Jackson and Jackson Pt II

"Arnold, where'd you go?" Willis stormed into the bedroom.

"Up here," Arnold replied.

"What are you doing up there?" Willis asked.

"Ohhhhh......I got a little lightheaded and thought I should lie down," Arnold answered.

"Arnold, you're not lightheaded, you' emptyheaded!" Willis told him.

"Hey!" Arnold jumped up.

"Come on you 2, daddy says it's time for dinner," Kimberly said.

"Allright!" Arnold jumped down, "I'm hungry!"

"You're always hungry," Kimberly told him.

"I can't help that, my stomach's like a bottomless pit, I just gotta keep feeding it, and hope I reach the end soon," Arnold said.

"Arnold!" Willis called.

"Relax Willis, we can ask him after dinner," Kimberly said.

"Good, his story was a little too hard for even me to believe," Willis said.

"Well, what do you think happened?" Kimberly asked.

"I don't know, I just don't know," Willis said.

After dinner, Willis pinned Arnold back in the bedroom, he barracaded the door so he couldn't get out, and pinned him on the bed.

"Allright Arnold, now what really happened today?" Willis asked.

"I told you," Arnold said.

"And I'm not buying it, there's no way you could've been gone that long, now what happened?" Willis asked.

"You really want to know?" Arnold asked.

"Yes!" Willis demanded.

"Allright, allright, I met Michael Jackson today, just...not in the book store," Arnold said.

Willis let go of Arnold's collar and stepped back.

"What?" Willis asked.

"Uh.....After I got out of the bookstore, I was on my way home, when I noticed this guy following me in his car," Arnold said.

"Arnold, he could've just been passing by," Willis said.

"No! He followed me, down every street, past every corner, I lost him at a sharp turn, but then he just got out of his car and followed me. So, I ran around to the back side of this big empty building. And I ran in to lose him, and when he ran by without noticing, I thought I was home free! But then I turned around, and guess who I came face to face with," Arnold explained.

"Michael Jackson?" Willis asked.

"Yes, now..the first thing I figure he'll do is yell at me and have me thrown out, but instead, he picks me up and gives me a great big kiss, right to the dandruff," Arnold pointed to the top of his head.

"And then what?" Willis asked.

"Then, I tried to return the favor," Arnold said.

"And?" Willis asked.

"And, I'm probably the only kid in my class with a hernia," Arnold replied, "anyway, we talked for a while, and I asked him if he'd autograph my comic book, and he said yes. Then we talked for a while more, then I came back here, and the next thing I know......well, this IS the next thing I know."

"Why didn't you say that earlier?" Willis asked.

"I thought I'd get in trouble, you know how Mr. D is when we go about town, disturbing people," Arnold said.

"Arnold, what was he doing in town today, anyway?" Willis asked.

"Waaaaaay ahead of ya, I read-----I read in the paper, that he was coming to New York to settle some business about his next album," Arnold said.

"Arnold, did you have any idea that he was in that building before you went in?" Willis asked.

"No no! I swear, I had no idea anyone was there, and if I'm lying, may I shrink down to 2 feet, no inches," Arnold said.

"Dang....you are serious! Talk about a lucky break," Willis said.

"I know, I hope I get to see him again, I forgot to thank him for not kicking me out," Arnold replied.

"Hey Willis, what's going on?" Kimberly came in through the bathroom.

"You won't believe what Arnold just told me," Willis said.

"Don't tell her, she's a girl! Girls don't know how to keep secrets!" Arnold said.

"Yes we do, we just don't choose to, now what's going on?" Kimberly asked.

Willis repeated the whole thing to Kimberly, while Arnold sat in the chair next to the bed and wondered what Mister Drummond would do if he found out.

"Now remember Kimberly, you promised not to tell," Willis said.

"Yes I remember," Kimberly said.

"Swear!" Arnold said, "Raise your right hand and swear to keep the promise."

"Allright, I swear not to tell daddy how you really met Michael Jackson, although you'll just get into trouble for not telling him in the first place," Kimberly said.

"I'd rather take my chances with him 20 years from now, than today, now let's go get some dessert," Arnold said.

"I just don't know what's gotten into the kids this evening, they've been awful quiet," Philip said.

"Yes, it's strange allright, you'd think since Arnold met Michael Jackson, they'd be making some noise at least," Mrs. Garret said.

The kids came down the back stairs, hoping Philip wouldn't suspect anything.

"Hi kids."

"Hi Mister Drummond," Willis and Arnold said.

"Hi Daddy! Boy, this has just been some day for everyone, I mean what with Arnold..."

"Have a cookie Kimberly," Arnold said.

"Arnold," Kimberly replied, "this cookie's way too big for me."

"No it's not, just take large bites, it'll keep your mouth full a long time," Arnold gritted his teeth.

"Well Arnold, I'd love to stick around and listen to your story again, but I've got a meeting tonight, I won't be home till late," Philip said.

"Don't worry about us, we've got Mrs. Garret to watch after us," Arnold said.

"Oh yeah, I always wanted a child, now I've got 3 of them who can't get along to save their lives," Mrs. Garret laughed.

After Philip left, the kids sat on the couch, still dazed at what had happened that day.

"Gee guys, this could get serious, I'm worried," Kimberly said.

"I'm wired," Willis replied.

"I'm hungry," Arnold added.

Arnold was the first one up to get the phone, and was he in for a surprise.

"Hello.....who is this? I see, just a minute."

Arnold held the receiver in one hand and pinched himself with the other.

"OUCH! Nope, this ain't a dream as far as I know, but if it is, don't wake me up...You do? What is it? WHat?"

Arnold fell over in excitement and dropped the phone, Willis picked it up and answered.

"Hello? I'm his brother...yes he's allright, a little overwhelmed......what? You do? Oh boy that's great! Yeah, I'll tell him...you will? What time? Allright, we'll be expecting you," Willis hung up.

"Well, what did he say? What did he say?" Arnold sat up.

"What did who say?" Kimberly asked.

"That was Michael Jackson, he said he's coming over tomorrow at 2:00 and he wants to meet all of us," Willis said.

The kids started screaming and jumping up and down when Mrs. Garrett came in.

"What's going on in here?" she asked.

"Michael Jackson's coming here tomorrow to meet all of us!" Arnold said.

Mrs. Garret joined in in the screaming and jumping and dancing.

To Be Continued...