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Last chappie:

Ferio rolls his eyes. "Do you know what's a tequila shots, right?" (whispers something to Fuu who leaves)

"Yes..." He answered.

"And you know what body shots are, ne?"

He could hear Caldina giggling, meaning that she knew what it was. "No... I don't." He answered.

"A body shot it's like a tequila shot... only that instead of putting the salt on your wrist you put it on another's person stomach and the slice of lemon goes in her or his mouth... meaning that you have to take it from her or his mouth." Umi explained when Fuu came back from the kitchen with a tequila glass, salt and the slice of lemon.

"All right... I understand..." Lantis said, sounding a little unsure.

"Then... I dare you to do... a Hikaru shot!"

"WHAT?!" He asked desperate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of last chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Can't I do anything else?" he said as he tried to get himself out of this mess.

"It's either that or playing the rest of the game half naked." added Umi, reminding him of the penalty of not accepting a dare. He didn't even want to imagine looking like how Clef was looking, one half naked guy in the room was enough thank-you-very-much.

"I'll do it." he said finally shooting a glare at Ferio, as the blush on Hikaru's face rivaled her hair. Hikaru bit her lip and walked over to Lantis.

"Now lie down." ordered Fuu, trying not to laugh.

"Why lying down?" asked the cephirian swordsman, could things get any more embarrassing?

"It makes it much more interesting." she answered pouring the tequila into a small glass. "The tequila is ready Ferio!" she called out handing the glass to him.

Hikaru lied down on the floor, her head on a big floppy navy cushion. She parted her legs, and then Lantis (who had a little trouble because of their height difference) lied on top of her, between her legs, his arms supporting his weight and the tiniest blush appearing on his cheeks.

Everyone had formed a circle around both of them, clearly enjoying the spectacle. Then Ferio handed him the lemon, salt and a glass full of tequila. He placed the lemon slice on her lips, his fingers brushing gently across her lips. Her blush deepened at the contact between his fingers and her lips.

He then proceeded to pull up Hikaru's shirt. Just enough to see her belly button. She giggled. "What?" he asked. "It tickles." she whispered back. Placing the salt on her tummy, which was a creamy rosy shade, he ordered, "Don't move."

"Okay." she answered, nodding. Umi elbowed Fuu, "This is so fun!"

"I totally agree!" she added almost bursting out in laughter.

"Shhh!" everyone else cried out. "Oops." both girls kept silence after.

His throat suddenly felt dry and wet his lips. He tried not to meet Hikaru's gaze, as her ruby eyes were fixed on his amethyst ones. He maneuvered his head to her tummy and proceeded to lick it up. In a flash, he drank the tequila, trying to wash away the salty taste on his tongue.

'Better get it over with.' he thought as he proceeded to get the lemon. His warm breath danced on her skin, his lips hovering above hers. She turned scarlet when his lips brushed against hers. It was there only for a fleeting moment, but it felt great. He tried again, this time his movements were done in a very careful way, so that he never made contact with Hikaru's lips again. His raven locks brushed against her cool skin, tickling her, then finally he was done. He got off her and stood up, helping her up.

Hikaru's heart raced, she still felt slightly dizzy and he caught her as she fell. "Are you okay? Hikaru?" he asked concerned but it came out as, "Arh gu yay ,Gikalu?" as the lemon was still in his mouth. Removing the lemon with one hand, he placed her on the navy cushion. "I'm fine. Just a little dizzy. Lets continue!" she smiled at them. 'She's still a little pale...' noted Lantis, he would keep an eye on her for the rest of the game.

The game went on and the bottle pointed to Clef and Caldina. (Our favourite little Master Mage! I love making him embarrassed, I'm evil, yes?)

Clef groaned. He could only remember the butt rating system too well.

~Flashback~ Clef. She paused slightly. Then she had to bend down to pinch it, to feel it. If one looked closely, you could see the blush forming on Clef's cheek. He actually liked the feeling of her pinch, and he was totally embarrassed to think that way.

~End of Flashback~

"Truth or dare? Guru?" she quipped teasingly.

Fearing he had to rate the girls' butt, he chose truth. The question surprised him though. "Did you do anything with Ferio that time you guys were in the throne room so long?" she asked winking.

"Nothing of course!" he answered indignantly.

"Come on Clef, no need to deny!" said Ferio acting in an seductive way, fluttering his eyes back at Clef.

"What? Hey we didn't do anything, what are you saying Ferio!" he defended himself a little scared.

"It's a secret Caldina!" finished Ferio. Everyone had fun seeing the usually composed Clef losing his composure, it was obvious as to whom he REALLY liked.

Still freaked, Clef spun the bottle. It turned to face bottom Larfage and top... Lantis?

"Yippee. I get to do something stupid again." he responded dryly.

"Just enjoy yourself. We didn't mind getting killed saving the people of Cephiro what's a small dare compared to this?" the blond swordsman replied.

"Well, you haven't been utterly embarrassed yet, have you?" shot back Lantis.

"Truth or Dare?" Larfage asked, there was no point arguing with Lantis when he was in a touchy mood.

"Truth." He felt safer saying truths, better than doing another Hikaru shot. Remembering the experience, he turned to look at Hikaru, she smiled brightly back at him.

"Okay. I was really wondering, whom did you lose your virginity to?" This was met with cheers. "Good one!" commented Ferio as he patted Larfage on the back.

"Do you get what I mean now? Utterly embarrassing." he swallowed, "I... uh, I well... lost my virginity to..." Taking a gulp out of the jug of tequila, he ended up choking. Coughing and wheezing, he barely managed to breathe when he realised someone's concerned gaze fixed on him. He knew who was the only one not laughing. "I lost my virginity to... Eagle." he finished.

"Does that mean you're gay?" asked Umi.

"NO I'M NOT!" he replied and noticed all the eyes staring at him. He sweatdropped. "I'm not!" he insisted.

"Okayyyyyy......" everyone answered.

Anxious to shift the attention, the bottle was spun again. Umi got the top and Fuu bottom.

"Hmmn... I must really think of a good one, seeing that I had that I was the first girl to be dared. Truth or Dare, Fuu?" she asked.

"Dare." she said after considering the possibilities in her head. "Why dare?" Hikaru asked curiously.

"I was just interested to find out what kind of dare Miss Umi would make me do.", she answered Hikaru with a small smile.

"Okay then... I dare you to exchange underwear with Ferio!" replied Umi looking proud of herself.

At first Fuu thought she was kidding, then realising Umi was dead serious her eyes grew as large as saucers. "Nani? You can't be serious!"

"Fuu, I'm totally serious." Umi answered.

"So, am I suppose to do it here?" she asked incredulous.

"EW! Nooo! Go to the toilet. Please!" said the blue haired maiden, shaking her head fervently, not wanting to see the sight.

"Come on Fuu!" said Ferio as he dragged her to the toilet. (This is not a dirty fic, they did NOT look at each other during this time.)

They came out, both looking extremely uncomfortable. "How do you girls wear this THING?" asked Ferio, tugging at his pants.

"You don't want to hear the answer.", replied Caldina shooting him a look.

"Try me!"

She then whispered into his ear, "Because we don't have certain things hanging out, okay?" He blushed. "Okay, I don't want to hear the answer."

"Told ya!"

The bottle rotated and landed top Hikaru and bottom Umi. Hikaru smiled innocently, "Truth or Dare Umi?"


"Okay. Pick one person in the room that you would most like to have sex with."

"Hikaru!" she replied blushing again.

"We're all waiting!" urged Caldina getting impatient.

"The person I would most like to have sex with is..." she took a deep breath. "Is..."

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