Apples and Dates

Sunday was adventure day. By herself, or with Syaoran, if he wasn't working, she would explore the city, determined to try something new, to find out every crook and cranny of her city. One week Syaoran took her to the excavation site and she listened as he reverently explained the history and knowledge hidden in the shifting sands.

This week they explored the marketplace. It was one of Sakura's favorite places to explore because every time it was different. She learned about bright red and yellow spices from a big scary looking man while Syaoran hovered protectively. And his wife, a young woman with short cropped hair showed her eagerly how to bake them in a tasty flatbread while a great dog hovered around the cookfire.

The two of them wandered down the stalls. A nearby cart was piled with a mountain of yellow apples. "Look at all the apples Syaoran!"

He smiled at her, it was the smile she loved. Sweet and glowing and just for her. He didn't smile like that at anyone else. "Yes Princess."

"Stop calling me that! My name is Sakura!"

Another smile. "If you want one, they'll probably give them to you for free."

She tangled her fingers together behind her back. "People shouldn't give me things just because I'm a princess."

"They don't," he shrugged, "People give you things because they love you. Everyone in this kingdom loves the princess." There was a heat in his eyes when he said that...or did she only want to see it? These new feelings trembled inside her like the sun of the ridge of the horizon.

While she blushed he continued, oblivious. "I think you should try something new though, instead. Isn't that the point?" He smiled with a rare mischievousness.

"Hoee? Do you know something?"

He pressed a finger to her lips and she blushed bright red and led her on a twisting dash through the covered stalls. They came to a dark stall with small dark fruits that smelled delicious. "Would you like a date?"

"A...A w-what?" She stammered. Was Syaoran asking her...

"A date. You eat them." He bought a small bag of the fruits and handed one to her.

It tasted and heady like honey. "It's delicious!" she said, then she grumbled, "But you shouldn't buy me things because I'm the princess, you know."

He smiled again, and his eyes glowed. "I didn't buy it because you're the princess." And Sakura couldn't think of a thing to say. He continued. "I have to back out to the excavation tomorrow."

"I'll miss you." These new feelings fluttered in her stomach and the taste of dates in her mouth. "When you come back..." she said, "there's something I want to tell you..."

Author's Notes:

1. This is from a Live Journal meme where someone requests a fandom or pairing, and you write a story in less than 500 words. This squeezes in at 462 words.

2. I will always love Sakura and Syaoran. Yes, yes I will. And if you were wondering, the couple with the dog in the market place is Yuzuriha and Kusanagi. I figure CLAMP is making Tsubasa into the ultimate crossover I might as well help, and get my happy ending for those two in the process.