Kagome had just finished her usual fight with Inuyasha, and like usual, she won. Now she was done getting ready for school and on her way out of her bedroom. Kagome stopped and was suddenly lost in thought.

'I have such a weird feeling about today. Is fait forcing me to go to school? Why does Inuyasha care so much when I say I need to go home? Why is he always yelling at me? How come when we get into a fight he comes to get me? How come e comes to get me if I'm late getting back to the fudel era? Does Inuyasha care about me? Could it be possible that he l-'

"Kagome! Breakfast!" Kagome's mom yelled up the stairs breaking Kagome's thoughts.

"No time mom. I'm gunna be late as it is." Kagome said as she ran down the stairs, kissed her family goodbye, and high tailed it outside to her bike with out stopping. She hopped on her bike and pedaled down the street as fast as possible.

"Hey Kagome!"

"Wait up!"

"Will you slow down!"

'Oh jeez, is it time for twenty questions already?' Kagome thought to herself as she slowed down.

"Ya no Kagome, for a sick person you sure are fast." Her friend panted. Kagome just smiled.

"That reminds me. Are you ok?"

"How did they treat you?"

"How's that stupid boy friend of yours?"

"How come your family says your sick but you never look sick?"

"How come you never pay attention to Hojo?"

"The least you could do is go out with your boyfriend once in a while." Her friends said as Kagome drifted into thought again.

'Could Inuyasha possibly, maybe, in anyway, by chance, in any possibility. love me? Do I love him? Why am I thinking like this?' Kagome couldn't take the questions in her head and of her friends anymore. She had to get away from them. She didn't know how she could but she had to.

Kagome hopped on her bike and pedaled back to her house. She stood in front of the well house when her mother came out side to go shopping. Her mom could hear her faint whispers.

"Inuyasha. I can't do it anymore. I need to decide if I want school or you. Maybe. maybe I don't need school. Maybe I'm fine how I am. Maybe my mom will say I can get out of school. I'm 16 now. I don't legally have to go to school. I think I would be so much happier if I could stay with you. Inuyasha. I think. I think I love you" Kagome finished with a satisfied smile. She took a step closer to the well door and was about to open it when she got a strange feeling that she was being watched. She turned around to see her mother smiling at her from the doorway of their house. Kagome ran and hugged her mother.

"Kagome, will you please go upstairs to your room for a minute I have something to show you." Kagome's mom said softly as Kagome nodded and ran up to her room.

Kagome entered her room to see Inuyasha on the windowsill staring at where she just was.

'Did he hear what I said? Are his ears really that good? I was going to tell him all of that anyway right?' Kagome thought as she shut the door. Inuyasha looked at her plainly.

"I love you too." He said as he started to smile. Kagome smiled as she walked over and hugged him. Inuyasha picked her up and put her on his lap. He picked her chin up and stared into her eyes. Kagome stared back into his and could read his whole soul. She could see the love, pain, misery, sorrow, torture, pride, hatred, love, and grief of the past years in his eyes. She hugged him tightly; thinking it might take some of the hurt, pain, and torture out of him. Inuyasha sighed and ran his fingers through her hair.

"Why did it take us this long to figure it out?" Inuyasha whispered in her ear. Kagome just sighed with pleasure.

"Who cares we know now. And all that matters is that we're together right?"

"Hmm." Inuyasha smiled as he nodded into Kagome's hair.