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An Eventful trip

Chapter 21

- "We will have to lock her down in a cage until I find an effective solution to our problem." He said to Rafe and Al.

He turns his back to them and walks away to his laboratory, leaving them to manage the young woman.

- " A cage?" Rafe asks his colleague doubtfully. " Where are we going to find a cage her size?"

- " Wait, stay there and watch her, I'll go see if I find what we need." Al answers, already walking away. Too happy to put some distance between Shalimar and him. He knows she's unconscious, but he also knows what she's capable of and being too close to her doesn't really reassure him. In fact a cage is a very good idea.

- " Ok! But hurry, I don't know how long she will stay asleep!" He said, looking down at Shalimar.

As Al disappears around the corner of a building, Rafe kneels next to the young woman and brushes the hair away from her face. 'She's still pretty hot this girl. Too bad she's out of control like that. When it's all over, I would like to keep her for myself' he thinks, passing his index finger over the curve of Shalimar's face. He then hears footsteps and stands up quickly, acting like nothing has happened.

- " Good I went to see for our cage and the dog handler told me that they had cages for their rotweiller which could do the trick. I asked for one to be brought into the lab." Al said as he walked up beside his colleague. "It will be a bit cramped but at least we'll be safe. There is no risk of her escaping." He continues with a smile on his face.

They lift her up and carry her, unconscious to Doctor Nasyski's laboratory, where the cage, about 1.50m long by 1m wide and 1m high, awaits them.

Al puts Shalimar's legs on the ground, the time to open the cage door wide. Then together they slide the body of the young woman into the cage, bending her legs to close the door. The mutant's position is not ideal but they don't care.

Nasyski enters the laboratory, after having picked up vials of various colors in a cupboard located in his apartments.

- " I will find some kind of antidote, meanwhile, one of you stays to watch her and the other goes to take care of Mr. Mulwray. From him, nothing to fear, Mr. Mulwray is well conditioned and obeys at the finger and the eye. It will be necessary to take him to the training room but first that he need to restore himself. "

Rafe and Al look at each other for a few moments and without needing to speak, divide up the tasks. Rafe stays to watch Shalimar while Al takes care of Brennan. Nasyski goes to the back of the room, places the vials on his bench and begins his manipulations with pipettes and a beaker.

He lights his benzene burner and mixes it up. Rafe settles down on a chair, close to the cage but still far enough away and he observes… sometimes raising his eyes to see Doctor Nasyski moving in the distance, sometimes lowering his eyes on the young woman, inert, unconscious.

Al went to pick up Brennan and took him to the dining hall to allow him to eat. He gave him his tray and then led him to a table. By taking the opportunity to eat too.

After an hour, grunts are heard in the laboratory… Shalimar is waking up slowly. Groggy and still under the effect of sedative, she turns on herself even to recover and finds that her move are restricted by bars around her. Fully awake this time, she struggles to push aside the bars while growling even more under the amused gaze of Rafe who taunts her.

- " Very sweet my beauty! You will not achieve your goals this time! This cage is much stronger than the irons of earlier. Let's calm you and be wise." He told her half-smiling, amused to see her struggling unnecessarily with the bars.

In the back of the room, the doctor moves slowly in his manipulations but seems on the point of finding something that could allow the young woman to take control again.

- " I'm almost there!" He exclaims more for himself than for Rafe. But Rafe still heard it.

- " He will soon come and take care of you!" He said to Shalimar seeing her calm down.

Indeed, a few minutes later, Nasyski arrives with a syringe containing purple liquid in one hand and the tranquilizer gun in the other.

- " Well I thought she would remain unconscious longer... I will have to reinject a sedative to be able to give her this." He said pointing to the syringe.

He changes the cartridge of the pistol, the weapon and directs it towards Shalimar.

The latter, who had followed Nasyski's approach without taking her eyes off him, looks at the weapon and steps back as far as possible into the back of the cage, as if to take shelter.

- " Hey, it looks like she figured out what it was." Rafe said seeing her do this.

- " I reduced the dose of sedative, just enough to do what I have to do. I want to be able to quickly check if my cocktail is working. "

He shoots and the dart crashes into Shalimar's arm. Once more, she snatches it and throws it away, throwing herself on the bars to try again to make them give way. She turns and returns in the reduced space, trying to neutralize the liquid which is gradually spreading in her veins. After two minutes, she slumps against a wall of the cage, limp but her golden eyes still open, the rapid breathing calms down and she loses consciousness yet again.

Nasyski, who had remained at a distance from the cage, watches her struggle and then yield to the power of the sedative. He waits a few minutes to make sure she is unconscious and carefully opens the cage. She doesn't move. He walks over to grab her arm to inject her preparation. He sticks the needle and slowly the liquid enters the veins of the young woman. He then moves back quickly and immediately closes the cage.

- " We just have to wait. We will be quickly fixed." He says.

In a thick but nonetheless clearing fog, Shalimar's consciousness slowly resurfaces. Little by little, the chasm is closing, but never completely. 'What's going on?' She wonders, surprised to be able to feel something again. It had been a while since she had been struggling desperately to come out of her darkness and all of a sudden, the light came on. She feels that something is still holding her prisoner but yet she also realizes that she can feel her body again. Hope is reborn and with it the desire to fight to regain the full use of your body. She feels nauseous and sore…

Doctor Nasyski watches the young woman attentively, watching for the slightest sign of awakening. He is eager to see if his remedy has worked, allowing him to regain control of the mutant. From what he had been able to observe, the animal behavior did not manifest itself until after the second injection, so he concocted a kind of antidote which in some way annihilates the effects of the drug, but which allows him still have full control over the person.

A glimmer of hope lights up in his eyes when he sees Shalimar open her eyes and he can see their chocolate color ... disappeared the golden color that shone when her feline genes had the upper hand. 'Already a good thing... let's hope the rest is back to normal too' he said to himself, praying that this would be the case ... he would have a hard time justifying his mistake in front of " the other ".

Shalimar's eyes flicker then open squarely. She remains in her position, far from being comfortable, her gaze fixed in front of her, showing no sign of any violence whatsoever ...

Rafe approaches cautiously while watching her closely. He touches the cage now, expecting to see her jump on him… but nothing, she remains passive, as if she doesn't see him. He runs his hand over her arm, almost stroking her, then walks over the young woman's body, a look of lust in his eyes, waiting for a reaction that does not come.

Nasyski who observes the scene, all cheerful to see that his product has neutralized the beast, does not appreciate seeing Rafe running his hands over Shalimar which he considers to be his…

- " Miss Fox, catch him!" He throws suddenly. Test allowing him both to judge his control over her but also to punish this insolent who dares to fiddle with her.

Shalimar, with amazing speed, grabs Rafe's wrist and twists it while squeezing, motivated by the cries of pain he lets out.

- " Let go of me!" He yells, trying to pull away. But Shalimar holds her grip firmly, awaiting further orders. " Tell her to stop !" He yells at the attention of Nasyski who looks at him, smiling with pleasure.

- " Well ... well ... Miss Fox you can let go now." He said calmly, satisfied to read the pain on Rafe's face instead of lust and also satisfied to see that Shalimar promptly obeyed his orders.

Rafe quickly pulls his injured hand out of the cage and pulls back, holding it in his other hand. His wrist is surely broken, and the pain is horrible… he sits up, looking at the doctor with a look of incomprehension in his eyes. 'This guy is crazy!'

- " But why did you ask her to attack me?" He asks incredulously.

- " It was just a test." Nasyski reassures him, looking him straight in the eye. " And then it'll teach you how to put your hands in your pockets." He finishes, with a smirk.

While Rafe still holds his wrist, Nasyski walks up to the cage and opens the door.

- " Come on, get out of there Miss Fox." He said watching her lift her head. " I'll check that everything is in order. "

Shalimar slips out of the cage and gets up, straight as an "I", she follows the doctor to the chair.

- " Sit here." He said pointing to the chair, delighted to see her comply without batting an eyelid.

Shalimar lies down, her arms at her sides and her gaze blank.

Rafe is still watching from his chair. Disgusted ...

- " Go join Al and see if everything goes well with Mr. Mulwray. I don't need you here anymore." Nasyski told him, taking a flashlight from his pocket.

Rafe grudgingly gets up, wincing in pain, and walks out of the lab.

- " Very well ... to us now." He said, leaning over Shalimar. " Let's take a look at those reflexes.» He passes the lamp in front of his eyes to check the pupils… nothing abnormal, the color remains the same and no particular reaction. " Very well."

'Apparently even after changing the dosage, the drug seems to be working well,' he said to himself, pleased.

- " Don't move from here until I get back Miss Fox." He orders her. He must go out and leave her alone. He walks through the door, turns to look at her, still motionless in her chair. He locks the door and walks away towards his apartments.

On the phone :

- " Yes sir, the situation is completely favorable. Mr Mulwray and Miss Fox are fully operational. Yes Sir, we will be able to continue our plan on time. No Sir, no more problems will arise. Yes Sir, I will let you know when we leave. Good bye, sir. "

'Finally everything will unfold according to my plans and I would have nothing to do with this con afterwards !' he said to himself, savoring his victory.

In the laboratory… Shalimar tries to resurface. When her body woke up, she was about to come up, but when Nasyski gave her order, she found herself thrown back, behind an invisible wall, spectating once again the actions of her own body. under the command of this man.

Now she knows the man is gone, she feels her body relaxed and abandoned, so she tries to break through the wall to get to the surface. Concentration… concentration… this breakthrough demands immense concentration… it takes time… always time, but how many have she before Nasyski comes back?

After several minutes of intense concentration, she seems to feel her fingers… she tries to move them, orders them to move! Nothing… and yet she is sure she almost made it. Unfortunately, before she has time to go any further, the door opens. 'No !' she yells, disgusted to have come so close and to be sent back once again behind this invisible wall ...