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~ * ~ Chapter 19: Cats on Mars ~ * ~

Kagome passed by him in the hallway on her way to the nurse's office. She tried to ignore him, but his sad eyes begged for her to look.

"Kagome, please."

Somehow her body betrayed her mind and ended up in his strong arms. She looked in on herself and this beautiful stranger embracing in the hallway in the middle of the third period.

Kagome looked on as the stranger-girl let herself be kissed by Sesshoumaru, as the girl cried on his shoulders, as he rocked that girl back and forth against his hard body.

"I love you, Kagome."

It was then that she came back to her body and felt all of his warmth enveloping her small body. It was then that Kagome allowed herself pure bliss, utter Nirvana. It was then that she pulled away . . . only to cry harder and plant her head back onto his chest.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

She pulled his head down and gave him a heated kiss.

It was a good thing they were near a bathroom and that the school didn't have any cameras – hopefully.

Sesshoumaru lifted up her skirt and hastily pulled down her panties. He yanked down his zipper and-

-she threw up all over his shirt.

"Um, I forgot why I needed to go to the nurse."

"That's okay."

He entered her quickly, reveling in the feel of her tight canal squeezing his aching member. Sesshoumaru could feel her shuddering against him as she wrapped her long legs around his waist.

"Please, Sesshou. Just stay there, please."

He stayed where he was, deep inside of her and panting and licking her delicate ear. Sesshoumaru started to kiss a pattern down her neck when she started to move against him.

They moved in unison, their lips barely meeting for a few seconds at most but the passion still there.

Kagome was about to cum, when she remembered something.

"Sesshou, I think I'm pregnant-OHHH!"

He heard her, but couldn't believe it, partly because he was climaxing so fast and the other part because they were so young.

And cousins.

But nonetheless, he would be a father.

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