Everyone's a Critic

Kaitou Kid once said that detectives were like critics. They only followed after artful thieves and picked their crimes apart. Kaito Kuroba was desperately glad that Hakuba never heard him say that. It wouldn't help at all for the argument they were currently having.

After all, as the detective was quick to point out, it's not like Kaito ever solved a mystery. He just helped out a bit so that the other detectives in the room could do their job.

And even though he may grudgingly admit that there is a purpose and necessity to the Kid, he was always highly critical of Kaito's method of detecting his father's killers.

"Putting on your father's great target of an outfit and traipsing about to see who takes the first shot at you is NOT detective work." He said acidly. But Kaito knew that most of the acid was due to worry. Hakuba never liked the thought of Kaito getting hurt, and he was annoyed when the other boy put himself in harm's way on purpose.

"Yeah, well being a phantom thief isn't exactly a cakewalk either you know. You should try it and see how far you get."

Hakuba gave him a baleful look. "No."

And that was the end of that.

Author's Notes:

1. Icka asked me to write a short short where Kaito tried to get Hakuba to commit a crime. I toyed around with Hakuba actually attempting it before decided there was no way in hell he'd even consider it.