"Coconuts' Quest"

By: The Members of AoStH Unlimited (Koolkat101, Toni the Mink, Climbing Gecko, Jamie SwiftRunner)

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"And I WANT these toilets SPOTLESS by the time I come back!!!" Robotnik roared, being heard by all the robots in the fortress... as well as Mobius.

Coconuts shuddered in fear, "Okay, ALL the toilets... Wh... what's the occasion, Dokta?"

"The occasion, my dear boy," Robotnik explained, "Is that I FINALLY come up with the greatest fool-proof, 100% perfected plan to rid myself of Sonic the Hedgehog forever. Once that blue annoyance is out of my bald-hair, I shall have the greatest advantage to taking over Mobius! And once I do, it certainly calls for a celebration! I'll be inviting ALL my schoolmates from the 'Training for Villiany' classes, and maybe a few other sub-bosses from past episodes as well."

'Wow, WOW!' Coconuts thought, 'It MUST be a big spectaulaw plan, if he wants me to clean ALL the toilets in the fort--'

"ALL of them?!" he cried, suddenly remembering that there were over a dozen bathrooms in the fortress.

"Good idea, Coconuts!" said Robotnik, "Why just settle for close friends when I might as well celebrate my victory by inviting ALL the villians known to fans?? I wonder if I should call Mario... he may be no villian, but he's certainly a rival of Sonic's..."

"But, but, but..." Coconuts stuttered, "Who else is gonna clean the bathwooms with me??"

"There won't be any time for my Badniks to clean bathrooms," said Robotnik, "This plan must be so significant, SO powerful, SO victorious, that I have ordered EVERY single one of my Badniks to carry out a part in my plan!"

"WOW! Everyone??" Coconuts chimed, "Even me?? Me me?? Huh huh huh?!"

"Now, Coconuts, if I bring you along, then who will clean the toilets when I bring everyone back for the party? We don't want any clogged drains while we're celebrating, now do we?"

Coconuts face-faulted, "No siw..." he mumbled.

"Good!" Robotnik marched off, grabbing the attention of all his robots. "LISTEN UP, everyone! The plan shall now go forward! Everyone take your positions, and MOVE OUT!!!"

The robots cheered victoriously, and marched away, ready to conduct the plan. Robotnik was the last one out, but before leaving, he turned around, glaring at Coconuts. "And remember, Coconuts... I want ALL of my toilets scrubbed by the time I come back... and considering how flawless my plan is, it shouldn't be too long... NOW GET TO WORK!!!" He slammed shut the doors behind him.

Coconuts just stood there, in solitary, nobody to help him... except his plunger and his scrubber. He turned around, gazing upwards at the interior of the HUGE fortress, with at least a toilet in every room.

"HOW AM I GONNA DO THIS BY MYSELF?!?!" he shouted to no one in particular.

His loud cry echoed in the vast fortress, causing some spare parts to rattle around on a lab table near him. A green gear rolled past him towards Robotnik's massive Robot Maker, which sat omniously in the corner. Robotnik obviously hadn't used it in quite a while.

Suddenly, it hit him like running into a brick wall. His lightbulb shined brightly on his head, "Oh-oh-oh! I feel an idea comin' on! I do! I do!"

He scooped up the gear and started throwing random parts that he found strewn on the cluttered laboratory floor into the Robot Maker, "I can MAKE someone ELSE to do all the doity woik!" he smiled as he tossed in a lead pipe, a couple broken egg shells, shoelaces, thumbtacks. Then he noticed a crusty old top hat that had fallen off of Robotnik's lab coat rack. Coconuts picked it up and paused for a second before tossing it in, "Nah, he won't miss it."

After throwing in various more items, Coconuts then pressed the "Start" button (which was obviously a big red button) and the machine started up. It bounced around like crazy, and then spitted out a strange looking robot with a babyish face (which the top hat had obviously made up, seeing that the hat WAD the face), egg-shaped body, and let's not forget about the Top Hat that made up his face. "Chicky!" he chirped.

Coconuts blinked. "He must think he's a baby owe something," he pondered, "Erm. uh hello, Chicky is it?"

The robot nodded playfully.

"Hi, I'm Coconuts... Youw new boss! Bow to me!"

Instead of bowing, the robot clung to the monkey's leg. "Momma!"

"GAH! No, I'm not youw momma!! I'm youw BOSS! RAAAGH, GET OFFA ME!!!" he kicked the robot off, and it rolled backwards like an egg would. He sat back up and giggled.

"No! No jokes!" Coconuts shouted, throwing a plunger at Chicky, "As youw new boss, I demand you scwub ALL the toilets in the fowtwess right NOW! Now now now NOW!!!"

Chicky instead pouted. "No scrub!"

"Yes scrub! I command you... OW ELSE!!!"

Chicky rasberried Coconuts, turn tailed, and ran off. "Hey! WHEWE DO YA THINK YEW GOIN'?! Those toilets awen't even cleaned!!!"

The little robot was long gone though... Coconuts only grumbled, and turned away. "Bah!! Who needs him anyway...? GYAAAH!!!!" Coconuts screamed, upon seeing a picture of Robotnik... hugging his top hat. "Uh oh... He actaully DOES like that hat... If Wobotnik sees I used it to make that stupid wobot, I'm a DEAD monkey! Yup yup yup, gotta go gotta go!!!" He sped off out of the fortress in search of Chicky. "Gotta get that hat back! Gotta get it back, gotta get it back!!! Before Wobotnik COMES back!!"