Stars by The Lady Arianrod

a/n: this will be a little Kenshin/Kaoru romance, in her POV... about their honest, genuine love....

set during the time while Kenshin is battling Shishio.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kenshin =P

Enjoy this little vignette...


The night is cold.

The deep, dark eyes of the stars gaze in primordial wonder at yet another Japanese girl in this era, a tiny bit of time against the tapestry of human history.

They do not gasp in wonder or sing an epic in my praise.

Instead, they simply watch.

They see the Kamiya dojo, the little smiles and sighs of everyday life. They see the hope in the eyes of the masses and the dedication in the young warrior's glistening sweat.

They twinkle in admiration, shining down pale rivulets of light.

Beyond the clash of swords and blood of innocents, the stars see the humans... their eyes. They watch agony and desperation, bright love and boundless optimism.

They see my concern.

Perhaps they cannot tell why I frown, why I always utter that name in a half-hushed whisper to the silence....

Perhaps they can.


To them, who is Kenshin? Is he a slayer of men, a doer of evil? Or is he just another tiny being below, as to us the stars are tiny specks above?

It would be fascinating to watch all these people, all these little lives. Sometimes I know that, even though the stars cannot understand our human swells of emotion, they still hear our words. They listen intently, guiding their distant cousins with delicate midnight beauty and inspiration.

They remember.

They see me... one girl... alone with him on a roof, under the vast canopy of the Japanese sky. They feel the warm glow of something unknown to them.... a foreign little song called "love".

Do they say this word amongst themselves? Do they laugh lightly at the way it sweetly rolls off their astral lips and curls around in the darkness of the universe?

It does not matter what they understand but what they perceive. They see the slight touch of my hand to Kenshin's shoulder, my delighted smile that flashes whenever he is near. They also see Kenshin's laughing eyes, his boyish grin and his steadfast dedication.

These same stars see me alone, distanced from Kenshin in the night as I chase away tears and bottomless pits of fear.

Will he come back alive? Will we ever find love?

The stars do not enter my mind, but rather smile at the future, at the invisible, incomprehensible magnetism between a young man and girl in a well-known corner of Japan.

They understand what they see, and they sense the true joy of these terrestrial mortals. One star whispers to another: "They must be in.... that word.... love. Yes, that's the word. I do believe that they are in love."

The End.


end note: well , that was a light-hearted, strange story... i may change it or do another Kenshin/Kaoru fic as I am not totally satisfied with this one.... give me feed-back though, with comments or criticisms!