He wasn't frowning anymore; instead, the brows were neutral but the eyes showed desperation. His mouth slightly open, his breathing was audible.
"So.uh.what do you think?"
'What do I think? I think I wish I was Cassie and you were Vinnie!'
"I think that's really accurate; I just hope I'm makin' Cassie come across the right way!" I laughed nervously and looked away. "Sometimes I feel like I'm butchering her character."
"No, you're doin' a great job." His hand reached out and covered mine. "You're incredible."
I stared at his hand over mine. My palms were sweating like mad, but I wondered if the gesture meant anything - I was inclined to believe that it did. 'What do I do?' I thought anxiously. 'I can't look at him..'
But then he pulled away and I could feel my heart throbbing against my chest again. He was back to the nervous, pensive stage, and covered his mouth to cough.
"Th-thanks." I finally looked him in the eye. He was leaning back in his chair, shifting uneasily.
"You're welcome." Everything was uncomfortable again. I noticed that we were both finished eating. I stood up.
"We all done here?" I started picking up my trash.
"Oh, let me get that."
I was still shaking a little as we were leaving the restaurant. 'So what happens now? Was that it?' I adjusted my purse angrily.
"You okay?" He looked at me with one of those lovable quirky half- smiles he wore all the time when he was on camera.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I assured, although it was a complete lie. 'Can't believe I actually thought something was going to come out of this.' I got in the car once again and slammed the door shut. Figuring that it would not be a good thing to let my anger and frustration get the best of me, though, I resolved to put on a good face until rehearsal started again. MAX put the key in the ignition and maneuvered the car out of the parking space and onto the main road. Meanwhile, my suppressed anger had turned to complete, hopeless misery. I kept my eyes down and sat still, waiting for one of us to talk again. If I had been watching MAX, I would have seen the sweat droplet running down the side of his face, and the way he kept wiping his hands on his pant legs.
We eventually pulled into the studio parking lot once more. I was about to grab my purse and make a quick getaway, but just as I was reaching for the door handle, I felt his hand on my forearm.
"Wait." His grip loosened as I turned in my seat and set my eyes on the nervously worried face across from me. The desperation was like none I had seen on it before. "Wait, just-just a minute," he sputtered. One loud breath escaped his lips before he continued.
"Have you ever felt like.like Vinnie?"
I paused. 'Where is this going?' "What do you mean?"
He looked away quickly, then continued to stare. "What I mean is - have you ever been in meaningless relationships, then found the right person - and it just feels so great that you know they're gonna be good fa you?"
I swallowed as the seagulls started up again. "Yeah, I have."
"Really?" He breathed again. "Maybe you can help me, then."
"Why could I help you?"
"Because I have that feeling whenever I'm with you."
Tension - release. A door had opened. "Really?" I breathed, grinning like a child. He was grinning, too. "Really."
I let my purse fall to the floor. "Then we're both feeling the same thing."
It was all in the open now; nothing to fear, nothing to hide; just pure, unadulterated feeling and declaration. He grinned playfully, looking at the floor before making his suggestion.
"Would it be alright if I kissed you?" I nodded. So he leaned towards me, and holding the back of my neck, he kissed me. Bliss.
I privately smiled to myself, thoughtfully replaying the day's events in my mind. As he pulled my closer, I could not think of anywhere else I would rather have been.

"Oh-! Er.hi, guys," Sofie stuttered as we opened the trailer door, accidentally walking in on her and Aaron.
"Sorry, Sof. Didn't mean to interrupt!" I couldn't contain my goofy grin. This day was just too amazing. "Hi, Aaron. How was your audition?"
Aaron, still red-faced and with an arm around his girlfriend, turned to me. "It was great - I really hope they hire me. And I've worked with the director before, so I think I have a pretty good shot at landing something."
Sofie slipped her little hand in his. "I know you will," she said supportively, kissing his cheek. Aaron blushed scarlet.
"Okay, everybody, action in ten minutes!"
"I'd bettah get to wardrobe." MAX gave me a tender look that said he was reluctant to leave me for those ten minutes. "Meetcha in five?"
"Wardrobe?" I took his hand. His face lit up.
"Anywhere you want," he answered. "I'll be there." After planting a peck kiss on my cheek, he left.
"Yeah, I'd better go, too. Bye, babydoll!"
"Bye, honey!" Sofie and I waved. When he was safely out of range, she took hold of my shoulders, planted me in the swivel chair, and gave me one of those looks that demands information. "Oh my God, what HAPPENED??!!"
I couldn't stop smiling, so I began, talking through my teeth. "Well.you were right."
"Well, duh!"
"He took me to Roy Rogers -"
"Aw! Your favorite!"
"Yeah, I know! Isn't that sweet?" I sighed. She laughed and begged me to continue.
"Well, he started talking about the character Vinnie, and I got worried because I thought maybe all he wanted to talk about was the show."
She rolled her eyes. "Hon, it was so obvious all along. I can't believe you didn't figure it out until now! No matter what he was talkin' about in the restaurant, he's still gone fa you. But go on, keep goin'!"
"Okay, well then we got back in the car, and I was kinda upset but I tried not to show it. He somehow knew something was wrong, though.he knows me so well!" Another sigh. Sofie started opening an eye shadow container. "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha.get to the good stuff!"
"It happened in the car."
Her eyes widened. "In the car, huh? He's a sly little suckah, ain't he?" She winked.
"No, it wasn't like that, you goon! We didn't DO anything - he just - well, y'know, kissed me."
She put a hand over her heart. "How romantic!"
I still hadn't stopped smiling. "I know.I'm so happy."
"And ya should be! Y'know, I feel the start of a very long and beautiful relationship coming on."

"You ready?" He slid his hand behind my back as we were entering the soundstage.
"Yup." I smiled up at him, grateful that I no longer had to be nervous before doing this kind of scene. Placing a hand on the back of his head, I whispered in his ear, "My lip's gonna be sore for a couple o' days.try to control yourself."
He laughed, sweeping me up in his protective embrace. "So whadda ya say we do this for real?"
I sighed internally, offering my one last comment. "With you, it's always been for real."

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