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The fire burned lazily, crackling and popping softly inside the fireplace of the Dumbledore home. Small embers of red, gray, and black glowed faintly towards the front of the small mass of flames. Everything in the room, because of the light, cast a long brilliant shadow.

Albus Dumbledore sat on the floor with his back on the settee, staring at the very glow that the flames produced. He wouldn't have usually lit the fire during the summer, Minerva was completely against it on moral grounds, but there was just something special about this particular day; their anniversary.

He'd taken his time all day to make everything wonderful for her; he took her out to a romantic dinner, fixed her breakfast, made their bed, he even washed the dishes! And yet, the fair Minerva was nowhere to be seen. She was probably upstairs getting her own surprise for him. It was more of a custom than anything for them each to produce something interesting for the other.

He sat, and pondered just what sort of crazy surprise she could have possibly planned this year. It was bound to be something good, after all, it had been twenty years together; one does not go twenty years and not produce a gift of importance.

"How many times have I told you not to use the fireplace in the summer?" A Minerva Dumbledore dressed in her white nightware stood a few feet away from him with an amused grin on her face. Her hands were on her hips, that being the only part that was threatening about her this evening.

Albus stood up from his seat upon the floor and faced her. He looked her over carefully. She hadn't gotten a day older than when they first came to Egypt, it seemed. Certainly nothing had seemed to change in her slim figure, or her eyes for that matter.

"I thought it was appropriate for this evening." He gave out his hand which she took with a smile. He pulled her close, and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Am I forgiven?"

She looked up at him with a rather childish grin on her face. "Why don't you kiss me first, and then we'll see what my opinion is?"

He shrugged. "Sounds reasonable to me."

He came forth, took a rather long glance at her face, and met his lips with hers softly. Her response was like it had always been, warm, affectionate, passionate. She begged him to explore, he knew it when she was aching for something of that nature, but he held off this once and departed their lips.

"So what is it, Kitten?" He grinned when he saw the somewhat disappointed look upon her face.

"I suppose you're forgiven," she frowned, "It's appropriate, today being what it is."

"Good," he nodded his head. Albus bent down slowly, and kissed her on top of her forehead. "So are we opening gifts now, or am I opening you?" He whispered, grin still implanted on his face. His fingers circled her hips slowly, trying to cloud her ever workng mind with his touch.

"Who said there was a difference?"

He chuckled. Never would she get old in the sense of humor; he loved her for that. "Well dear," he lifted her chin with his finger, "the thing is, I was expecting a wee bit more than just to see you unclothed."

"Fine," she put on a pouty face, "One gift for you, and I have something else that you might want to look at. Which one would you like me to give you first, oh oneness."

"I like that name, oneness. It says to me, I am your only one"

"Very good, Albus. Somehow I knew you still had a few good braincells up there," she grinned. "Which one?"

He shrugged again, there was always something utterly enjoyable to this night each year. Always they played games, it was the one night of the year they did such; that's probably why he enjoyed it so much. "The something else."

She nodded. A paper popped up in her hand magically. "Remember this?"

He took it from her, and clutched an article up in his hand. Indeed he did remember it. How could he not? His fingers drifted across the headline, "The Heat Effect: Hogwarts Staff Seek Refuge in Egypt Together". A rather odd sense of nostalgia fell over his body as he took one rather long glance at the picture that accompanied the headline; it was of him and his lovely wife nearly twenty-one years ago.

The article, being as old as it was, wasn't as legible as it once had been. But he was able to make out a few key terms, "share the same room," "shopping together," "afternoon swim," "defining moment," "pop the question?" He stared closely. It was only words, all of it, just words, just a picture, just an article. But it was the only keepsake they really had, it was the only one either of them wanted.

"Where'd you find it?"

"Remember the other day when I was looking for pictures?" She put a hand on his arm, and stared carefully onto him, "I found it with several of them. I thought you might like to have a look at it, Merlin knows I even shed a few tears when I started reading it."

He nodded slowly. He believed her, she didn't deserve any of the things that came with that single article. No one did, but especially not her. The publicity of their relationship was one thing, receiving word from old contacts was another, but being put through was she had to endure...she had every right to let a few tears fall. After all, the article was the start of it all.

Albus stared at her, then looked at the settee. He walked over slowly, sat down, and beckoned her to come and join him. She sat close to him, resting her head on his shoulder with a sigh. He wrapped an arm around her, and held the article with his free hand.

"Why did it take us so long to finally notice the paper that day?" she whispered softly. "I hadn't ordered it and neither had you."

"We were too busy with each other, don't you remember?" For an odd reason, he felt a grin on his face. It took them the whole of the morning before it even came to their minds to look at what they were supposed to see in the paper. Quite honestly, they hadn't even thought of it, it just came across their chasings in the house.

"Of course I remember." She kissed him softly on the cheek. "We were too in love to notice anything then, I suppose."

His eyes met with hers. They were in love then, far too much in love, if that's possible. Nothing had changed since then, not really in their case. He still held her every night, kissed her when he could, said things to her that could very well get the both of them out of a job if someone heard. There was only one difference since then; time.

Twenty years married they had been, and twenty-one years since they first became a couple. His eyes darted towards the mantel piece. There were pictures on it now, not like there had been the first time he saw the old house. At the very edge was a picture of a redheaded girl who was no older than four, blowing out candles upon a birthday cake. Next along the line was a recent one of him and his wife in the kitchen; for some rather obvious reason, he kept on kissing her. Somewhere within the next four inches on the mantel, there stood another picture; this one not taking any part of his life, but more Minerva's; it was a picture of her and her mother when she was perhaps about eight. In the very center of the fixture, there stood a family photo, this time the redhead looked more of sixteen; everyone was smiling and laughing in this picture. Next to that picture, there was one with him and his wife during their wedding day; she had never looked more beautiful than that day he could be sure of that. At the very edge, and the last one, there was a picture of a beautiful girl with her mother at the Hogwarts quidditch pitch; both of them were taking turns smiling, and making a 'funny face'.

"Albus?" His wife's voice intruded upon his memories. He looked down and into her eyes.

"Yes m' dear?"

She looked up at him, a slight hint of concern upon her face. "Are you alright? You look rather pensive tonight."

"I'm in perfect good health," he nodded, "I was just looking at the photographs on the mantel above the fireplace that you would rather not have me light."

Minerva shook her head with a smile upon her face and lifted her head up to kiss him on the lips this time. A warming sensation flooded through his body for the duration that their lips touched. When she had drifted away from him, he wanted the feeling back. His wife shook her head teasingly. "Do you want your real present first?"

He thought it over, and then nodded.

She smiled happily, and summoned the irregularly heavy parcel. It was overweight, overly large, and wrapped in a rather interesting gold and white wrap similar to what people used for their wedding gifts. He looked her in the eyes, then began slowly unwrapping it. It was a box. A very plain brown box. Slowly he undid the top of it, and found another box in it, also wrapped. He took out the next box, unwrapped it, and opened to find another one inside. He frowned down at his wife. "Just how many packages would you have me open Min?"

"You'll see," she smiled.

He took out the box, unwrapped it [this wrapping paper had a frog that kept sticking his tongue out], and saw another one. Albus stared at Minerva, and frowned when he saw her charmed smile. "How many, Min?"

"It's confidential."

Twenty-two minutes and forty-six seconds later...

Albus and Minerva both were rather in high spirits. Thirty-two boxes, and still no present! Normally he'd be having fits, but this was always their night for laughter, obviously she had arose to the occasion and thought up something extraordinarily different to the usual anniversary night. The boxes were down to the size of a rather small jewelry case, as in for a necklace.

Minerva had since brought out a bottle of wine for them to share which was less than half full by this time. They were both utterly intoxicated. "This had better be the last one, woman." Albus chuckled. "Of course every one has been the last one for the last ten minutes."

His wife giggled. "Actually, I think that is the last one, Albus. Act surprised!"

Quickly he shredded the wrapping paper off, and burst open the minute box. His eyes grew wide as the contents inside grew larger along with the box. He looked over at his wife. "You wouldn't dream of making this easy, would you?"

"No." She shook her head happily. "Look what's inside."

He lifted the edges slowly. Inside there was foam, he ripped it out, and stared at his gift. It wasn't quite just one thing, as he had been expecting. He lifted the several old records out of the box. "Great songs of musicals," he read slowly over the cover.

"It has that song that you sang for me," she whispered. "I thought you might like to have the album to listen to."

He nodded slowly, and took out the next item. It looked much like what muggles would call a water-globe, but there was nothing inside to shake and make move; instead images flashed through, memories. He watched closely as the globe became blue, and he found he and his wife making love at the small base of the pond by their house. He looked up at the real wife. "You're wonderful, Kitten."

She blushed. "Just don't let anyone but you see that."

Mischief grew on his face. "You mean you can't look at it either?"

"You know what I meant, Albus," she whispered.

"Do I?"

Minerva drew in a deep breath and shook her head. He didn't have hardly anytime to react before she came up to him, and kissed him for all he was worth. She pushed to him, circled her arms around his neck, and eventually was under the weight of him on the settee. He smiled impishly. "Is that my 'you're welcome' kiss?"

"No," she shook her head softly, "that's my 'I'm too tipsy to think' kiss."

"Liar." He kissed her again, only for a quick second, and then traced his lips down her soft neck. He heard her take in a deep breath, doing her best to stifle a moan, but he knew better. "Now Min," he whispered softly by her ear, "I am only offering because it is fair," he kissed her there, "but you have the option of opening your present before you are re-introduced to the wonders of your husband." He lifted his head up, and stared at his wife. She had a grin on her face, a very amused grin at that. "Despite my longing," he added as an after-thought.

"Will it take me thirty minutes to open?" She blinked.

"No," he shook his head, "it should take you all of two."

She nodded, wrapped her fingers around his head, and kissed him softly. He didn't push for her this time, he had figured out long ago that she enjoyed teasing him. So they kissed, and he got off of the love of his life. She sat at the settee while Albus went over towards the mantel and took her present from it. It had been wrapped with "invisible paper", it had much the same effect as invisible ink; it blended right in with the rest of the surroundings.

He brought it to her. It was small, much like the one he had opened at the end before it enlarged itself; only one of several things could have fit into it. He knew for certain she would know one of the two things that were in the box, but the other, he hoped, would be a surprise.

Minerva eyed Albus, "Somehow I knew you'd find some new way to make sure I didn't know where it was," she smiled. "Can I open it now?"

He smiled. "Yes you may open it now. If you don't I shall be forced to take full advantage of you."

"Forced?" She giggled. "Oh Albus," she sighed as the light danced in her eyes.

Albus sat beside her, one arm draped around her waistline, and watched her as she opened a box no larger than the length of a letter. Her delicate hands undid the inside wrap that would keep everything from breaking. He watched her closely as her eyes lit up at the sight of what lay inside. She lifted up a very beautiful diamond necklace away from the cardboard. The rich jewel surrounded just over half of the gold chain in tiny glimmers. She looked up from it and then at her lover. "Albus," she shook her head, "you really didn't need to do this. You must have spent half of our account on this."

He shook his head slowly. "Anything for you my dear. You deserve it, after all, spending twenty years with me is no easy task. Look inside, there's something else."

She looked at him bewidered, but put her hand back in the box anyhow, and felt around for the other gift her husband had gotten for her. Minerva lifted her eyes up at Albus as she took out one small piece of paper that was attatched to what seemed like a photograph. Her eyes darted down to the note that her Albus had written to her. What do you say to a second honeymoon in Egypt? Her eyes grew wide, and she took a very long look at the picture of the two of them years ago.

Minerva smiled happily, and turned to kiss him softly, not well enough to promote any thoughts on his part. "Where did you get this picture? We didn't bring a camera then."

He frowned. Rather odd that she wanted to know where a picture came from. Maybe the thought just hadn't hit her yet? "The photographer from the Prophet that took the pictures gave them to me. You remember Fred, don't you? He's done almost every other article about us since then too."

She blinked. "He's the one with the American accent, isn't he?"

He nodded.

Minerva looked him over slowly. She sat up and straddled him against the couch with a mischievous face. "My, you just think of everything, don't you?" She traced her finger slowly down his body.

His heart began to pound softly as she nibbled on his neck and ear. "Yep, that's me." He started to shake with the anticipation. "So, what's your answer, Kitten?"

"Mmmm," she whispered softly by his ear, "Make love to me, and then I'll tell you...then we can make love again." She covered his lips slowly with her own, only long enough for him to realize what sort of trap she was leading him to, and then he pulled back from her.

She frowned.

"So are we going away for a second honeymoon, or not?"

Minerva smiled. "Of course we are. I need to properly thank you for the offer first." She pressed forward, and kissed him passionately.

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