Kagome climbed out of the bone eater's well and looked around. Inuyasha was usually waiting there to yell at her. "I wonder where Inuyasha is?" she asked to herself. She walked to Kaede's village. She walked into Kaede's hut. Shippo and Kilala were asleep. Inuyasha wasn't in the hut. Kagome looked around and noticed that Sango was missing to.

Miroku was talking to Kaede about the jewel shards. "Naraku has so many of the shards and we have so little. Do you think that we'll find the remaining shards before Naraku does?"

She left before Kaede answered. She walked around the village. She asked several of the villagers if they saw Inuyasha or Sango. One man said, "They went into the forest but that was hours ago." Kagome thanked the man and walked into the forest.

She looked but there was still no sign of Inuyasha or Sango. She neared a hot spring and all of a sudden she hears soft moans and pants. She got to the hot spring and gasped. Sango was on top of Inuyasha, moving above him. Kagome could see a bit mark on Sango's neck where it met her shoulder. She couldn't believe that Inuyasha had taken Sango as his mate. She unknowingly started to cry. She turned around and started to run back to the run.

She sensed jewel shards and stopped. In front of her stood Naraku. She glared at him, "What do you want Naraku?"

"Give me the jewel shards that are in your possession Miko."

Kagome was going to tell him no but then she thought about Inuyasha and Sango's betrayal. "Tell you what Naraku, I'll help you."

He looked at her like she was crazing and then asked, "Help me with what Miko?"

"I'll help you find the jewel shards. There's only a few left, you can find much faster with me helping you."

Naraku considered her offer. "Alright, I'll accept your offer, but why?"

She looked at him confused, "Why what?"

"Why do you want to help me?"

"Let's just say I was betrayed by two people I thought I could trust. That's all you need to know."

"Very well Kagome, come with me." He offered her his hand and she took it. They disappeared from the forest. **************************************************************************** **********

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