YUGIOH! This is a Seto/Jou fic. Major angst beating and rape. All brought to you from my severely warped mined. YA! This is a song fic! The songs are from Avril Lavigne. Let Go. I'm only using certain parts of the songs in sort of like a re-mix fashion. Kaiba thinks in and Jou thinks in / . ./ and the song is in . . . .

Beta: Kime

My Puppy

Seto Kaiba sat in his limo as he headed to the Domino City Hospital. Mokuba had been admitted there a week ago by their personal doctor to have his appendix removed. But Mokuba wasn't just in for his appendix, he was also to have his tonsils and adenoids removed two day's after his appendix operation. Today was the day Mokuba was scheduled to go under for his appendix. The little boy was a little nervous to go under, it was his first operation and all, so Seto promised that he would come and see him to the operating room then be waiting for him when he came out.

The limo came to a stop in front of the hospital. The driver quickly got out and came around and opened Seto's door. He calmly stepped out not even seeming to acknowledge the man still holding the car door.

"Go Back, I will call you to pick me up latter." With that Kaiba headed to the doors of the hospital. What met him at the door was someone he wasn't expecting. Sitting on the metal bench in front of the hospital next to the doors was Jou.

Seto's heart wrenched at the condition he saw Jou in. Jou was sitting there with his head bowed down and looked to be asleep. He was wearing a pair of tattered cut of sweat pants and a dirty hospital gown for a shirt. Both of his legs were cast and the way his chest stuck out from the gown, Seto could assume that his chest was cast as well. The cast on his legs were crudely done as if some quack had just slapped the plaster onto his legs. Jou's right arm was wrapped in an ace bandage as well.

Kaiba stepped up to Jou. Kaiba thought. He was brought out of his mussing when he heard soft sobbing as if some one was fighting hard not to cry but wasn't winning. As he got closer to Jou he found that the sounds were coming from him. When Kaiba was next to Jou, he knelt down and reached out a hand to place on his shoulder.

"Katsuya . . . . ." Kaiba said as he sat his hand on Jou's shoulder. Jou eminently shrank back and threw his head up to see Kaiba. Kaiba gasped in shock, Jou's face was covered in server burses, his lower lip was cut and his eyes were full of the tears he wasn't going to let fall. As soon as Jou registered who Kaiba was he eminently turned back to normal; a little too quickly for Seto's liking.

"God Kaiba! Don't spook me like that! . . . . . . . . . . Eh now what do ya want! Did ya come here just to give me even more shit! If so I don't need it right now!" Kaiba wasn't fazed by Jou, he new that the blond was just trying to cover this up.

"Katsuya what happened?" Kaiba kept his normal 'high class ass' tone. A look of panic passed threw Jou's face before he regained control. / I can't tell him it'll just give him more to bug me bout, not to mention it will just give that bastard a new resin to beat me.

"I was in an accident if it's any of your business." Jou hissed out as he leaned forward to show he wasn't scared of Kaiba. Just then a burst of chilly autumn air swept up. It blew at Jou's hospital gown giving Kaiba a glimpse of the crudely done chest cast and all the deep, ugly colored burses and shallow cuts. Seto began to take sympathy on the blond.

"Katsuya do you need a ride home? I can call my limo and have the driver take you home." Kaiba offered in an uncharacteristically gentle tone.

"OH SHUT UP! No I don't need a ride; my dad should be here soon to get me. I don't need sympathy. Especially yours!" Jou snapped as he shivered almost violently from the cold. Holding his shoulders as he tried to hold the gown down and keep some of his own body heat in. Kaiba stood up and brought a hand to his shoulder. Jou flinched and stiffen as if preparing to be hit. Kaiba blinked, he himself had never raised a hand to Jou so why would the boy think that he would hit him now?

Kaiba shouted in his mined. As he pulled his blue trench coat off and wrapped it around Jou. It was warm from his own body as he buttoned it up on Jou. Jou blinked several times while Kaiba buttoned the coat. Kaiba stood to head into the hospital so not to be late to see his little brother.

"You can give it back to me at school. But till then keep it and stay warm." Kaiba said before Jou could protest. He went into the hospital and to his brother's room leaving Jou on the bench. Jou watched Kaiba leave, his eye's fallowing the brunet threw the doors.

Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby

/Kaiba, thank you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I whish I could tell you how I really feel about you. But I know you. You would be discussed that the 'MUT' wanted you. I just whish you could have given me your coat because you cared and not because you pitied me. I don't want your pity I want . . . . . . . . I want your love. . . . . . . . GODS! STOP FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF! I'M JUST THROWING MYSELF A PITY-PARTY! I'M AN IDIOT AND A FOOL TO THINK LIKE THIS! I'M USLESS, INCOMPETANT, UGLY, AND AN OVERAL PIG! WHY ANYBODY ASSOCATES WITH ME IS BEYOND ME! NO I know why they associate with me, it's because they pity me! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And it hurts. I whish some one would not pity me but would take me away some where and love me. NO JOUNOUCHI! Don't start pitting yourself again/

Silent tears ran down Jou's face as he laid down on the bench and balled up best he could so he could keep warm within Seto's coat. His legs and chest where starting to throb. His burses ached along with the sting of his cuts. He watched as ether people passed by ignoring him. But he really didn't care for the coat smelt of Seto, and that's all he needed right now.

/At least I'm invisible to the ethers./

Right now I feel invisible to you like I'm not real

Kaiba walked into his little brother's room. He still had half an hour before the started prepping him. Mokuba was sitting up looking at the Feral Imp plushy that Seto had gotten him when Seto made his first few bucks when Kaiba Corp. first started.

"Hey squirt." Seto piped as he stepped over to the bed and rustled Mokuba hair playfully.

"BIG BROTHER!" Mokuba squealed as he jumped at Kaiba wrapping his arms around the tall brunet as he stood on his bed. Kaiba sat a hand on top of Mokuba's head.

"Seto do I have to go?" Mokuba asked as he looked up into deep blue eye's of his brother.

"Yes you do." Seto replied calmly.

"But I don't want to." Mokuba said as he laid his head down on Seto's chest. Kaiba petted Mokuba's head.

"Has the doctor came and seen you yet?" Seto asked in a quiet tone.

"Ya, he came and gave me a shot and said it would make me fall asleep." Mokuba replied with a yawn. Seto gave a small smile.

"Seto I'm nerves." Mokuba said quietly.

"Here let go I want to show you something. . . . ." Mokuba let go wondering what Seto wanted to show him. Seto pulled the right side of his shirt from his pants and lifted it up, showing a thin faded pink scar on his pale skinned abdomen. Mokuba poked at the tight scar.

"What's that from?" the smaller Kaiba asked as he looked up at his older brother.

"That is the little momentum from when I had my appendix out. You'll have one too but yours will be smaller and less noticeable." Seto said as he tucked his shirt back in.

"Oh, why will mine be different?" Mokuba asked around a lion sized yawn.

"Because I had mine taken out seven years ago and with in that time medical technology has become more advanced." Seto explained.

"Oh." Mokuba yawned again and crawled over to Kaiba. Kaiba scooped Mokuba up and sat down in the chair next to the bed. He cradled Mokuba in his arms.

"The sun is setting, Every thing is sleeping, It's time to spread your wings, Spread your wings and come fly with me, We'll fly to the moon then back again, Soaring over sea's and threw the silky clouds. . . . . . ." Seto sang as the sedative began to fully kick in. He stopped when the doctor stepped in.

"Ahh, I see that the sedative has kicked in, well were going to take him and get him prepped. He should be out in an hour and a half at the most." The doctor said as Seto laid Mokuba down in the bed and covered him up. He went to place the plushy in the crook of Mokuba's arm but the doctor stopped him.

"I'm sorry but he can't take that with him. It's not sterile." Kaiba nodded and held onto the doll as Mokuba was wheeled out. Seto sat there for a few mints before becoming thirsty. He left the room and headed to the vending machine and got a soda. He returned to Mokuba's room and waited a while longer holding the Feral Imp plushy in his lap. /Why did I act like that towards Katsuya/

Mokuba was wheeled back into the room still under. He looked peaceful, calm and . . . . . . . . Warm. For some resin this brought Jou back into his thoughts. /Why am I thinking about that MUT! . . . . . . . . . . .Because he was sitting in tattered rags out in the cold and most likely in pain/ He gave his head a mental shake, clearing his mined.

"He should wake up in an hour. That will give you about an hour to visit before you have to leave." The doctor said as he left. Seto nodded, he moved over to the bed and tucked Mokuba's plushy in next to him before he sat back down in the chair he had occupied.

Mokuba woke up an hour later just as the doctor had said. First thing Mokuba did was try to sit up, which proved difficult because of the stitches pulled and hurt. Seto gave a smirk and got up. He went over to the bed and stood next to Mokuba and gently pushed him back down. Mokuba was still quite drowsy and disoriented from the medicines as he raised his hands up.

" 'ig brother . . . . . ." Mokuba said hoarsely from his throat being dry. Seto understood his brothers want and gently scooped Mokuba up and held him as he gently rocked in the chair. Sometimes Mokuba would trade in his attitude for the comfort of being in his big brothers arms and Seto could never say no to Mokuba when he simply wanted his older brother to hold him. The doctor came in to shatter the moment.

"I'm sorry but visiting hours are over. You have to leave." He whispered not wanting to wake Mokuba. Seto nodded dismissing the doctor, who took the hint and left. Seto got up from his seat with Mokuba in his arms. He laid the younger Kaiba down and tucked him in.

"I have to go now Little Brother but I will come back in the morning." Kaiba whispered. Mokuba gave a moan of discomfort as his brothers warm, gentle-strong arms left. Kaiba laid a small kiss on Mokuba's forehead and left.

Seto Kaiba was walking out of the door of the hospital and was going to call up his limo when he saw something dark blue from the corner of his eye. He turned and looked at the bench. There laid a blue lipped Jou shivering fiercely as he huddled in Seto's trench coat to keep warm.

"KATSUYA!" Kaiba shouted as he ran over to Jou. He scooped the blue lipped boy up into his arms and ran back into the hospital. A doctor that had been standing at the secretary desk turned to see who was coming in before rushing over to them.

"Oh dear . . . . . . I take it his father didn't come for him again." The doctor heaved a large sigh.

"What do you mean 'again'? And why aren't you helping him instead of standing their wile I hold him?" Kaiba shouted at the doctor.

"I can't do anything for him." The doctor said calmly.

"And Why Not!" Kaiba snapped.

"His father doesn't have insurance on him and Jou has a very high hospital bill. I want to help him but because of the bill, I can't." The doctor waved Kaiba off.

"How much is the bill?"

"$2800,000" the doctor replied dryly.

"That's pocket change! I'll pay his bill! I want his cast done properly and I want him completely healthy NOW or you're fired!" Kaiba hissed angrily as he locked his arms around Jou protectively. The doctor nodded and called for a gurney. Kaiba sat Jou down reluctantly knowing that it was for the best and watched Jou leave.

Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you

Kaiba paced back and forth in the hall next to the door that the doctor had taken Jou into. Why was he so worried about the pup? He had to admit that when he saw Jou curled up on that bench, his face pail and lips turning blue, shivering so hard you could have monitor him on a seismograph, that he had been scarred, scarred that he hadn't gotten to him in time.

I should have made sure he was picked up before I came up to Mokuba! I should have made him take my limo home! Kaiba stopped pacing and looked at the door.

He thought. Then that annoying pest he was forced to call his consciences piped up.

Kaiba was brought out of his retrieve when the doctor came out wiping last bits of casting material from his hands.

"Well unfortunately I had to re-brake his legs so I could set them properly but that was fixable. What I'm worried about is that with his chest injuries that he might have contracted pneumonia so were going to keep a close eye on him. Also the thought to be sprain, after an x-ray, was found to be several hairline fractures in his wrist bones so I have cased his wrist as well." he said looking pleased with himself. Kaiba released a sigh before looking the doctor back in the eye.

"Can you tell me who did this to him?" he asked all seriousness coming over the doctor's young futures.

"Yes, but until Jounouchi Katsuya is willing to testify and such there is nothing we can do."

"I don't care I want to know who did this to him." Seto said becoming irritated.

"It's his father. Every one here knows it but we can't prove it. The man's a drunkard. He literally threw Jounouchi out of his car at the hospital doors to day when he dropped him off." Kaiba blinked he could not believe what he was hearing.

"I want Jou moved into my brother's room and I will be taking over his medical charges."

"Of cores Mr. Kaiba."