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~Chapter One~

The sun broke over the horizon, spilling crimson light over the water. A gentle breeze blew across the deck of the ship, making its passengers pause for a moment, smile, and then continue on with their daily routines. No one enjoyed this early morning serenity more then William Turner. A blacksmith by trade, the sea was a part of him by blood. The smell of the air, the sound of the waves crashing against the prow…he loved it more then anyone would ever realize…except for maybe Jack….

Going to see his pirate friend was the purpose of his voyage. The thought of being reunited with the vibrant, remarkable (albeit drunk) man sent a shiver of excitement down his spine. His life in Port Royal was wonderful-especially when spending every spare moment with the girl of his dreams-but he was glad to be on the water again and going to see a friend he had been separated from for more then a year.

"Should be only a day more 'till we reach Tortuga Mr. Turner." Startled, Will spun around at the first mate's words.

"Thank you Henry! That's sooner then we expected!" Henry smiled at the young man's eagerness.

"Yes it is. I think the gods are favouring…" Will waited, expecting him to go on, but Henry only squinted into the distance. "What the bloody hell…?" Will spun around and shaded his eyes against the glare of the now risen sun.

Heading toward them was another ship, smaller, but moving quickly. The sails were red and jagged around the edges and from the mast a flag, coloured the same as the sail blew in the breeze. As the ship drew closer, Will saw that it bore the mark of a black rose in the middle of a gold crown. Confused, he turned back to Henry, but the second in command had already run away from the front of the ship and over to the Captain. He pointed frantically to the incoming vessel and Will saw the Captain's expression of horror when he saw the cause of Henry's distress. He immediately began to issue orders, and Will saw the crew obey with a speed he had never witnessed before. When a sailor ran by him, Will grabbed his arm with frustration and asked,

"What the hell is going on!?!" The sailor looked at him with pure terror in his eyes and stuttered,

"Th-the Black Widow!" He tried to shake Will's grip off, but he wasn't finished yet,

"What IS it?" The man wrenched his arm out of Will's grip and spit out,

"Grab a sword if ya know how to use it and say your prayers, sir!" before running off.

Will was more confused then he was before, but at least he knew what he had to do. Dodging the now hysterical passengers and frenzied sailors, Will ran back to his cabin. He flung open the door and reached under his mattress, pulling out his carefully concealed sword. He hadn't expected to use it on the boat, but was glad he had kept it accessible. He pulled it from its sheath and ran back on deck.

By the time he got back the "Black Widow" was almost along the starboard side of the ship. Its crewmembers (who Will had decided must be pirates of some kind) began to swing themselves from one vessel to the other. Gripping his sword tightly in front of him he moved into a fight stance and readied himself. But he was not ready for the pirate that landed neatly in front of him.

It was a woman.

And she wasn't the only one. He took one swift look around and realized that they were all women. He faltered and she smiled, revealing one gold tooth. He was not prepared to raise his sword against a woman, pirate or not. She unsheathed her own sword and he took a deep breath, deciding that his life was more important then chivalry. But his one-second of hesitation cost him dearly. He felt the cold bite of steel against his neck and tensed as an arm grabbed him around the chest and shoulders.

"Awwwww…" a soft voice said mockingly in his ear "Such a gentleman. Shame I'm gonna hafta slit your pretty lil' neck"


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