Cell Mates

Chapter 14: Happily Ever Epilogue

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Draco's Point Of View.

It's such a bloody nice day outside, and Mum is once again going ga-ga over her newly found husband, Remus Lupin. (They eloped) Out of all ex Hogwarts professors, she HAD to pick the werewolf didn't she? The Dark Lord is defeated, as you all know, life is a lot more peaceful now. It'll remain that way until the next evil heir rises up and tries to inflict his wrath upon the wizarding world. Needless to say we don't give a damn right now. Where did the champagne go?

Right now I'm standing at the front of an elegant hall all dressed up. . .I haven't seen Hermione yet, she better not decide to run. She's been so bloody nervous it's been hilarious. But in all honesty, I wasn't making it up when I said I loved her. Mudblood and all, I fell in love with her. If my Dad weren't buried in the Malfoy vault right now I'd be immediately under the Imperious curse or one of the three. . . and whoever hired Minerva McGonagall to play the organ at this marriage will be hearing a word from me at Cocktail hour. . .That woman can not play "the Bridal March" for her life.

I see the Weasley boy wink at me from the benches, as if I was doing something major. Okay, maybe I was. . .but he didn't have to wink. Sadly to report, I winked back. . .What's gotten into me? Now I am winking at guys!?! There is a whole bunch of wizards with cameras and quills writing stuff down for their papers. Looks like im the hero now, eh? gives a sly smile for a reporter what can I say, they love me and I love the attention they give me. Hermione gets mad at me whenever I act like a ham in front of them . . .I'm surprised she hasn't cursed them away. . .Silly Mudblood. Just kidding. . . I meant that affectionately.

"SHUT UP!" I mutter under my breath towards the organ. . .McGonagall and music don't mix. Luckily I was distracted as the little flower girl started to walk up the aisle. . . Hermione's little sister, she was about 11. Awe how cute. . .not. Then I saw the Bride. . .her robes were long, white and lacy, almost as if they had been touched by angels. Bloody hell, I can't believe I just thought that about a robe. But they look nice. . .her hair is still the same as I always remembered, short, spiky and gray. Finally, Madam Hooch found her true love. This was much a relief to those who went to Hogwarts, everyone always swore she was a lesbian. The groom was smiling from ear to ear. In all my days I have never seen him smile from ear to ear. It was getting creepy. Good old Professor Snape eventually decided to tie the knot.

I watch Hermione in wonderment as she walks down the isle as a bridesmaid. . .Her mother had been good friends with Madam Hooch after they accidentally met in London, and Hermione had introduced them. Despite the fact that one was Muggle and the other was not, they got along quite fine. The young granger girl apparently took private flying lessons from Madam Hooch er. . .Snape.

The wizard in charge of the marriage started to talk. This is where I decided I'd take a little nap and pretend I was listening. I tune out the man, and I finally wake up when he announces "I now pronounce you husband and wife. . .you may kiss the bride." This is the part where I wish I stayed tuned out. . .I never wanted picture Snape in a passionate kiss, now I know why I never wanted to. Thank God, its time for the reception, I one of the Ushers, got to take pictures with the rest of the wedding party. I like pictures. . .I always look magnificent.

Anyway, I plan to ask Hermione to marry me tonight. . .I hope she says yes. After all I give her great sex. (Drunk and not drunk mind you) and I turn out that im a pretty decent guy when not pressured to do evil things. . .So I take it my chances are good. Well I'm going to go eat some pork and get a little tipsy. . .Wish me luck tonight!!!!!!!!!

In the End

It turns out in the end, Hermione did accept Draco's proposal.

Draco is going to be a brother! Yes, Remus knocked Narcissa up!

Snape and Hooch honeymooned in Cancun, last time we checked they were at a Weird Sisters concert in some form of Mosh pit.

Voldemort's legacy still lives on, and the Heroic tale of his defeat has turned into a popular bedtime story.

Draco and Hermione are famous . . .and Apollo Malfoy happily haunts the Manor. . .and of course, is welcomed.

And of course like most cheesy, stories that leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. . .

They lived happily ever fuckin after =)


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