast Boy frowned when they weren't done five minutes later. "It's not THAT funny."

Cyborg caught his breath enough to managed speech. "You…you're going to…haha…give Raven… heh…a Valentine in…eheheh…in July!" He collapsed and began pounding the floor with his fist as loud guffaws flew from his mouth.

Robin shook his head, finally gaining at least some of his composure. "You do realize she'll probably ignore you just for bad timing alone, right?"

"She won't. My plan is PERFECT," Beast Boy insisted with a toothy grin.

"So you're going to wait outside her door with chocolates and flowers until she comes out, and then you'll turn into something soft and cuddly?"

"Yeah! Great plan, right?"

Robin sighed. "Cy, you handle this one."

"With pleasure." Cyborg began counting off Beast Boy's mistakes on his large fingers. "First, Raven doesn't eat chocolate…not even dark chocolate. Second, she won't take just ANY flowers. Third, she does NOT do soft and cuddly."

Beast Boy's grin faded. "You guys gotta help me!" he cried, falling to his knees and clasping his hands together.

"You can't think of this as merely getting a girl to like you," Robin began, but Beast Boy cut him off.

"HEY! Raven already DOES like me!"

Robin and Cyborg shared patient smiles with each other before reaching over to pat Beast Boy's back. "Suuuuure she does…"

Beast Boy glared at them, but remained silent.

"Anyway, this is RAVEN we're talking about. She's not like most girls. You have to approach this…like hunting!"

Cyborg blinked. "Say what!"

"It's like hunting. Raven's the deer, and you're the hunter, BB."

Beast Boy blinked. "Are you saying I have to SHOOT Raven to get her to like me?"

"Well, it'd keep her from running away," Cyborg murmured thoughtfully.

"You can't take it so literally," Robin said. "I said it's LIKE hunting. You have to study her, know how she thinks, be prepared for anything she might try to get away."

"She's NOT trying to get away!" Beast Boy shouted. "I told you, she LIKES me!"

Robin gave him that same smile again. "Did she tell you that?"


"Then how do you know?"

"Um…that one time, she healed me…"

Robin looked surprised. "Raven can heal?"

"Yeah! I didn't even have to ask, she just did it on her own!"

"I don't know, man," Cyborg said. "Are you sure she did that because she likes you? I mean, if Starfire knew how to heal, she'd do it, too."

Beast Boy gave him a flat look. "But Starfire would try to heal people that weren't hurt."

Cyborg sweatdropped. "Point taken."

"Hey, we're talking about Raven," Robin said, trying to change the subject. "I don't think that's enough to go on, BB. There's one way to know for sure if she likes you."

"Really? How!" Beast Boy asked excitedly.

"Ask her to do something with you…something SHE'D like, not shooting spitballs at Cyborg."

"Like what?"

Cyborg rolled his eyes. "There's all kinds of things. Meditation, poetry readings, going on long walks at night…" He paused and frowned. "On second thought, I think that's all of them."

Beast Boy deflated. "But…I don't really like any of those things…"

"You like Raven, don't you?" Cyborg asked.

"Yeah, but-"

"Then sacrifices must be made," Robin replied solemnly. "You have to ask yourself something. Is being with Raven worth having no fun at all?"

"…this seemed a lot more promising BEFORE I talked to you guys," Beast Boy sighed.

"Always glad to help!" Cyborg laughed, slapping him on the back.

Starfire brightened as she spotted Raven leaving the kitchen with a cup of tea. "Raven! How good to see you!"

Raven stopped, considered ignoring her completely, and then sighed, knowing it was impossible. "Hi," she muttered.

If Starfire was at all affected by the less than enthusiastic greeting, she didn't show it. "Tell me! Did you enjoy your gifts?"

Raven arched an eyebrow. "What gifts?"

"…did not Beast Boy give you the gifts?"

"Again, WHAT gifts?" Raven asked, beginning to get annoyed.

Starfire blinked in confusion. "I do not understand. Beast Boy said that all the gifts were for you, and he was right outside your door. How could you NOT have gotten them?"

Raven quickly put two and two together and sighed. "He must've caught my body in Ignore Mode."

Starfire stared at her.

Raven rolled her eyes. "My body automatically takes certain routes to avoid everyone in the mornings."

"But…he was right outside your door…"

"Then I probably just phased through the floor and went right under him."

"But…didn't you WANT the gifts, Raven? Are you not pleased that Beast Boy chose to present his affections for you in material form?"

Raven closed her eyes. "Somehow, I doubt I would be. But I guess SOMEONE should go get him, or he'll just stand there all day…" She finished her tea, handed the cup to Starfire, and drifted into the hallway.

Starfire beamed after her. "Be sure to say thank you!"

Beast Boy was indeed waiting right outside Raven's door. In fact, he had fallen asleep, so his head was actually on Raven's door, and he was drooling a bit.

She took that all in, sighed, and moved to wake him. Then she stopped to examine the gifts.

In his left hand was a red, suspiciously heart-shaped box that gave off a scent not unlike apple pie.

In his right was an elegant black rose in a tiny vase.

Raven ignored the box and carefully slipped the rose from his fingers. She gave it a delicate sniff, smiled faintly, and decided that Beast Boy had definitely gotten some help with these gifts.

Carefully, so as not to wake him, she moved Beast Boy's head so that he was propped up against the wall, and then entered her room. When she came back out, he was still there, snoring and drooling. Shaking her head, she gave him a gentle poke in the ribs. "Hey."

His reply was a very loud snort.

Making a face, Raven poked a little harder. "Beast Boy."

No response.

With a vein beginning to bulge on her forehead, she shoved him. "HEY!"

Beast Boy cried out and just barely managed to stay upright as he slammed into the wall. "GYAAAH! What! Oh, Raven…RAVEN! I…um…" He looked down at his hands, and, finding the rose gone, shrank into a mouse and tried to hide himself behind the heart box.

Raven bent down and picked up the mouse, cupping it in both her hands. "Lose something?"

"No," it squeaked. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason." She stood up and began to walk into her room.

"Um…Raven?" the mouse squeaked. "You can put me down now."

"Hmm," was her uninterested reply.

"Raven? Raven?"

"You should've done a bird," she said at last. "I…like birds."

The mouse instantly became a large, green parrot that perched on her arm.

"NOT those birds," Raven said at once, before the parrot could open its beak. "Something smaller…and quieter."

The parrot turned into, predictably, a raven.

"Perfect." Raven picked up a small camera from her desk and snapped a picture, causing the raven to caw in surprise as the flash momentarily blinded it.

"Hey! Watch it with that thing!" the raven complained.

"The next time you decided to go gift shopping," Raven said, "go alone, and get me one of these." She held out the picture.

The raven transformed back into Beast Boy and took the picture. "Why couldn't you have just told me that from the start?"

"Why couldn't you have just told me that you liked me?"

Beast Boy turned bright red. "Getting the bird," he muttered, heading for the door.

"Beast Boy," she called as he reached the door.

"Yeah?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

Raven gave him a slight smile. "Nice try."

He grinned as the door slid shut behind him. "YES! I KNEW SHE LIKED ME!" He leaped up and clicked his heels together before racing off.

Raven shook her head and turned back to her rose. "Very nice try," she whispered, holding it up to her nose again.

The End. (for now)

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