I hurt her that night a long time ago.

I didn't mean to hurt my Kim.

I didn't mean to hurt her brother.

I didn't mean to cause so much pain

But I did no matter what I did.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't gone

Down into the town below my home

But then I remember her beauty

And wonder, "Was it worth this?"

I haven't seen her in so long

I'm beginning to think she was a dream

A blessed dream I want again.

But I don't dare to travel down.

They all hate me now and always will.

I didn't mean to do it I really didn't.

It all just happened too fast.

He hurt her when she tried to stop him.

Wouldn't anyone defend her in my place?

My vision, it was almost like seeing blood.

Red on red and my heart pounded.

Something came over me and I did it.

I plunged my finger into that guy's gut

I didn't mean to kill him, really I didn't

But my fingers are scissors, I can't help it.

And he fell out the window on his own

I didn't do that nor would I ever do that.

But he hurt my Kim and he would've

Probably done it again to stop her.

I wouldn't let him hurt her again.

Wouldn't anyone defend her,

Even if they had scissors for hands?

Wouldn't anyone be ready to kill

Just to keep her safe from him?

Even if they wouldn't defend her, I would.

I would do anything she asked me to

No matter if it's right or wrong.

If she asked me to do something

I would do it in a heartbeat.

She could say to kill all of the town

And I would do it because she asked.

The only thing I could never do for her,

Not even if she begged me to do it,

I could never hold her in my arms,

Not the way she'd wanted anyway.

Not the way Jim could have held her.

I would cut her up if I tried to.

It hurts to think that I can't hold her

Not the way either of us wants to.

I wish Father had finished me

Before he never woke up.

Then I could hold my Kim to me

Like Jim would hold her so often.

I envy him even though she loves me.

He could hold her and touch her,

Something I can never do.

Maybe its better she finds another

One better than Jim could ever be.

Maybe he will treat her good

And hold her when I can't

And she will forget all about me.

That hurts deep down inside me.

To think that she would forget me.

She probably would want to.

I am hideous after all.

I am the things nightmares are made of

But I don't want to be a nightmare

Or even a distant memory forgotten

I just want her to remember me

But not what I had done to her.

Is that so much to ask for?

If I am to have scissors for hands

At least let her remember me

The gentle me I showed her often.

If she never comes back to me

At least let me be in her memory.

That's why I carve the ice.

So she can dance in it in winter

She danced when I carved the ice

Before all of that pain happened.

I carve the ice to remind her I'm here

And I'm waiting for her to come back

Even if it is just for a short visit.

I wait just to see her beautiful face again

And I will wait for a very long time

Until I get to see her face once more.