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Chapter 19:
A week past after the new addition in the Himura residence arrived in a blink of an eye. Kaoru and Kenshin were overjoyed with their bundle of joy, but one thing irked the both of them. Kenji decided to wake them up about every 2 hours every night. It had become a routine now and the new parents took turns rocking the newborn back to sleep. "My god, you two look like zombies." Yahiko commented when he entered the yard. "Not getting much sleep, eh?" He chuckled. Kaoru, holding Kenji, and Kenshin just sat there, staring at the boy. "Man, are you alright? You're not even throwing anything at me Kaoru." He smirked, "Okay I got it! Hey you ugly tanuki faced girl!" She glared at him and placed Kenji in Kenshin's arms.
"That's it! You little brat! I'll teach you a lesson once and for all!" She slinked into the dojo and casually smiling she drew out her bokken.
"Yeah! A match, you're on! Been awhile, ne?"
"I won't go easy on you."
"You're probably rusty, big time." He smirked. Kaoru charged at him and he blocked her every attack. "See?" He stuck out his tongue. She only stuck her tongue back out at him as she smacked the back of her bokken on his back.
"Who's rusty?" Yahiko slumped to the ground.
"Damn that hurt." He frowned as he rubbed his back.
"Kaoru dear!"
"Megumi-san! Uh-oh."
"What did I tell you about fighting? You should wait a bit before you start that up again. You could hurt yourself."
"And when did you start worrying about me, fox lady?"
"Tanuki, I'm only concerned for Kenji's well being."
"Hmph." Kaoru snorted. Kenji started to whimper, sending his mother straight at him. "It's feeding time, ne?"
"Hai, that it is." Kenshin handed the babe to his mother. She left the porch and went into the house.
"Why don't you take a nap Sir Ken?"
"If Kaoru is awake, then I'm awake." He yawned. "Plus I need to do some laundry." He got up, picking up a large basket with him. Megumi only sighed.
"Well I only came to bring you some dinner." She walked over to the porch and placed a basket of ohagi there.
"Oh why thank you Megumi. That was so kind of you, that it was."
"No problem, now I must be getting back to the clinic."
"Sano waiting, that he is?" Megumi only smirked at the Rurouni's audacious remark. With the wave of her hand, she left the yard.
"Come on boy."
"Tsubame-chan said you had a date tonight, ne?" She smirked. "You have to get ready." Yahiko turned a bright red and gulped.
"How did you?"
"She told me. Come on!"
"Okay, okay." He ran after her; Kenshin smiled.
"Good luck Yahiko!"
"Good luck with what, Kenshin?"
"Yahiko has a date with Tsubame-chan, that he does."
"Oh darn! I coulda teased him." She chuckled. "What's this?"
"Oh Megumi made us dinner."
"She still doesn't think I can cook, does she? I may not be the best, but I do just fine."
"Of course you do." Kenshin smiled as he rung out the wet clothes.
"Can I help?"
"You have your hands full, that you do." She frowned as she sat next to her husband. "Don't frown, I hate it. I want to see you happy." The words were so simple, yet they touched her heart to the very core. Kaoru leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. She got up and strolled over to the basket of food. Placing Kenji in the sling on her back, she picked it up.
"I'm gonna get some plates, k?"
"Okay." His stomach growled so loud that it reverberated into the ground.
"Hungry, ne?" Kaoru smiled and he grinned. "Okay, Kenji-chan let's set out dinner." The baby giggled with joy as she bounced him in the sling a little.

Yahiko set out for Tae-san's. His hands were shaking, never had he dreamed of going on a date with the shy, but ever pretty Tsubame-chan. He had saved her life twice in his short life already. He had strong feelings for her and maybe one day.. He reached the back door of the Akebeko, knocking ever so softly on it. The door opened and a smiling Tae greeted him. "I just can't believe it. A date!" She clapped her hands; then she led him out into the restaurant to a table.
"It's empty? Why aren't there any other customers?"
"More private this way, Yahiko-kun."
"You just called me?" Tae smiled and patted his head. Yahiko only grunted.
"By the way, it's on me tonight."
"Really? Oh I mean, no I'll pay for it."
"Of course not! You two are such a good help around here; it's my thanks."
"Oh my you look beautiful Tsubame-chan!" Yahiko looked up and gasped at the beautiful girl. She was wearing a purple kimono with gold string twined through it in a swirling pattern and her obi was gold with navy blue hems. Tsubame's hair was pulled back behind one of her ears by a yellow lily.
"Arigato, Tae-san." Yahiko got up and shook his head, extending his hand he took hers. She sat gently and gracefully around the table. "Arigato, Yahiko." 'She didn't call me chan again. But wow, does she look kawaii.' "Is there something wrong?" She asked, worry in her eyes.
"Nothing's wrong, it's just that."
"You look pretty tonight." He choked out, embarrassed as well. His face was as red it could be.
"You think so?"
"Hai, I do." Yahiko had almost forgotten something. "Oh I have something for you." He handed her a bouquet of hand-picked wild flowers.
"How pretty and they smell pretty too. Arigato." She placed her nose in them and took a big sniff. He smiled at her response. Yahiko got up and took a flower out of the bouquet, placing it in her hair along with the lily.
"There." Now it was Tsubame's turn to blush.
"Well, I bet you are hungry." Tae's voice called as she approached the table with a pot of beef hot pot.
"This is so kind of you, Tae-san."
"No problem." She smiled happily. The rest of the evening they talked of various things and finally it was time for the end.
"This was very kind of you Yahiko." She got up and bowed. "I enjoyed myself, arigato." She placed a palm on his cheek and kissed the other cheek. "Goodnight." Yahiko was left speechless.
"Goodnight to you too." He placed his hand on the cheek she had kissed and smiled wide.

"Bedbye time sleepy boy." Kaoru chimed as she placed the drowsy infant in his basinet. She kissed his forehead as did Kenshin. "Kenshin?"
"Oro?" Kaoru smiled.
"Are you happy?"
"Why are you asking that, my love?"
"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be? I have a beautiful wife, that I do and a healthy baby boy. What more could a man want?" She blushed as he embraced her, kissing her slowly on the lips. 'Hey there's no more obstacle!' Kaoru rejoiced in her mind. She pinned him to the futon, straddling his waist. "Kaoru? What if we wake the baby?" Kaoru smirked and kissed him.
"He'll wake either way, ne?"
"You're right, that you are." He flipped her to the futon and undid her yukata and she undid his.
"No more obstacle, huh?" Kenshin only smiled as he covered her body with his, merging together.
"Waaahhhh!!!" Kenji cried, sending the lovers flying off of each other.
"See I told ya. Hey you little stinker. Couldn't have picked a better time, huh?" She let him suckle, while Kenshin only grinned. After he was done and had fallen back to sleep, Kaoru crawled back into bed, placing her arms around her husband. She kissed his back, no response. "Kenshin? Kenshin? Great.he's asleep." She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. Kaoru then let sleep take her as well, well until mini-me woke up again.

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