Trio Spade

Seto laid Jou down on his king-sized bed in his room as Mokuba came bounding in. After getting Jou calmed down earlier and letting him take a nap while Seto found something that they could all eat for dinner; Seto had asked Jou if he was up to watching a movie with him and Mokuba in his room. Jou had shyly nodded his head and it was settled.

Propping a couple extra pillows behind Jou, Seto moved to the other side of the bed where, on the black painted night stand, sat two remotes, one of which he picked up and pressed a button. The elegant picture of a shiny, dark blue dragon hanging on the wall straight across from the bed blinked before switching to a random channel that at the moment had the news on. Jou blinked, was it a picture or a TV?

"It's kinda both, it's a flat screen television that when not in use shows a random picture that I have programmed onto it." Jou jumped slightly when Seto began to speak he had not realized that he had voiced his question.

"So it's like a computers screen-savor?" Jou asked curiously.

"Exactly." Seto nodded. He moved to a black lacquered, wood cabinet. Jou had to admit that Seto had a nice sense of d├ęcor, if it was a little on the dark side. A deep, dark blue paint adorn the walls with scattered pictures and wall hangings of dragons, crystals and the like. All the wood was lacquered black, some boasting thin silver trim. The carpet looked plush and very soft in a lovely blue-gray tone. The bed that he was now propped up on was a mix of black and dark blue pillow cases, the top coverlet was dark blue and what Jou could tell from the turned over edge, the sheets where black and shinny. Silk maybe? Jou would not have been surprised at the least.

Jou was startled slightly when the bed dipped slightly with something's weight. He looked up to see that Seto had set a small stack of DVD's on the bed. Seto looked carefully at Jou when he startled. After making sure that Jou was alright, Seto stretched out on his stomach on the bed so he faced Jou and Mokuba, who also stretched out on his stomach facing his brother.

"So we have a small selection for our viewing pleasure for tonight" Seto said lightly. Holding one up, he recited the title. " Blazing Saddles" he held up another, "Scooby Doo, Men in Black, an array of Ernest movies, and last but not least, The Bird Cage." Seto said with a smirk.

"Awww, Seto not The Bird Cage again!" Mokuba rasped out. Seto glared at Mokuba.

"Mokuba your not suppose to talk, you have to let your throat heal." Seto scolded then his forehead wrinkled slightly as his brows drew together. "And what might I ask is wrong with The Bird Cage? It's a great movie!" Mokuba just rolled his eyes with a dramatic sigh. Jou laughed quietly at the two. It was nice seeing them so relaxed. Seto looked over at Jou his expression light.

"Guess The Bird Cage is out of the question. So what will it be then?"

Jou shrugged his shoulders. "I don't care. I've never seen any of 'em save for a couple of the Ernest movies. You'd be surprised at how hard Yami can laugh." Jou gave a small smile. Seto chuckled to himself at the thought of the ancient pharaoh losing himself to the laughter that only a good comedy could inflict.

"Then we shall just have to remedy that." Seto said as he look threw the assortment. He decided that they needed something else to introduce Jou to so he gathered up and moved back to the cabinet. He knew just the comedic actor to introduce Jou to. John Cleese. He scanned over his videos. Meaning of life? No, A Fish Called Wanda? No, Monty Python and the Holy Grail? No, Monty Python Flying Circus Vol.1? No, Monty Python Flying Circus Vol.2 no. . Ahhh here we go, Fierce Creatures, was a good one! He grabbed it showed it to the two waiting on his bed, then turned on his heal and put it in the player.

Seto hit the stop button on the DVD remote and turned to ask Jou if he had enjoyed the move only to find the delicate blond asleep along with Mokuba. Seto smiled gently, he carefully slipped out of bed and moved to the side that Mokuba was asleep on. He scooped up the young raven haired boy and carried him to his own room where he put him into bed. That was the easy part, the hard part was going to be moving Jou while he was still asleep.

The brunette walked quietly back into his room. He stopped at the edge of the bed closest to the soundly sleeping blond. How was he to do this gracefully? Seto brought one knee up to rest on the bed as he tried to gently scoop the pup up so he could take him to his room. It was all going smoothly till Jou started to whimper and cry gently.

Seto stopped his movements and switched into a sitting position. He gently shifted Jou into his lap and started to rock them softly. He gently cooed to try and calm the pained boy. Jou's casted arm wrapped around the millionaire while his only good appendage clung tightly to the soft silk of Seto's shirt. The brunette just continued to try and comfort the blond out of his nightmares. Jou shifted, mumbling in his sleep as he came awake slightly.

"Nggh, Seto don't leave. . . ." The blond mumbled as he drifted along in slumber.

Seto blinked several times before a soft smile graced his lips. So Jou didn't want to be left alone. Well he could take care of that. He stood up, still holding Jou to his chest, Seto turned down the blankets so he could cover the blond up. He gently laid the boy back down and carefully detached the sleeping blond from his shirt so he could go and change himself. Seto stood straight, wanting to crawl right back into bed with the blond at the sound of soft whimpers. Seto bent back down and whispered gently into Jou's ear.

"Shh, go to sleep my pup. You're safe, I'll be right back." Seto cooed. Jou sighed softly and snuggled back down into the soft sheets as Seto tucked him in.

Seto moved away from the bed and to his chest of draws where he pulled out a set of dark navy silk pajama pants. Normally he would only sleep in a pair of boxers if anything but seeing as he seemed to gain a guest tonight he slipped into the pajama bottoms. Silently he moved back to his bed, only stopping to contemplate his actions when he lifted the blankets on his side to crawl in. He decided that it was probably a good idea to wake Jou and see what he wanted to do.

The millionaire moved around the bed to where Jou laid. He sat on the edge of the bed before laying a gentle hand on the sleeping blonds shoulder. The said blond gave a sigh before turning over and curling best he could around the slim waist of the brunette. A small soft smile played on Seto's lips as he watched the boy he was slowly falling in love with take comfort in his presence. Though no matter how much he would love to have stayed like that Seto couldn't risk the blond waking and becoming hysterical over such an innocent thing that could still be taken so for out of grasp.

"Jou you need to wake up for a moment. I need to know where you want to sleep." Seto softly said.

"Mmmm, I 'ike it ri' 'ere" Jou mumbled in his sleep. Seto gave a soft sigh as he tried to move out of Jou's grasp. He soon gave up. It seemed that the blond was not willing to relinquish his security blanket just yet, and Seto, being the way he was, was not about to let the blond who had been abused and deprived of what seemed all of the simple pleasures not get this one.

Seto gave a soft chuckle before he carefully worked himself around in Jou's grasp so he could lie down. Once he was comfortable, Seto allowed Jou to curl up along his side in the safe confines of his warm embrace. It was at this time that Seto finally admitted to himself that he wished to make the blond his. Seto pulled the sheets up and covered them both in the warm coverlet. With out thought as he began to drift off into slumber, he bent his head down and laid a soft loving kiss on the blonds head just before sleep fully claimed him.

Jou shifted slightly as his mind began to wake. He didn't want to wake up. He was finally warm and felt safe so he decided to just continue to lie in this new warmth. The more he woke the more he remembered from the day before. Seto had been so gentle and caring with him. The millionaire had fixed a wonderful meal which left him feeling content and warm before taking him and Mokuba upstairs to watch a movie. It was at this that he felt a little bad, he couldn't remember what the movie was about. That meant he had fallen asleep during it.

Jou was beginning to wake a little more, allowing him to feel the dull throb of pain that seemed to just sizzle all through his body. He also noticed that he wasn't hugging a nice soft pillow. In fact he couldn't be hugging a nice soft pillow due to the fact that 1) pillows weren't firm and warm like the one his head currently was resting upon. 2) Pillows didn't have a relaxed thumping running threw them. 3) Pillows didn't hum a lullaby softly as it gently played with your hair.

All in all Jou was very aware of the fact that his 'pillow' was indeed not a pillow but apparently some one else's all together. That's when all the peaces slammed home together. He finally remembered what had happened last night. After he had fallen asleep during the movie with Mokuba, Seto had tried to wake him to see if he wanted to be moved back to his room to sleep but. .he. . .had. . And Seto. . Let. . .him. . . . . . . Ohhhhh.

Oh well, Seto seemed to be perfectly fine with it. It also seemed that the millionaire was perfectly content to have him lying atop of his chest as he was. So in relation to this new fact, Jou happily snuggled closer to the warmth, listing to the sound of the brunette's heart, the soft thrum of him humming, and the far off drivel of the news that apparently Seto was watching.

Jou didn't know how long he had been laying there when a soft knock came from the door. The hand that had been playing with his hair for the whole time came up and covered his ear. He could still hear Seto's voice through his chest but the sound of the door and whoever was talking to him was lost.

"I'm going to be taking some time off to make sure they recover properly."

". . ."

"No, I will be perfectly fine, I do not need any of their help."

". . . . "

"Yes I'm sure that Katsuya-sama will want to get in touch with his friends and I will see to it personally."

". . ."

"You're starting to annoy me."

". . . "

After a little while the hand slipped away from his ear and went back to his hair. It was at this time that Jou believed it to be appropriate to announce the fact that he was awake. That and curiosity was eating at him to ask who had just found it to be a bad idea to come to the millionaire's home and disturb his relaxation. So with a lion sized yawn he finally gave up his greedy claim to comfort and looked up at Seto, who in turn looked down at him surprisingly with a warm smile.

"You finally decided to stop faking sleep and come to the land of the living I see." Seto said gently with the hint of humor in his voice. Jou's blush burned lightly across his cheeks. So Seto knew he had been awake, yet he still allowed him to rest atop his chest. That confused Jou some what. He knew it was wrong for him to do so but the brunette didn't seem to mind at all.

"Sorry bout laying on ya, I just didn't want to move." Jou confessed as he laid his head back down.

"Mmm, you're still in pain, its perfectly expectable to not want to move when it hurts to do so." Seto said gently. Jou just gave a nod and continued to lie in the same spot. Seto was right, he was still in pain but that didn't explain why he didn't want to leave the millionaire's side so he just gave up on trying figuring it out and decided to watch TV with the brunette.

"Um. . -"

"Yes Jou, I've already checked on Mokuba, he is currently terrorizing the poor staff as we speak. The maid's shouldn't have given him all that ice cream." Seto said as he flipped the channel from the news to one of the movie stations. Jou gave a light chuckle. He had been worried that the brunette needed to get up and care for his brother with him stuck on top of him.

"So I take it this is the safe point?" Jou asked with a small smile. Seto chuckled.

"Yes this is. He'll be running around non-stop before crashing down for a nap like he always does when he has too many sweets."

With that quiet came and Seto snuggled down more into the soft pillows. He was happy that Jou seemed to be doing so well and was become more relaxed around him. They both were in need of some peace in their lives after all that had gone on in them and now seemed just the time to relax. That is till Jou shifted and gave an exasperated groan.

"What's wrong?" Seto asked, looking down at the crown of golden blond on his chest. Jou blushed a rosy pink.

"I need to use the restroom." Jou stated shyly.

Seto chuckled softly as he carefully moved out from under Jou. He got out of bed and gave a grate stretch, giving Jou a splendid show as strong, tight muscle flexed and rippled under smooth creamy skin. Seto turned to face Jou, giving him a lazy warm smile before leaning in and scooping the blond up and taking him into the bathroom. He sat Jou down on the toilet before stepping out and letting the boy take care of himself.

Several months passed in this fashion, Seto caring for Jou and his brother while he took care of his business in his home office. Mokuba going back to normal after about four weeks. Jou was slowly healing and was happy to be in the Kaiba home safe from his father and at easy access to his friends. Seto had become so nice that it was scary at first but it soon became a quite welcomed change in the taller man.

Seto had called the Moto residence at the moment Jou mentioned that he missed his friends. He sent a limo to pick up the group of friends at the game shop and a chopper to surprise Jou with a visit from his sister. All in all it had been a long tiring day as Seto kept a sharp eye on the blond as he told the gang what had happened and how Seto 'rescued' him. He did not want the blond to over tax himself. It had been about 10:30 when Seto had sent every one home saying that they could visit Jou the next afternoon.

Another change that had hard set its self into Seto's routine was Jou sleeping with him. Granted that after the first night the blond had tried to sleep by himself but nightmares would cause the blond boy to cry out harshly in his sleep. Each time this would happen, Seto would race like a bat out of hell to see what was wrong with his pup. He would gently wake Jou and calm him down, Jou in turn would fall asleep clutching to the brunette, who could not bear to see the blond suffer. He would scoop up the healing body and take him back to the millionaire's room. After about a week of Jou waking up in Seto's room, he gave up and just started staying there at night. No nightmare ever disturbed his rest in the strong embrace that Seto kept locked around him at night.

Seto stepped out of the limo and retrieved the wheelchair form the trunk before taking it to the open car door. He bent back in and pulled Jou out before setting the blond into it. Jou gave a yawn as he scratched his wrist. Seto was bringing him back to the hospital for a final check up and to have the cast removed.

"Man I can't wait to be free of all this plaster!" Jou grind. Seto gave a soft chuckle.

"Yes pup, I know it will be, but you need to take it slow in the beginning and let all of your muscles re-grow. And that means no over doing it."

"Yeah yeah, I know."

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