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Summary: Everyone in the school, including the staff know that Albus and Minerva are inlove, but that they're too foolish to admit it. So...Severus Snape decides to take the matter into his own hands...literally.


Title: Under the Egyptian Sun

author: minni

"Headmaster, I was wondering whether you may want to maybe play a muggle card game with me. It's always interesting to play games with you...since you find such an interest in them."

Albus Dumbledore looked across the room at the man that had just entered. "Well Severus, what do you have in mind?"

"It's called poker. Five card stud. It's uh...how most muggles win there money when they gamble."

"You can't be wanting to gamble anything?"

"Actually headmaster I was. But not exactly any particular posessions. I was rather hoping that I may give you a room that I've rented. You see, I've already paid money for a suite in a resort in Cairo, Egypt, but I have some other plans that are unavoidable."

"Well Severus, why do you not just reschedule?"

"Reservations are hard to get there, I've been holding them for nearly three months. So naturally, I do not wish them to go to waste."

"And you wish to give them to me?" he asked, looking at Severus rather curiously.

"No headmaster, not give...gamble for them. I would like to make it somewhat fair, seeing as how I know you wouldn't take them if I just simply offered them."

"Ah." he stared at Severus. Being the professional at occlumency that he was, he began trying to get into his large mind. But damn the man, he also was a master at the fine art, he also knew how to close his mind. "Severus, there's something you're hiding."

"No headmaster, nothing to hide. I merely want you to take my reservations, and not think anything into it."

"Why me?" he asked, this was too suspicious. Severus had never offered him anything before, not to this extent anyway.

"Because you are like a father to me, and because you have given me much that I ought not to deserved, including a second chance. Please headmaster, shall we play the game?"

"Severus, might I ask what the point is? If you're so willing to get rid of the reservations, then why do you not just hand them over?"

"Headmaster, you and I know quite well that you would not take them if I simply offered, so, let us play?"

"Alright Severus. But I'm telling you, whatever it is that you have up your sleeve, it won't work."

"I have nothing up my sleeve...nothing that be known anyhow." he said in a low moan to himself, and took out a deck of muggle playing cards.


"Well Severus, there you go. I win." Albus said as he showed his hand. (3 queens) "Now will you tell me what this is about?"

"This is about nothing. Why do you keep on insisting that this has something to do with some giant scheme or something of the lot. I am merely handing over my reservations to someone who I think deserves a nice vacation."

"Severus." Albus showed him a warning finger. "Once I have this figured out, do you think you'll be too happy with the consequences?"

"Honestly headmaster, I don't know what you're talking about." Severus said shrugging his shoulders. How he loved to see the headmaster clueless, it wasn't a sight often seen. "I am not up to anything as you can see. So why don't you agree to take the reservations...and perhaps someone with you?"

"Alright Severus, now I know you're up to something. Tell me what it is."

"Nothing headmaster. I only meant that it may be more of an enjoyable vacation if you had someone to enjoy it with, say, Minerva?"

Albus stared at Severus, it seemed as if he had hit a nerve. The one person in the world he would love to go with, the one person that he longed to be alone with. He couldn't move his eyes from Severus. "You know headmaster, this is the first time all night that you've opened up your mind. I know, I've been trying."

"Well we were playing cards. You couldn't know what I had."

"As it seems, cards aren't the only thing on your mind, is it? I know you like her, I've known for quite a long time, take her, it might do some good."

"That's why you're doing this, isn't it?"

"If you must know headmaster, it is. Somebody has to get you two together, if you won't do it yourselves, who better than me? Take her, and if you don't, you'll be waking up with a not so normal nose tomorrow."

"My nose is already abnormal Severus."

"No more abnormal than mine. In any case, it will be about a foot longer in the morning, so I would advise that you at least ask her. Although I rather doubt that she'll decline."

"I knew there was a reason you were in Slytherin." he said with a smile, and reached out his hand for Severus to shake.


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