Title: An Ending And A Beginning

Author: Phatz

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Don't own them. So get the hell off my back.

Summary: Logan and Marie's friendship takes a nosedive, but will it lead to something better? Or is it too late?

Authors Notes: Here it is, the final chapter. Sorry for the delay, but I had some writers' block (again) and it took me awhile to get over it. I want to thank everyone who has read and liked the story from the beginning, and I would like to give a shout out to my loyal readers: Blix Howlett, Snooboodtoo, Irishamrcn, Hidden Relevance, Immortalatk, La Belle Rogue, thanks so much for your reviews and support! I also have posted the first chapter of another story I have started, it's called "Cold November" I have it mostly written, and it is another Logan/Marie story, and it's my fist attempt at an AU. Well After that shameless plug, onto the chapter! Oh and fair warning to Remy fans: He's a real asshole in this chapter. Well Enjoy!


Telepathic Speech

Chapter 11

"I don't wanna talk about this shit Marie." Logan sat cross across from Marie on the mansion lawn, absently picking at the grass in front of him, a scowl on his face.

Marie sighed. "Logan, we have too if you want your memories back. Since you won't let the professor try and pull the memories out of you subconscious, he said discussion shared memories with you make cause some of them to jar loose. You know that."

Logan frowned. "I know, it's just been two months and I still remember jack shit. All I remember is you, and even that isn't really much. It's just your name, face and scent that I knew. I still don't remember anything that you have told me, let alone stuff you haven't. And it's really starting to piss me off."

"I know Logan. But we need to discuss this if-"

Logan cut her off. "Let's talk about you."

"That's what you have been saying for the past week!" Marie was beginning to get frustrated. Logan had woken from his coma about three months ago, and lately, he just seemed to be getting worse. Although he was scared, and angry, with just about everyone at the mansion when he first awoke, he remembered Marie, and clung to her like a lifeline. She was the only thing he knew in this place, and Marie was more than happy to help him through everything.

Speaking was something he picked up right away. Although he never really forgot how to speak, he hadn't done so in so long it was quite difficult for him at first. But within a week, he was back up to his full vocabulary, although he only really spoke to Marie. She was the only person at the mansion he trusted.

Marie was quite shocked at what Logan remembered and didn't remember. He knew how to fly the jet, but the mechanics of using a fork simply eluded him. The first time Logan tried to eat with one, he struggled with it for twenty minutes until he let Marie help him. And she continued helping him with everything she could.

That included trying to recover some of his lost memories. Logan desperately wanted to get them back, and the professor offered his assistance. He immeateately balked at that. He didn't trust the professor, not really, and he sure as hell wasn't gonna have anybody poking around in his head. That's when the professor suggested that talking with Logan about things that occurred to him might jar loose some memories as well, although the process would be much longer. Logan thought that was a much better idea, and asked Marie if she would help him with it. She accepted.

They have been meeting just about everyday for two months, just talking. Marie told him how they met, how he saved her life at the Statue Of Liberty, about his original dog tag. When Marie mentioned that, she immeteately tried to hand it over, but he told her to keep it. After all, he said, he gave it to her for a reason. Marie didn't tell him how she threw it at him and called him an animal. In fact, she didn't mention any of the hurtful things she had done to him. No need for him to remember those.

Logan seemed to be getting better. Along he was still skittish around other people, he was completely open and honest with Marie. That is, until the last few days. He started to close himself off, and would refuse to talk about himself. He only ever wanted to talk about her.

Marie sighed in frustration. She was getting sick of Logan's run around approach when they talked lately, and it was starting to anger her. "Look Logan, I'm just going to go. I'm sick of you wasting my time." Marie stood up, and smoothed out her skirt. "Come get me when you actually want to talk." She began to walk away.

Logan grabbed her arm. "Marie, wait." Marie stopped, and Logan turned her around to look in her big brown eyes. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I'm being an asshole. It's just…" He was at a loss for words. He didn't know what to tell her. In the last week, Logan had begun to realize that he's in love with Marie. And that scares the shit out of him and pisses him off at the same time. And that's the biggest reason why he closed himself off. He knows he's not a good person. That he has done terrible things, even if he can't remember them. And he's terrified of her finding out. Of her realizing what a monster he is, and hating him. He couldn't deal with that. "I'm sorry."

"Logan…" A sudden wave of guilt washed over her, looking at his tortured face. How could she have gotten angry with him? He's just struggling with everything, and the only person he trusts just flipped out on him. What a jerk she was. "It's ok. I didn't mean too-"

"It's not ok. I'm sorry. I'm just a fucked up asshole. All you're trying to do is help me, and I'm being a dick about it."

Marie was suddenly very angry with herself. She really hurt him. He thinks he's an asshole and fucked up? She did that. Why was she always hurting him? Why couldn't she stop doing it? She loved him, for Christ sake's, but all she ever did was hurt or upset him. And then she was terrified. If she didn't watch it, she might just drive him away.

Logan smelled the anger, sadness, and fear come off her in waves. ~Way to go asshole, ~ he thought, ~hurt her and make her hate you. ~ "Look Marie I'm sorry. I didn't mean too-"

"I gotta go Logan." Marie turned from him and began to walk towards the mansion, when she stopped. "Logan." Marie looked over her shoulder, nor completely turning to face him. "Maybe we should… put these little meetings on hold. It will do us both good."

Logan looked at her blankly. God, he really fucked up. She didn't even want to be around him. Deciding to grant her request, it was the least he could do, he simply nodded in agreement.

"Ok. See you around." Tears shone brightly in her eyes. She hurt him more than she thought.


Marie didn't turn around, so Logan would not see she was on the verge of tears. "Yeah?"

"Why… why did you help me?" She obviously didn't like him. Hell why would she? He's a freak among freaks. She was always sad or angry around him, but usually sad. And he knew it was because of him. And today, he scared her on top of it.

Marie wanted to say because she loved him, always had, but knew that was the wrong thing to say. Logan couldn't love her back. He didn't remember ever loving her at all, and all she did now was hurt or upset him. She thought about what to say carefully. "Because… you saved my life. I'm returning the favor." She continued to walk towards the mansion.

Logan winced painfully. That's all he was. An obligation. He saved her life, now she's doing the same. Hurt and angry, Logan ran into the dense woods around the mansion to lash out.


Remy leaned against a tree, his auburn hair and trench coat swaying gently in the breeze. He had been watching the exchange between Marie and Logan with great interest. He could tell that they had misunderstood one another, and this was the opportunity he was waiting for. Marie would be his again.

He followed Logan through the woods, keeping a safe distance as to not be discovered. Logan finally stopped, and began to lash out, sinking his claws into the trees surrounding him.

Remy gritted his teeth. He hated Logan. He was so glad when he was taken by that Sentinel and believed dead. Although Marie grieved, he knew eventually she would come around and be his again. After all, he loved her, and she loved him. So what if he cheated on her? His heart belonged to her, and she would realize that and get over that stupid animal.

But then they found him, and she was spending almost every minute with him. And Remy could tell that Logan had either remembered loving Marie, or had fallen in love with her all over again. Well he would just have to get rid of him.

"Hey, Mon ami." Remy said, stepping out of the woods.

Logan whirled around and swung. His nine inch adamantium claws just millimeters from Remy's throat. "What the fuck you want Cajun?"

Remy raised his hands. "Gambit jes' want to talk."

Logan sheathed his claws, and looked at Remy expectantly. "Well?"

"Gambit notice you had a fight with Rogue, no?"

"So what's it too you?"

"Why do you stay around? No one wants you here." Remy knew he was pushing his luck, but said it anyway.

Logan's eyes filled with hatred. "What did you say?"

"Gambit asked why you stay here? Everyone is afraid of you. The only reason the Professor let's you stay is because he feels sorry for you. Even Rogue don't much like you."

Logan's face fell. "Marie doesn't like me?"

"No. Before you were captured, you attacked Gambit. Gambit and Rogue were going out, and she got very angry with you. She told you she hated you and never wanted to see you again. She even called you an animal."

"Why should I believe you? I don't remember any of that shit, and Rogue hasn't said anything."

"That's because she feels she owes you for saving her life."

Logan went still. No wonder she was always sad when she was around him. She hated him, and didn't want to be near him. But she felt obligated. And Logan seriously thought she could love him back. What a joke. She was way too good for him.

"You also stabbed her. She's afraid of you."

"When the fuck did I stab her!?"

"When they got you out of that lab. You also stabbed her the first night you both were here, coming out of a nightmare. She's terrified you'll do it again."

Suddenly, the memories flooded Logan's mind. Of him stabbing her. Twice. Of her screaming how much she hated him, and did not want to see him. Logan clutched his head. The pain was unbearable. He hurt her so much, and he continued to do so by being here. "I… I gotta go." He sprinted out of the woods, toward the mansion.

Remy smiled. His work was done.


"So Jubes, what am I going to do?" Marie smoothed a loose strand of hair behind her eye, a nervous habit. She didn't know how to fix this awful mess with Logan, and she sought out Jubilee for advice.

"Tell him you love him."

"That will just make it worse."

Jubilee cracked her gum. "I don't think so Chica."

Marie laughed. "Yeah right. 'Hey Logan, sorry for hurting you all the time, but I actually love you' I'm sure that will go over real well."

"Hey, he loves you too you know."

"He did. He doesn't anymore."

Jubilee rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah right. He is totally in love with you. You're the only one he can stand to be around, he hates everyone else. He doesn't trust anyone but you. He doesn't talk to anyone but you. Hell, he growls and yells at everyone but you. And you were the only person he remembers. If that ain't love, I don't know what is."

Marie looked at her friend thoughtfully. Everything she said was true. But did Logan really love her? "You really think so?"

"Duh! Anybody can tell. Hell, all you have to do is look at Remy. He's jealous as hell lately, cause he knows Wolvie has fallen in love with you again, so he doesn't stand a chance. So just talk to Mr. Hairy already.""

Marie stood up from the couch. "You're right. Thanks so much. I don't know what I would do without you." Marie hugged Jubilee tightly.

"Either do I chica."

Marie raced up the stairs towards Logan's room. She had to talk to him right now and air this all out. She knocked softly on his door. No response. She opened it slowly, and peaked her head in. "Logan?"

She looked around his room, and saw the open dresser drawers and other loose clutter scattered about. "Oh no." She whispered.

She bolted toward the dresser to get a closer look at the drawers, and saw that all of his clothing was gone. "Logan!" she screamed. "You better not have-"

She noticed the folded piece of paper of paper on the bed, and picked it up with trembling hands. She read it


I never meant to hurt you, and I won't ever again. I'm sorry for being a burden to you. Now that I'm gone, I won't fuck up your life anymore, and you can be happy with Remy. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. Sorry.


Marie began to cry. How on earth did he get the idea that he was hurting her and a burden to her? And now he was gone.

Clutching the note to her chest, she bolted to the garage. She saw him only two hours before. Maybe he was still here. Maybe he didn't get a chance to leave. And she would tell him, finally, that she loved him.

Not bothering with opening the garage door, Marie just punched it in, her super strength making short work of it. She scanned the interior, and saw that Scott bike was missing, but Scott was here. Marie fell to her knees, and began to sob uncontrollably. She was too late. He was gone.


Logan drove on the deserted road, trying not to think about Marie. God, he loved her. And he hurt her so much. But no more. He would hole up somewhere, to live the rest of his days, avoiding contact with anyone. He would just stay there, and wait for the sweet release of death. He would never go back to the mansion to see Marie, no matter how much he wanted to already.

(The End.)