It's a commoner's thing
And yet I can't deny it
Even though I'm not supposed to be this way.
I've thought myself above this thing
Like love wasn't good enough for me.
It was something somebody else had
But then I saw her out there
And I didn't think that was what it was
Just couldn't happen to me
Because it never happened before, and
After all, it's a commoner's thing.
I could see it, I knew it right away.
I remember how it felt, to me
When I was what you are
It had never been like that
So I didn't know at first
Took some getting used to
But I made it in the end
And I know you will too
Because you've got that kind of spirit
Soon, I hope you'll realize
It's really not just a commoner's thing.
Still, I never thought love
Could be real, a feeling, a reality
Love always used to mean to me
Admiration for someone
It didn't seem to be
Feelings like I don't want anyone else
Isn't it supposed to be arranged?
I suppose some things can change
Just not so suddenly, not so soon
Why did it change for me now
Into more than just a commoner's thing?