A Moment

"That one."

"What one?"  Jack squinted out over the dock and tried to see whatever he should be seeing.

Ana rolled her eyes.  "The one to the right.  With the paint on it."

He squinted again.  "Really?  That one?"  Jack cleared his throat and tried to think of something nice to say, and finding nothing nice, opted for vague.  "It's an interesting boat." 

"It's our boat."  She added.  "And we deserve it." 

Briefly, he wondered what heinous thing he might have done lately to deserve such a … remarkable boat.  "So, what do we do with it?"

Ana took hold of his hand and roughly pulled him down to the dock. 

"How long will we be…?"

"It's a vacation Jack, not purgatory."  She deftly hopped onto her new boat and waited for Jack to follow.  "Are you coming or not?"

He considered the not.  This boat looked like something out of a child's nightmare, maybe even his own.  Gingerly, he took a big step and placed on foot on the plank to test the durability of the wood.  This didn't sit too well with Ana who ended the charade by simply yanking him over the rest of the way.  They fell in a heap that sent the little boat rocking violently.  Being trapped on his back with Ana on top of him improved Jack's view of the boat insurmountably, though Ana eventually rolled to the side and ruined the moment. 

"But why is it orange?"

She grinned.  "You don't like orange?"

"But why is it orange?  The first real ship we come across will use us as target practice."

She continued to grin.  "That's right, they'll see us coming from miles away." 

"You want to get shot on?"

"No."  She patted the brightly coloured planks.  "I want to relax, and you are going to relax with me.  There is no ship in the Caribbean who's going to come anywhere near boarding distance of our little boat.  There's going to be nothing to distract us Jack, no ships to pillage, no islands to explore.  Just you and me.  Alone." 

"We are together on the Pearl all the time."


"Oh."  The idea started to warm up to him.  It wasn't such a bad boat, if you were blind.  There was enough of a deck to walk around or lay about, and the little housey area below deck was plenty big for any below deck activities they cared to participate in.  A nice vacation indeed.