Title: An Ending And A Beginning

Author: Phatz

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Don't own them. So get the hell off my back.

Summary: Logan and Marie's friendship takes a nosedive, but will it lead to something better? Or is it too late?

Authors Notes: Uh, this popped into my head so I started writing. It's turning out to be fairly long, and this is the first chapter of what seems like is going to be many. Oh and fair warning. Rogue/Remy shippers, stay clear. I HATE Gambit. Since I am warning you, I would appreciate the lack of  "Remy and Rogue belong to each other" flames. This is the movie verse, and, like I said, hate Gambit. Get over it.


Chapter 1

Logan began pacing in his room.  He glanced at the clock. She was late. Marie was supposed to be here a half an hour ago. Logan stopped pacing, and slumped down onto a chair. Ever since Marie learned to control her 'gift', she began dating. At first, Logan didn't care. Marie was his, and he was hers. Everyone knew it. She was just playing the field, getting life experiences, one's Logan couldn't remember having. She deserved those.

She never dated any of them that long anyway, so he didn't mind. That was until Remy. She's been dating him for three months now, and she seems to really like him. And that really pisses Logan off. She was his. Didn't that dick head know that?

"Logan?" Marie said, walking into his room. "I'm sorry I'm late. Me and Remy lost track of time." Logan grunted. That's been happening a lot lately. "You still want to shoot pool? Logan?"


"Oh, ok. Want to do something else?" Marie asked, quite puzzled as to why Logan didn't want to shoot pool. They did that every Friday.

"Marie, I need to talk to you."

Marie shrugged. "Sure."

Logan scrubbed his face. He was nervous. He couldn't remember ever being nervous before, and that scared him. "Look Marie, I need to tell you something. And I need to know how you feel about it. No bullshit ok?"

"Of course Logan."

"I…" Logan paused. He felt stupid. She loves him right? So why is this so hard?

"Yes?" Marie raised her eyebrows. Logan never fumbled over words. He was a straight shooter. Always said what was on his mind. She was pretty scared at what he was going to tell her.

"Marie I… I love you. A lot. You're the best thing that ever happened to me in my shitty life, and I want to be with you. I know you're with the Cajun, but I need…I need to know how you feel." Logan sighed. That wasn't so bad.

"Logan…" Marie fidgeted. "You know you're my best friend right? And I love you with all my heart but…"

Logan panicked. "But?"

"I love you, but not in that way. You're like my brother Logan, my only family. I'm so sorry."

Logan stood completely still. She loved him like a brother. He couldn't think of anything worse. He was crushed. He really thought Marie loved him.

"Logan are you ok?" Marie felt terrible. She saw in Logan's eyes how much her admission crushed and hurt him. But she didn't love him, not in that way. She loved Remy.

"Does he make you happy?"

Marie was snapped from her train of thought by his question. "Yes"

"Good." Logan, above all else, wanted Marie to be happy. Her happiness – and safety, were more important to him than anything, including his own. So he was glad she was she found happiness. He just always thought it would be with him. "Marie, I'm tired. I'd like to get some sleep."

"Sure." Marie knew that was Logan's nice way of saying he couldn't be around her right now. She didn't blame him. "Goodnight."

"'Night." Logan watched her close the door. He flopped on the bed, and draped his arm across his face. He suddenly was very tired a few minutes later he fell into a restless sleep.


Two weeks after Logan confessed his feelings to Marie, things were normal. Though Logan and Marie spent less time together, and when they were together it was often awkward, they still did things together. It was more than Logan ever hoped for. He feared their friendship was over.

Logan walked to Marie's room and knocked.

"What do toy want Wolvie?" Jubilee asked, flinging the door to her and Marie's room open.

"Don't call me that." He growled.

Jubilee rolled her eyes. Most people were afraid of Logan. He had the badass act down pat. That's all it was though, an act, and Jubilee knew it. She saw how Logan was around Marie. It's sweet.

"Where is Rogue?"

"I think she's with Remy. I swear I don't know what she see's in that guy. Sure he's hot, but he's such a jerk." Jubilee couldn't believe Rogue was with him. She should be with Logan. They were meant for each other, in her opinion.

"Yeah." Logan grunted.

"You should sweep her off her feet Wolvie."

Logan grimaced. Marie didn't tell anyone about their little conversation, and he sure as hell hadn't. Jubilee didn't know that he already tried. "Whatever." Logan said, leaving Jubilee standing in her doorway. He headed towards Remy's room; knowing Marie was probably in there.

Logan banged on the door. "Rogue?"

"Go away homme. Gambit busy, and de petite isn't here." Remy said through the door. Logan growled. He really hated this guy. Who the hell talks about themselves in the third person?

Logan spun on his heal, and began to leave, when the smell of arousal hit his nose. It was Remy… and someone who wasn't Marie. Logan kicked the door in, and saw Remy making out and groping one of the female students.  "You asshole!" Logan yelled. Charging at Remy, Logan grabbed his throat. "How could you do this to Rogue!"

Remy coughed, and grabbed Logan's wrist. He didn't budge. "What do you care? Rogue's wit me, she don't want some animal like you."

Logan snapped. He punched Remy in the jaw, shattering it. Remy slumped to the ground in obvious pain. Logan kicked him in the gut repeatedly.

"Logan, what are you doing!?" Marie yelled, standing outside the door with a shocked expression.

"Marie he…"

"Gambit minding his own business, and the Wolverine just attacks me. Saying you were his." Remy chocked out through the pain of his broken jaw.

"Marie that's not…"

"What the hell is going on?" Scott said, stopping as he passed Remy's room. Scott glanced at Remy, slumped against the wall. "Logan, what the hell did you do?"

"Gambit be sitting in his room, and Wolverine attack him." Remy repeated to Scott. He winced from the pain in his jaw.

"You lying son-of-a-bitch!" Logan roared, "You were cheating on Rogue, and I beat the shit outta ya."

"Scott, can you take Remy to the med lab?" Marie asked. She was crouched near Remy, stroking his hair.

"Sure." Scott walked over to Remy, and shot Logan a murderous look. Scott always knew Logan was a loose cannon, but her never expected him to attack one of the team over petty jealousy. He helped Remy to his feet, slung Remy's arm around his shoulder, and started towards the door.

"I'll be down to see ya in a minute Remy. I need to talk to Logan." Marie said. She looked at Logan, with utter disgust and anger written on her face.

"Look Marie…"

"Shut up Logan!" Marie yelled. "I can't believe you! How could you do that!?"

"Marie, he was cheating on you. I just…"

"Bullshit!" Marie snapped. "If he was cheating on me, who was he doing it with? Himself! That's called masturbation Logan, not cheating! You should know that!"

Logan looked around the room. The girl was gone. She must have left before Marie showed up.

"Look Marie, I know what masturbation is!" Logan yelled, getting angrier by the second. "He was in here with another woman. She must have left…"

"Oh yes how convenient. She leaves right before I show up!"

"Marie don't you trust me!"

"No over Remy!"

Logan stopped, shocked. She trusted Remy over him? He saved her life twice, was inside her head, her best friend, and he loved her. But she trusted that damn Cajun more than him.

"I never thought you would let your jealousy go so far Logan," Marie continued "Your supposed to be my friend!"

"I am your friend Marie."

"Not anymore." Marie grabbed the chain hanging around her neck, and yanked it off. It was Logan's dog tag. She never took it off. It was his only link to his forgotten past, and he gave it too her. She suddenly couldn't stand it. "I'm not friends with fuckin' animals." She spat, throwing the dog tag at Logan. It hit him in the forehead, cutting him. It healed instantly.

Logan crouched to the ground and picked up his dog tag. He clutched it in his hand, and turned pleading eyes up at Marie. "Marie…"

"I don't want to speak to you Logan. I don't even want to look at you." Marie turned and ran out of the room.

Logan sat on the floor unmoving. He fucked up big time. He should have figured he would. He always did. And now Marie hated him. She called him an animal.

Logan stood up and walked out of Remy's room. He could barely breath. One though kept repeating in his head. ~She hates me, she hates me, she hates me…~

(To be continued…)