Cell Mates

~*~Written by CrazzieAddict06, aka Jaye~*~

-Chapter 1- Murder in the Alley

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Hermione Granger stood over the body of a bleeding man. What had she done? She frantically looked around the empty streets of Diagon Alley. It must have been late at night, for the moon was shining bright, and all was still.

She looked to over to her left. There was a sign that read "Flourish and Blotts". It seemed so familiar, yet so foreign. She stood there aghast, alone on the cobblestone streets, wondering if she was the cause of the murder.

How could she not realize that she had commited murder? Wouldn't one know?

'Where am I??' Hermione wondered.

Thoughts swirled around in her mind, but they were blank. The only thing she could remember was that flash of light. But where had it come from? It was obvious that there was nobody around. Owls made sounds in the night air, but she paid no mind. There was a crakcing noise heard in the background. But Hermione did not look up.

One by one, a small group of wizards in black robes surrounded her. One was wearing a badge that read "Minister of Magic". The others stood behind him, and stared at her with solemn expressions. She did no more than glance at them, with lost eyes. What other actions could she take?

The one with the badge spoke first, his words were cold and his eyes like stone. "What is your name Ma'am?"

"Name?" repeated Hermione, unknowingly. The Wizards gave her an impatient glare, and Hermione blushed under their eyes. Why did she have to think about this, it was a simple question. What **was** her name? She tried to think, but she could only draw a blank. She shrugged her shoulders absentmindedly. And cast the people before her a scared expression.

A tall, gangly man with flaming red hair moved forward. Hermione couldn't help thinking that he looked familiar. The man spoke, crisply. "Corneilius, sir..May I suggest that maybe her memory has been modified?"

This Cornielius fellow, the one with the badge, stood in place, considering the information. He then turned to the frightened young woman across from him.

"Ma'am, how old are you?"

Hermione did not answer, she tried but all that came out was "erm...oh..um..." The redheaded man ran a hand through his har as Corneilius spoke to him. "I belive you are right, Percy..She.she doesn't seem to have a clue."

The old man stopped to look at the young lady standing before him. He could see there were tears in her eyes, and her slightly bushy brown hair was scattered about her face. Her soft brown eyes, were livid with fear as she looked about the group of angry wizards. "What do you suppose we do, Weasley?" he said to the stern looking redhead.

Percy remained quiet. Corneilius went over the the dead body, and examined it where it lay by Hermione's feet. The man's brown hair was matted over his face with blood from the fall. The two men went to inspect the body. A short man with dirty blond hair called felt the body for a pulse. "He has no pulse, Minister" the man stepped away.

Corneilius looked grim. He knelt next to the young boy, who looked to be no older than 21. Hermione watched as the Minister brusehed away the hair from the fallen man's face. She noted that there was an odd zigzag shaped cut on his face.

Corneilius abruptly looked up. "Bloody hell...It's the famous Harry Potter."


The crowd of wizard's grew silent. **Famous Harry Potter?** thought Hermione, the name slightly rang a bell, but other than that, it meant nothing. The short blond wizard turned to Corneilius, "Sir, we cannot let her get away with..with..this.." he sputtered.

Corneilius looked at a distraught Hermione, he spoke solemnly "Yes..Yes..i am afraid you're right, we'll have to take her to Azkaban until we can figure out the appropriate course of action" the man replied, promptly.

Percy spoke next, in a quiet voice, almost to himself. He sounded mad. "She has no idea that she has greatly damaged our chances of us winning the war...." He walked away in silence, to the body of Harry Potter, and levetated him up. Hermione watched this magic in awe, unaware of the gravity of this situation.

No sooner than she could count to 10, she flet a firm hold on her arm. She turned around to see that the minister himself was escorting her. She managed to ask "...'Scuse me, but where are we going?" Nobody in the group answered her. But she follwed none-the-less since she did not know what else to do.

A woman who looked a little older than Hermione spoke next "Okay, let's apparate."

Hermione questioned, "Apparate?" . She looked at the woman who then replied "Oh, right, well I suppose we should call the Knight Bus?"

Percy replied arrogantly, "Bring a murderer? On the Knight Bus!?!?! Angelina, you cannot be serious.." The rest seemed to take in and consider his words.

"Well" replied Corneilius "We'll have to take that chance, it appears we have no other choice. We'll keep the murderer thing on a low. Mums the word." In no time, the Knight bus appeared. Hermione had never seen anything quite like the Knight Bus. There were places to sit, things to read and eat. . . Even a peculiar creation called Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans. Hermione quickly discovered that when they said "every flavor" they were not kidding. She had just consumed a particularly disturbing Cricket flavoured one.

All of a sudden she heard a shirll voice in the back of her head. It drawled in a sinister voice. "KILL FUDGE. KILL CORNEILIUS FUDGE." Hermione got up from her seat, sending a few beans to the floor. She reached fro her want, only to find that it wasn't there. "KILL FUDGE, GIRL. FORGET THE WAND.." She inched closer to the feeble minister, an evil gleam in her eye.

The voice chanted on, it kept persisting. "KILL HIM NOW" Another voice came into the picture. "DON'T KILL HIM, WHY KILL HIM, HE DID NOTHING TO YOU." The voices were having a raging battle in Hermione's head.





The voices screamed and confused Hermione. Fudge who was now looking mortified, tried to back into a corner. "DON'T KILL HIM, CALM. STAY CALM. FIGHT THIS" said the second voice. Hermione's knees gave way and she collapsed onto the floor.

"Is she unconcsious?" she faintly heard a voice say, before all went dark and her eyelids closed.


There was a cool breeze lingering in the air, and she melt the coolness of the night. Where was she? The voices? The bus? The Jellybeans? Her eyelids slowly opened, she was floating past dense forests and grassy meadows. In the distance, she could faintly see a large stone structure over the tree tops. The past through the shadows of the night. When she realized she was floating, she let out a loud yelp. Which startled the Weasley boy who was not far off from her.

"You're levitated. Stay quiet, I do have no tolerance for rulebreakers" Percy snapped.

Hermione was taken aback, but there seemed something so familiar about that remark. Had she heard it somewhere before?

She remained quiet, but couldn't help but think that the sensation of floating in midair was actually quite amusing. It had been a pretty long walk so far, not that she was really walking. However the big stone fortress was coming into veiw, through the tree tops. She could see it more clearly.

Within thirty minutes, they reached the entrance stairs. On a big stone were the words engraved AZKABAN PRISON. **Prison?** thought Hermione, the seriousness of the situation had not exactly registered in her mind. Fudge had refused to go anywhere near her since the bus incident. The only woman of the group, had volenteered to escort her to the prison. Hermione had caught her name as Angelina Johnson. She had been kind to her while leading her to this. . . prison.

A fully robed prison guard greeted the two. Shivers went down Hermione's spine. She didn't like this place one bit. "Good day" said the guard, with no particular tone to his voice "How may I help you?"

Angelina quietly whispered her buisness to the guard, and he quickly nodded. His face was not visible through the black mask he was wearing, and his sound was muffled just a bit. He then turned to Angelina and spoke in the same toneless voice "Second case we've had like her's this week. The poor bloke can't even remember his name. We just call him Serpent."

The two girls stared dumbfoundedly at the guard for sometime. He spoke again, "We can put the girl with 'Serpent' "

Hermione was intrigued by the character they called Serpent. She put on a brave face and asked the guard "Why do you call him Serpent?"

The guard stared at the prisoner and responded nonchanlantly, "He wears this serpent necklace all the time." He then clapped his hands, and two cold black. . . creatures. . . glided over to her and took hold of her arms. As she was being led away, she turned to see Angelina nod at her, then give a small wave as she exited the prison gates.

Hermione had never felt so cold in her life. So tired. So unhappy. She did not like the prescence of the black whatchamacallits, and she did not like them clasping her arm with their clammy hands. She walked to the end of the dark dimly lit hallway, the dark creatures soundlessly moving at her sides, leading her to the very last cell.

She looked in throught he bars and saw that there were two cots, variously scattered around the room. There was a beat up old table, with two mismatched chairs. Two torches were lit on either side of the room, and a old fashioned chandelier hung dimly from the ceiling. There was a bathroom, containing a toilet, and a sink, who's faucet made a "drip-drop" noise. The whole bathroom was covered by a flimsy curtain around the whole thing. No door. No showers.

The creatures shoved her in the cell, and locked the door behind them. They glided off together, wherever creatures of their sort go. As she surveyed the place again, she really hoped she wasn't stuck there long. She didn't very much fancy this Azkaban Prison place.

On one of the cots, slept a boy, who also looked around her age. His eyes were closed and he was tossing from side to side, as in a nightmare. His silver blonde hair was slightly messed up, and his robe was torn in various places. Around his neck she saw a necklace with an emerald snake on it. . . "Serpent".

Hermione dared not interupt him. She wanted to start off on good terms with her cell mate. She saw him stir a little, and hoped she wasn't being too loud. She made her way into the so-called "bathroom" and felt the disgust knowing that for the time she remained in this hell hole, she would not be able to bathe.

She made her way over to the cheap mirror hanging on the wall. She looked at the reflection. Brown hair fell at her shoulders, and her eyes were empty. She couldn't figure out who she was, and what had happened. . . nothing to trigger her memory as to why she was here in the first place. Frusterated, she slammed the mirror with her fist, causing it to break. The mirror came shattering down to the ground.

**Shit** Hermione thought. She bent down to try and pick up the pieces, when she felt a pair of eyes fixated on her. A cool voice replied "Beaking a mirror, I guess that's 7 years of bad luck."

She turned around to see Serpent standing there. Come to think of it, Serpent was a really stupid nickname. However Hermione kept her mouth shut and turned to face her cell mate. "Come on, you don't actually believe that do you?" she replied.

"Who knows?" he shrugged his shoulders carelessly. He slinked down the concrete wall and sat on the cold floor. "I would be polite and introduce myself, but frankly I don't know who I am right now." His face showed confusion, but he quickly removed the expression from his face, as if he were scared to show emotions.

Hermione nodded "I understand." And truth was, she really did.

"Nice establishment this is, right?" the boy replied, smirking at his own sarcasim.

Hermione looked at him, and replied dryly, "I guess, if you fancy cold ghoul like things with clammy hands and no decent form of hygene." He attempted a smile, but it was only halfhearted, as if he were in a different world. The two continued to make small talk since they couldn't tell who they are, or of what they've accomplished.

'Mione eyed her new cell mate up and down. . . for a prisoner, he wasn't all that bad looking. Okay, for a person, he didn't look all that bad looking. He was actually quite gorgeous. He looked no older than herself, but he was developing bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and his robes were torn in more places then one. She scolded herself for thinking of his attractivness in a time like this. She changed the subject. "So..hows the food in this place?"

'Serpent' however did not respond because he was admiring himself in a piece of the broken mirror that he picked up from the floor. "A bit conceited, are we?" He gave her an evil looking glare, but lightened up eventually. He walked over the the cot, and grabbed a pillow, and whacked her across the face with it. Hermione was taken aback, but went up to fetch her pillow and smacked him across the head. They continued hitting each other for some time, cracking up ech time the other one fell down.

She burst out laughing, finding it totally ironic that she could be having the time of her life, in prison.


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