Jackson and Jackson

"Arnold, Arnold, where are you?" Willis asked.

"Up here," he replied.

Arnold stuck his head out from under the covers in his bed, which seemed to be thrown up on something.

"Arnold, what're you doing?" Willis asked.

"Playing wilderness survival, I decided to pitch me a tent while I wait for the tigers to come in, growl," Arnold answered.

"Hey, what's that?" Willis asked.

Willis spotted something under the covers and reached for it.

"No Willis, don't do that......awwwwwwww never mind," Arnold groaned.

Willis pulled out an advertisement flyer for the following week.

"April 24th, the release of the comic book based on the theatrical 3-D movie, Michael Jackson's Captain EO, coming to the.....Nuget Book Keeper at 9:00 AM....Arnold, those comic books are gonna sell for $20 a piece," Willis said.

"I know that, I've been saving up since I first heard the comic was coming out," Arnold said.

"When was that?" Willis asked.

"3 months ago," Arnold answered.

"3 MONTHS AGO? Arnold, how much money do you have saved up?" Willis asked.

"Close to $100."

"A HUNDRED DOLLARS? Arnold, you're gonna waste all that money on FIVE comic books? That's insane!" Willis exclaimed.

"Now Willis, they may only be $20 now, but if I can get Michael Jackson to autograph them, can you imagine how much they'll be worth then?" Arnold grinned.

"Only if they can read it...you know Arnold, for being the most famous person in the world, he sure has sloppy handwriting," Willis said.

"Worse than the time I lost at truth or dare, and had to write down my full name, age, address, and phone number with my toes?" Arnold asked.

"Worse than that, if you can believe it," Willis said.

"Well, I'm not just going to get a comic book, I'm also going to see the movie when it comes out," Arnold told him.

"Arnold, the whole thing is 15 minutes, you call that a movie?" Willis asked.

"Well......whatever you call it, I'm going to see it, and on Saturday, I'm going to get the comic and you can't stop me!" Arnold exploded.

"Oh yes I can, I can tell Mister D. he'll tell you you can't go," Willis said.

Willis slammed the door as he left, Arnold headed over to Abraham.

"That's what he thinks, I'm going to get that comic, whether he agrees or not," Arnold said.

Come Saturday, Arnold headed down to the bookstore early to get the comic book before anyone else, he hoped to be the first to get a copy.

"Haha! Come to momma.....uhhhhhh I mean poppa," Arnold said.

Arnold got his hands on a copy, and decided to buy it and get out before Willis came down, as he headed out of the store, he noticed a black car parked outside.

"Must be a funeral somewhere," Arnold said.

As Arnold headed home, he couldn't help but realize the car was slowly following him, he decided to act like he didn't notice, he figured he'd lose him at the corner. He ran around the corner and onto the crosswalk when he saw a bus heading his way, he screamed and jumped over to the other end.

"Apparently, the streetlights just ain't on the predrestrian's side today," Arnold said.

It was then that Arnold noticed the man got out of his car and was following him on foot, Arnold ran off in a panic, and he ran straight for a block when he made a turn. He came across an old building, ran around to the back door and got in, without the man noticing.

"Whew, lost him," Arnold said.

Arnold then turned around and came across a sudden surprise.

"Uh-oh," he said.


"Lunch is ready, come and get it," Mrs. Garrett called.

"Kimberly, where's Arnold?" Phillip asked.

"Gee, I don't know, I haven't seen him all day," Kimberly said.

"And his bed was already made when I went in there this morning," Mrs. Garrett added.

"Willis, do you know where Arnold is?" Phillip asked.

"Yeah, he went down to the bookstore to get the new Captain EO comic book," Willis said.

"What's a Captain EO?" Mrs. Garrett asked.

"That's a video Michael Jackson came out with, it's really strange from what I've heard," Kimberly said.

"Kimberly, just because a very eccentric man is in it, is no reason to call him strange," Phillip said.

"I don't mean that, I mean he's a space captain, and his crew is robots, Siamese monkeys, and a short green talking elephant that plays an electric keyboard," Kimberly said.

"For someone who's not interested in the least in it, you sure know a lot of details about it," Willis told her.

"Well, I'm sure Arnold will be back any minute now, he probably just got so excited about it, he couldn't wait to read it," Phillip said.

Just then, the phone rang, Phillip answered.


"Mister D."

"Arnold, are you allright?"

"I'm fine."

"Well, it's past noon, where are you?"

"I'm visiting a friend of mine, Chester, he invited me to stay for lunch, is it allright?"

"Sure, I suppose, just come back before it gets too late."

"Don't worry, I'm just like the Terminator...I'll be back."

"Hastalaveista," Phillip said.

"Huh?" Arnold squeaked.

"Goodbye," Phillip translated.

"Goodbye," Arnold repeated.

"So, where's Arnold?" Willis asked.

"Visiting a friend of his, Chester he said," Phillip said.

"Chester?" Willis asked.

At 2 that afternoon, Kimberly went into Willis' bedroom.

"What'd you want to see me for, Willis?" Kimberly asked.

"I didn't want to tell you downstairs and worry Mister D. or Mrs. Garrett, but...Arnold doesn't know anybody named Chester," Willis said.

"What?" Kimberly asked.

"I knew all our friends before we left Harlem, there was Jamal, Kevin, Louie, Bubba, Charles, Vernon, William, and a whole bunch of other guys, but...never was there a guy named Chester."

"So there's no Chester?" Kimberly asked.

"You got that right," Willis said.

"So where could Arnold be?" Kimberly asked.

"I don't know, but we better go look for him," Willis said.

Kimberly and Willis grabbed their coats and headed for the front door, they opened it just as Arnold ran in with his comic in hand.

"Arnold, where have you been?" Willis asked.


Phillip and Mrs. Garrett came rushing in.

"What is it, Arnold, what is it?" Phillip asked.

"Gather round everybody," Anorld stood on the coffee table, "feast your eyes on this!"

Arnold opened the cover of the comic, showing it had a signature on it.

"So what?" Kimberly asked.

"So...I got my comic signed by Michael Jackson!" Arnold exclaimed.

"How'd you do that?" Willis asked.

"Was he down there signing them?" Phillip asked.

"Yeah, that's exactly what happened, I went down there, got the comic and then he signed it, there were about 15 other kids behind me, so he must have writer's cramps by now."

Kimberly and Willis looked at each other, they figured there was more to it than that...