~*~ Chapter One: Rivalry ~*~

"It was ridiculous, really. What family would hold a seemingly useless grudge for over ten generations? But that's the way it has been between the Higurashi and the Setsu family.

"No one really knows what started it, just that it was and still is. The eldest child would inherit the family business and compete for the top in the world. Even though Japan's economy isn't booming at the moment, our family's sure as hell is! Currently, us Higurashi are at the top by .00087139 dollars"

Kagome ran the facts over in her brain for a while. It was her 16th birthday and she gets a family history lecture from her dad. She rolled her eyes while the most important question burned at the tip of her tongue. "But dad, who or what started this - this rivalry?"

"No one outside of the family knows, pumpkin."

"Well, I'M in the family and nobody told me."


"Gee, honey, I don't know why anyone didn't tell you. My father just told me to hate the Setsu's. I asked no questions and made no comments. But when he told me what their ancestors did, I hated those damn scoundrels."


"Sorry, hon, but they just make me so mad," Kazuya Higurashi paused thoughtfully for a second then turned fierce eyes on his daughter; "I hope you hate them too, especially that idiot son of theirs. What was his name again? Oh yes, Inuyasha."

Kagome looked away feeling a little guilty. It wasn't that she didn't hate him, and it wasn't that she was overly fond of him or anything. Well...

"Kagome, your friends are here!"

The young girl jumped at the opportunity, "Gotta go now daddy, bye."

Aiko, Kazuya's wife, hugged him from behind shaking her head. "She's such a free spirit, isn't she?"

Kazuya nodded his head and let a little sigh escape through his nose. "I just hope she doesn't get mixed up with those Setsu's like I did."

Aiko let go of her husband's waist, "I have to pick up Sota up from soccer practice and Kikyo from her friend's house."

Kazuya nodded his head and told her to be safe.