Author's note* This Fanfiction of Rurouni Kenshin is based off of the manga. This is after Megumi and then Sano leave and before Kenshin and Kaoru marry. Just thought I'd let you know that! Disclaimer: Rurouni Kenshin is not mine! I'm only using the characters.hehe.
Chapter 1:
Kaoru sat on her porch looking at the late morning sun. Kenshin was back to being his normal laundry-doing self. He was hanging the clothes on the rope to dry. It was quiet in the dojo these quiet for Kaoru's liking. She never thought she would miss Sanosuke's complaints about her cooking or Megumi's flirtatious ways with Kenshin. She was happy though because one little pest still remained to keep her busy.
"Oi! Ugly! When are we gonna practice?"
"Yahiko! Haven't I told you not to call me that?"
"Ugly, ugly..tanooki girl!"
"Aarrgghh! Get back here you!" She got up from her seat and chased after him. In her heart she actually enjoyed doing gave her life a little more spunk. Yahiko was like her little delinquent brother.she called him that once too. She laughed as she chased him and finally tackled him.
"Kaoru! Let go!"
"No I won't not until you apologize!"
"Fine! Sorry!" He said half-heartedly. She glared at the boy. Out of breath she let him go.
"Nani? Kenshin."
"What shall we have for dinner? I've got a few vegetables and what about-" He was cut off.
"Why don't we go to the Akebeko?"
"We don't have money for that, Yahiko."
"She's right about dinner."
"Well if you weren't sitting on your butt all day.maybe we would have money!"
"Oh really." her eyes narrowed, "I go out and give lessons you doesn't pay a lot.but it keeps this house in shape. It's not like I ever see you helping out! You are certainly old enough!" She crossed her arms and frowned. Kenshin just sighed and went back to his laundry. "Kenshin am I right or what?"
"I'd rather not be involved with this.hehe." He sweatdropped. Kaoru hung her head and went inside the dojo. Nobody appreciates me.I work so hard.yet they don't even thank me.not even Kenshin. What is he still doing here.I mean I don't want him to go away.I love him.but is it one-sided? This clouded up her mind more than once a day. Did he love her? I mean why else would he be here? She sighed and leaned up against the wall looking at the wooden plaques on the other wall across from her. Right now she was teaching two students a their houses. She would come back exhausted.most of the time Kenshin would cook a meal for the three. She was thankful for that. Kaoru didn't realize how tired she was and she drifted off to sleep. "Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin had noticed the girl and cautiously walked closer to her trying not to wake her. No longer was she a young girl, she had grown into a beautiful woman right before his eyes. He quietly went into her room and grabbed a blanket. He crept back into the other room and gently laid it on her. He smiled, suddenly her eyes opened.
"Kenshin?" she rubbed her eyes.
"Gomen.Kaoru-dono.did I wake you?"
" my god!" She jumped up, nearly knocking Kenshin to the floor in the process. "What time is it? Oh great it's almost noon!" She rushed into her bedroom and jumped into her practice clothes. "Sorry.ano.I gotta go! See ya later!" She ran out the door frantically. Kenshin just stood there at the doorway watching her run down the street. He smiled slightly and sighed.
"What is it Yahiko?"
"Could you help me practice? I mean since Kaoru isn't here?"
"Ummm...I guess so, but not for too long. I have to get a few groceries for tonight's dinner. I want to cook her a nice meal. She deserves it. I mean for all her hard work." Yahiko nodded his head and they both proceeded to the dojo. Kenshin handed Yahiko his wooden sword and Kenshin picked up a spare. They practiced for awhile losing track of time. Kaoru came back tired as usual. "Oh no.I lost track of time.she's back and I haven't gone shopping." He looked over at the boy who was smiling uneasily.
"Sorry.I lost track of time too."
"And I really wanted to cook her something nice." He semi-pouted. "Well I better get a bath going." Kenshin ran hurriedly out to the bathhouse and started heating up the water.
"I'm sorry Kaoru-dono."
"For what?"
"Yahiko and I were practicing and we lost track of time. I wasn't able to get things for tonight's dinner." He bowed guiltily.
"Oh don't worry 'bout least you got a bath going. Arigato Kenshin." She patted his shoulder and went to the bathhouse. She slipped out of her sweaty clothes and dipped into the warm bath. "I was really looking forward to eating a Kenshin-prepared meal tonight.oh's good he practiced with Yahiko, though." She dunked her head under the water. She sighed in relief. "Feels so good.after a day's work." That night they had some quickly made riceballs. It wasn't filling, but it was better than nothing. "Well goodnight you two.I'm off to bed."
"Sleep well Kaoru-dono." She smiled and shuffled off to her room. Kaoru crawled into her bed. She felt something under her pillow and she reached for it. It was a pretty iris and attached to it was a note. It read:
'Dear Kaoru-dono,
I'm sorry I couldn't prepare a meal for you tonight. Let me make it up to you. Meet me at the Akebeko tomorrow evening.'
She smiled and closed her eyes. What is he up to? Is it just an apology or something more? She had pleasant dreams that evening.