Author: Paladin Steelbreaker

Title: Slayer War

Copyright: March 2001

Rating: ? (Strongly violent scenes)

Spoilers: Buffy: up until the end of season 3.

Keywords: Vampiric slayers.

Summary:  The year is 2014. 17 years ago it happened what nobody thought possible. Buffy Anne Summers, The Slayer. Was turned by Spike. In six months she ran a campaign of horror that made Angelus look like a sissy. quickly earning her status as the most vicious and strong vampire ever. The Invulnerable. Then she suddenly disappeared. Ever since, the Scooby Gang has lived in fear of her return. They has managed to put their lives back together. But that fear always follows them, where ever they go. Then they suddenly get a calling from Christopher Giles, the head of The Watchers Council. The tower has been attacked by a Slayer Vampire. This one Enya Tompson, now calling herself Death, are planning to bring forth hell on earth. It falls upon the survivors of The Invulnerable, to try to stop her. But then The Invulnerable herself returns. Claiming to want to save the world. Saying she, like her sire, like this world. With its easy meals. But something is not right. Something is definitely not right. 

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Slayer War

And as certain as the first wil create horror,

Holding the Sunny town in a grip of terror.

The second, will bind the world in chains of terror,

If the guardian council no longer guard the chosen

Tiberius Manifesto


June 2. 2014. Location: The Councils Tower

Outside the city of Swansea, Wales.                                                                         




(Death walks amongst the watchers)



Panic ruled in the corridors of The Councils Tower. Smoke clouded sight, and death screams seemed to come from everywhere. Their biggest nightmare had come true. A slayer had been turned and was now launching a full-scale attack on the Council.

The Council's leader tried desperately to calm Council members and Watchers in order to lead them to the secret exits in the basement storage room. He guarded them from behind and tried to fend of the vampires that were swarming after them. But they were too many. And he began to wear out.

Tears ran down his face as he prepared to die. It was his entire fault, and now it was judgement day. He couldn't look over his shoulder; he only hoped that the others had managed to get away so that his death at least would accomplish some good. He breathed deeply and felt the battle rage rise in him as two huge vampires came through the door. Since he was the twin brother of a slayer he had inherited a small amount of slayer powers. That, together with his highly trained body, made him a formidable opponent. But to fight off two giant vampires in the shape he was now was too much even for him.

He sent a roundhouse kick to the head of one of them. And punched the other in the groin. As the second vampire bent over in pain, he staked it, and turned around to meet the other.

When he felt the cold blade of a dagger enter his chest, it was as if an electric shock went through his body. Strangely he didn't feel any pain, just a cold and calculating almost-amusement over how his body turned numb. He wondered for a split second how much time he had remaining, then the battle rage overwhelmed him again. He kicked and struck, but he had no strength remaining. Still, he provoked the vampire to attack.

"What are you waiting for, you bloodsucking son of a bitch? Its not as if your not capable of it. What's the matter with you, kill me!" The vampire grabbed him and leaned in for the bite, when he suddenly screamed and burst into a cloud of dust.

About five metres away a blonde vampire stood, crossbow in hand. With great fear, he recognised her as the first Slayer Vampire in history. The Invulnerable was back, and obviously, for some reason none too pleased with Enyas actions.  Maybe she was pissed that she hadn't thought of destroying the Council first. As his life flashed before his eyes, Mr. Giles prepared for a long and painful death.

Then she did something strange. She bowed to him. "You're welcome," she said to the stunned Watcher. Then she turned to face about ten vampires that came hurtling through the door. Mr. Giles didn't pause to wonder what had just happened. He leaped through the secret exit and sealed it with a small detonation of C4.

Christopher Giles, the leader of the Watchers Council, ran as fast as he could. Behind him lay the smoking ruins of The Council's tower. And the Council was spread with the wind. Hell! He didn't even know if the others were alive. Most of the ordinary Watchers were dead. Hunted down like animals.

He choked on his sobs. Everything had gone wrong; the earth was doomed, and all because The Council, in their arrogance and self-proclaimed superiority, had ignored the warnings from Ethan Mutabe. The Watcher of the then current Slayer. He had asked again and again for help, when he and Enya had fought against one of the ancient ones. As a result, they had both been turned.

For the second time in history a slayer had been turned. The first time was when 17 years ago, Buffy Anne Summers was turned by Spike. In half a year she had wreaked havoc as the unbeatable vampire called The Invulnerable. Then she had suddenly disappeared. The word was that her former Watcher, Rupert Giles, had killed her. But it was a whole other story with Enya. She had now been a constant threat to humanity for two years.

And now she had decided to take down the society of Watchers, as a step in her plans to destroy humanity. Five slayers had been sent after her, but none could stand against her. Only the legendary once dark slayer, Faith, had survived, if you could call it that. She was now in a deep coma. And in a desperate need of a blood transfusion. But there was no new slayer that could donate.

And in the mean time, Enya had launched a full-scale assault on the tower. With fifty of her minions, she had wiped out almost the entire Watcher society in less than three hours.

Chris felt an odd tingling run down his neck, and knew that at least one vampire was after him. His lungs were on fire, as his chest exploded in delayed pain reaction from the dagger wound. Half-crazed laughter ripped through him as he recalled the feeling of the bastards dust against his face. The pain forced him to his knees, and tears welled up in his eyes, as he saw his family for his inner sight.

He turned to face his enemies with his last stake in hand.  Everything was his fault. He deserved to die, but he would die fighting. At least he would take with him a few vampires. He looked around. Slowly a dozen vampires circled him. With great effort, he rose to his feet, glaring at them defiantly.

"What? Are you going twelve against little me? I'm flattered. Maybe you do have a brain after all". 

He summoned his last reserves of strength and assumed an advanced fighting stance, when his jaw dropped in awe. His attackers had, in quick succession, exploded into dust. In front of him stood a dangerous looking blonde. It was the vampire that had saved him earlier. Now without her vampiric visage showing, she would have seemed fragile, if not for the palpable rage emanating from her.

"They never learn to watch their backs," she stated with an evil smirk. What?" She asked, as she looked at the dumbstruck Watcher. "Haven't you seen a vampiric vampire hunter before? And you call yourself a Watcher? Well don't just stand there. Get your feet going! We have to get outta here. There are more of them coming this way".

He tried to do as she said, but finally his body gave up, and he fell to the ground.

"Shit!! Why did you have to do that", she murmured as she lifted him and slung him over her shoulder. She started to run through the forest at a quick pace.

"Damn it" she cursed to her self. "I hate it when they do that". Her senses told her that vampires were coming her way, lots of them.

"Bloody hell! I can't believe I'm running like a scared chicken", she growled. With that she climbed a tree, and began moving from tree to tree in an attempt to shake her pursuers.

Five minutes later she reached the road on the other side of the forest and got into her car. And as she broke every speed limit her eyes glinted bright yellow, as the embodiment of pure murderous desire.


June 3. 2014. Location: The Invulnerable's temporary lair

The city of Swansea. Wales

Christopher Giles awoke to his own scream of pain, and saw The Invulnerable standing over him. "Sorry about the pain," she said, although she didn't seem very sorry at all. "But I had to disinfect your chest wound. And the only thing I have is alcohol".

"Here. Drink some. It will help a bit".

He grabbed the glass she gave him, and gasped for breath as almost pure alcohol ran down his throat and exploded into heat in his stomach. He watched as she tended to his wound with the skill of one that had done it countless times before. Then she propped him up with some pillows.

"Now, tell me what happened. Who blew up the Council's tower? And why was the place crawling with vampires? Who the hell did this?! I saw the corpses of Watchers and their families all over the place".

"I even saw a little girl that was nailed to a tree. She was still breathing, although her wrists were slit and a stake penetrated her abdomen. All I could do for her was end her suffering".

"I saw body parts everywhere. I haven't seen such brutality since..." she silenced. Pacing the floor furiously. Then she stopped in front of him again. "Tell me, and by god, I'm going to kill him".

He watched her in shock as her rage grew, and slowly changed her appearance to the most extreme vampiric visage he had ever seen.

"Oh spare me the bullshit. Don't pretend that you cared," he snorted, an involuntary groan of pain escaping him. "You probably got high on it, or worse".

"Why should I tell you? You are one of them," he said as he with out hope tried for the door. But he didnt get far before she grabbed him in a grip of steel, and he thought that his last moment was in.

"No," she said, as her face changed back to human. "I'm not one of them. I'm something else. But I swear that if you don't tell me what's going on, I will have your blood for dinner".

He looked into her eyes and saw her sincerity. This woman would kill him if he didnt do as she said. He cleared his throat and started telling about the mission the Council had sent the Slayer on, and how the calls for assistance from her and her Watcher were ignored.  Leading to the turning of both of them.

Then he told about the plan she had to destroy the world. He told about the prophecy that said that she would rule the world when the Council of Watchers were dead.

She was silent for a while, and then she burst out in a shower of cursing  that would scare the roughest blacksmith. Finally she calmed down and her vampiric visage melted away again.

"We have to get hold of the rest of the Council, if they are still alive.

Is there some way I can find them?"

He hesitated for a moment. Should he tell her?

Well Damit!, he thought. Extreme situations needs extreme solutions.

"Yes there is," he said, hoping he wasn't dooming them all. "All of the members of the Council have a tracking device implanted in their backs. All we need is a receiver. The problem is that the receiver is destroyed, and we have to reach them before Enya does. And even if we get to them first, she can still destroy the world, as an act of vengeance. We are chanceless. The earth is doomed",he said miserably?

"And it's all our fault. Its my fault". Christopher Giles shook his head, and tears of despair sprang from his eyes.

"Like hell if I'm giving up without a fight," The Invulnerable shouted. But you are right. We are chanceless on our own. We need help, and I know where to get it."

He looked at her, puzzled. Suddenly she looked frightened. Who the hell could frighten the most vicious killer on earth? And why the hell did she want to help him. He was still pondering that when his body finally gave up and he slipped once again into unconsciousness.