Title : "An eventful trip"

Author : Shado-Fox

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Rating : PG

Summary : Adam send Shalimar and Brennan to save two young new mutants but something happens before they reach their destination.

Gender : Action/ Romance

Disclaimer : Not mine.

Thanks to Ferae Naturae for helping me to translate my fanfiction from French to English.


Shalimar and brennan headed to their own rooms to collect what they needed. It was a warm time of year so they didn't worry about taking too many things, the journey would only last one hour in the Helix. Since they only planned to stop for one or two hours and then return, they would hardly be affected by the weather after noon. They had no doubts about Shalimar's ability to find the two new mutants.

Having taken Adam's last orders, the descriptive index card of the new mutants and the map of the area of their landing site they entered the hangar and headed over to the Helix.

- « This isn't how I planned to spend this day. » says Brennan, opening the door of the plane to get inside.

- « Me neither but they are the risks of this profession. » She says smiling. « And at least this will allow us to get some fresh air. It is tiring to stay locked in here. My genes make me feel the need of open air. »

- « Yes, you're right, I've seen you pacing around like a lion in cage. » He laughed.

Once the check-ups were finished, Brennan put the Helix on course and they take off for the Canadian border.

The flight took place quietly, Shalimar watching the navigation and radar read-outs, while Brennan sat at the pilot's post, the autopilot engaged.

Suddenly, everything began flashing, all of the devices going crazy. Brennan tried to regain control of the navigation but nothing worked. Helix began spinning out of control and there was nothing he could do about it. Shalimar tried to contact Adam at

Sanctuary but the radio spat interference at them without managing to send the message.

Brennan left his seat and, by clinging as he could to the framework of the plane, he went to the control panel. They only had a little time before the plane crashes, and he tried to resume manual control of the piloting. The only way he could do it was to cut the controls for the autopilot. He opened the panel and took out his knife to cut the wiring. The shocks of the device made the task more difficult and he had to repeat the task several times to succeed finally in reaching the safety cover. All of a sudden, a shock more violent than the others makes him lose its grip and, cut cleanly, the pipe tore away, throwing out corrosive liquid at the height of his face and mainly

in his eyes. Then he was struck from behind and lost consciousness.

Shalimar left the radio to hurl herself towards him and help him. But before she was able to reach him an explosion propelled her in the bottom of the craft, unconscious.

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