C.I.T: just taking a short break from my 'long' finding a lost love fic, I'm kinda stuck at this Asmi scene. So this idea occurred to me when I was playing Truth or Dare with my friends, Truth or Dare Rayearth style! OOC- ness included!

One fine day where everyone was bored, they decided to play Truth or Dare mixed with Spin the bottle. (I mean Clef, Lantis, Ascot, Ferio, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu. Everyone is sitting in a circle.) First name = ask, second name= answer/ does dare, understand??

Umi asked," Hey do you guys know how to play Spin the bottle?"

Fuu answered "Well I think whoever the bottle points to, has to kiss each other. Right?"

Umi smiled and nodded "Yea, but to have more fun, I think we should make it Truth or Dare, when someone spins the bottle, top asks or dares, bottom answers."

Hikaru who was bouncing around replied, "Sounds fun!"

Umi takes out a clear blue bottle out of nowhere and placed it in the centre. Then she gives it a spin. It ends up facing Fuu and bottom to Lantis.

Fuu looked at the cephirian swordsman with apprehension. "Lantis? Truth or Dare?"

Lantis muttered a one word answer. "Truth."

Ferio leans over and whispers something into Fuu's ears while she started to blush. Lantis glanced wearily at the pair of them,what was Ferio up to now?

Fuu hesitated then she asked, "Well... are you a virgin?"

Lantis glared at Ferio, not answering, while it was Hikaru's turn to blush.

Umi urged him impatiently. "Come on Lantis! Answer!"

Lantis gave a sigh and muttered something that only he could hear.

Lantis retorted, "No. I'm not a virgin, happy?"

"I knew it!", muttered someone outside the door in a familiar southern accent. Caldina dragged Larfage in behind her and plopped down on a couple of cushions next to Ascot, making herself comfortable.

Umi looked at Lantis. "It's your turn to spin the bottle, Lantis."

Lantis said something that sounded like whatever. (Then it turns to Caldina and Umi.)

Umi(without waiting for Caldina to ask) replied. "Dare."

Caldina cocked her head to the side, giggling, 'Hey little missy, I want you to evaluate all the guys' butt and state your preference!"

Umi blushed furiously but she didn't refuse, "Okay, but how?"

Caldina thought for a while,"Well you know, pressing, pinching that kind of thing... All the misters do her a favour and stand up in a row okay?"

All the guys stood up in a row while Umi mentally prepared herself for such a feat. "Okay, here goes nothing..."

She started with Ascot who was blushing so much he looked like a tomato. She pressed it gently, prodding it. Then to Ferio, she gave a little smack which he responded with a howl. "You were so much nicer to Ascot!" Then he winked at Fuu. This comment caused both Ascot and Umi to blush. Then she moved on to Larfarge, resisting the urge to giggle. She poked it a little and pressed it slightly. Clef. She paused slightly. Then she had to bend down to pinch it, to feel it. If one looked closely, you could see the blush forming on Clef's cheek. She stopped short next to Lantis and gave Caldina a pleading look. All the girls were already splitting their sides, laughing.

"I don't dare to..." she started but was cut short by Caldina who stopped laughing long enough to grab her hand and guide it to Lantis's butt and showed her how to do it. Umi wished she could hide in a hole in the ground instead of doing that at that particular moment.

Caldina asked with a mischievous smile forming on her lips. "So who's your favourite?"

Umi blushingly answered, "Ascot and Clef tied at first place. Then Lantis. Then Larfarge, finally Ferio."

Ferio gave a pained expression, " Aww Umi! I'm so hurt! (Turning to Fuu and whispers) But you like my butt right?"

"Ferio!" she scolded. She smacks him playfully on the arm causing Ferio to groan, and herself blushing even more in addition to another round of laughter.

Umi spins the bottle and it turns to Hikaru and Clef.

Hikaru looked at Clef, "So Clef... what will it be?"

Clef (thinking that naive Hikaru won't be able to think of any too horrible dares) , "Dare."

Hikaru, "Hm... I know! Do a bungee jump down the Castle!" (A/N: Does anyone know how high that is?)

Clef sweatdropped. " WHAT? The Castle is over 70000 metres!"

Caldina added in a teasing tone, " Are you scared, Guru! Well you could take off a piece of your clothing like strip poker when you don't want to do the dare..."

Clef had to protest, "Can't I do anything else?"

Hikaru considered it for a moment. "Well, how about performing a song? I want to hear Black Black Heart -"

"Those are my choices?! Oh well, I'll take the singing."

Hikaru giggled "In a white shirt and TIGHT black leather pants nothing else!"

Clef went to change and when he came out, all the girls turned to Jell-O with their eyes as large as saucers oogling at him. His horn (what else can you called that?) and many layers of clothes gone, he looked extremely appealing.

Clef whispered into the microphone (disco music starts, don't ask how).

Something ugly this way comes

Through my fingers sliding inside

All these blessings all these burns

I'm godless underneath your cover

In his world now I'm undying

I unfurl my flag my nation helpless

He sang and moved sensually to the beat of the music. The lavender fringe looked cuter than ever. It seemed to have an hypnotic effect especially on the girls.

Clef: Black black heart why would you offer more?

Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy

I'm on fire I'm rotting to the core

I'm eating all your kings and queens

All your cash and diamonds

Somehow, water starts to fall on Clef, soaking his shirt. A wet shirt is almost transparent leaving... not much for imagination. And the only one who had control over water magic was Umi. Clef flinged the shirt off, it was starting to get really heavy. Somehow, water and Clef seems to make a huge impact on the girls who all started cheering. A small tinge of pink could be found on Hikaru's face and Fuu removed her glasses to get a better view. Caldina was eyeing his 'hypnotic' movements with a very 'amused' expression. Of course Umi was watching the entire thing with her face a fiery red.

Clef: As I begin to lose my grip

On these realities you're sending

Taste your mind and taste your soul

I'm naked underneath my cover

Covers lie and we will not fear nor cower

With the coming signs

The tide will take, the sea will rise...

And time would lie...

Black black heart why would you offer more?

Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy

I'm on fire I'm rotting to the core

I'm eating all your kings and queens

All your cash and diamonds...

He was standing on a platform that mysteriously appeared along with the disco lights. All the girls were cheering for him! Clef blushed and went to change his clothes. " Don't change Clef," came a voice "You look very cute like that." He turned around and saw Umi blush at him. 'Oh well.' then he sat back down. He then spun the bottle with such strength that it ended up on Lantis's lap.

Lantis spoke first. "Feeling embarrassed Clef? It was quite a show." ( He couldn't quite keep the amusement out of his voice.)

Clef glared at him. "Shut up Lantis!" (He spun the bottle again. It was faced Ferio and Lantis.)

Ferio, "Cool! *smiles evilly* Truth or Dare Lantis?"

Lantis scrunched up his eyes. "Truth, no dare, no truth, no dare. ARGH! I can't decide... Fine, I'll take a dare."

Ferio rolls his eyes. "Do you know what's a tequila shots, right?" (whispers something to Fuu who leaves)

"Yes..." He answered.

"And you know what body shots are, ne?"

He could hear Caldina gigling, meaning that she knew what it was. "No... I don't." He answered.

"A body shot it's like a tequila shot... only that instead of putting the salt on your wrist you put it on anothers person stomach and the slice of lemon goes in her or his mouth... meaning that you have to take it from her or his mouth." Umi explained when Fuu came back from the kitchen with a tequila glass, salt and the slice of lemon.

"All right... I understand..." Lantis said, sounding a little unsure.

"Then... I dare you to do... a Hikaru shot!"

"WHAT?!" He asked desperate.

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