Starting Over: Love never goes our way

By: Bree-2006

Claim: nope don't own sailor moon yet but I'm working on it.

An: This is the revised version of Love never goes our way. Enjoy!

Ages; Usagi and the inners 18, Mamoru 24, Motoki 25, Setsuna 24, Outers 20, Hotoru 15, Chibi Usa (she went home when Usagi was only 16 but she'll come back) she's 13

Place in time: two years after Galaxia this is the fall after the inners graduated from high schooland arenow in college.

Mamoru and Motoki have already graduated from med school.


Usagi waited patently in her doctors office. The time on the clock ticked away.

thirty-six minutes, she had been waiting for thirty-six minutes.

Usagi blew out a breath as the doctor finally arrived. She smiled at her long time friend. He only frowned in return.

"Motoki is there something wrong with my tests?" she asked silently, whipping her blonde hair out of her face.

"Actually there was something that the computer picked up, I don't know what to say, but congratulations Usagi you're four weeks pregnant!" She looked at the man incredulously, unbelieveing.

"Pregnant?" she asked for reassurance. Motoki nodded.

"I'm sorry if its a bad thing for you and Mamoru but I'm sure you'll figure it all out." Usagi smiled and put her hand on her belly.

"Yes, we'll figure this out." Motoki sighed and handed her a booklet off the shelf.

"Good, I'll schedule you in for a week from now. How does Thursday sound?" grinning at the beautiful blonde, Motoki grabbed her hand and shook it eagerly.

"Good." feeling a bit overwhelmed Usagi turned her eyes to the white walls of the room she was in. Not bothering to meet Motoki's gaze, Usagibreathed in deeply.

"A baby." Motokispoke a bit of a laugh in his voice. "I'm happy for you Usa." Tears in the corner in her eyes Usagi hugged her friend and left the room. Walking out of the door, she paused briefly to look around the office. Smiling to herself she walked out and into the world outside. watching as cars zoomed by her, Usagi headed to her apartment.

Walking to the home that she shared with her fiancé Mamoru she tried desperately to think ofa way to explain everything to the manshe loved whenshe got home. minutes later she reached the apartment building. Smiling at the bell boy she walked up the stairs and onto her floor. Reaching the door to her apartment she heard afaint giggle coming from the other side.

'What? That's not Mamoru's voice...' Usagi thought as she heard the woman's giggling getting louder.

"No it cant be!" she said as she burst through the door. Her beloved Mamo- chan had his arms around her best friend Raye.

"No Raye!" were the only other words that escaped her mouth before she ran out the door of the apartment. Not bothering to close the door behind or apologize for knocking people over that accidentally got in her way, she ran out of the building.. Not a single tear was shedded from her angelic face.

"I have to get out of here...I've got to get away"

Usagi ran through the Tokyo streets not watching nor caring where she was going. She would go anywhere, but her home.

'No this is not my home, home is where the heart is, home is where I'm happy. Now my home no longer exists.' Usagi thought, her new found pregnancy in the back of her mind.

"This is not how my life is going to be, not if I want to be happy. I can't stay where my life has fallen apart...I've got to leave!" By this time her words had been spoken out loud grabbing the attention of a curtain blond that had just recently gotten off of work, and was heading for his car.

"Usa..." the man asked approaching the distraught blond.

"What's wrong, what happened? Did Mamoru take the news wrong?" he asked.

"I..."was all she could say before she collapsed onto her knees and all the tears she had held in began to drip down her flushed red cheeks. Motoki who had seen her fall to the floor immediately enveloped her into a protective hug.

"Usagi what happened, why are you so upset?" Motoki was suprised to see her tears. Overthe years she had grown out of her crybaby, klutzing out self. Shecalled her name begging her to tell him what had happened. She began to cry harder as she finallybegan to tell him what had happened and through her long excruciating taleshe watched asMotoki' s anger grew.

Motoki, whocouldn't understand why someone who would always talk about the wonderful woman he was with do something like that. Usagi didn't deserve what ill-treatment Mamoru had put her through and Motoki vowed that would have a serious conversation with that jerk that hurt her so badly. Then three words took him out of his thoughts

"I'm leaving Tokyo"

"Usagi..." Motoki started, utterly confused. "I don't know what to say...are you sure about leaving? What about all of your friends, your family and your baby?" Usagi turned to face Motoki, herbloodshoteyes searched his for an appropriate answer.

"I don't family will understand and if my friends are so great then why did my best just get caught in my home with the man I loved? Tell me Motoki! Tell me!" Usagi screamed before she broke down in more hysterics. Wrapping of conforting arm around Usagi's small figure, Motoki began to comfort the girl.

"I don't know Usagi...but if this is what you want then I'm behind you all the way. Just promise me one thing?" Motoki spoke as a tear escaping his left eye

"And what will that be?" she said drying her eyes. Motoki hugged Usagi tightly. "Promise me You'll come back..."

Usagi Tusukino sat in the crowded airport staring at the ceiling.

'Am I really going to do this, can I really do this?' she asked herself. Earlier that day she had explained to her parents that she was leaving Tokyo, she didn't tell them exactly why she was leaving buthe eyes gave aaway her pain. Theyinstantly knew it was for the best. Her parents gave her all the money they had saved for her education and told her to use it wisely. She new that she would use to create a better life for herself and her soon to come baby.

"Usa I really need to tell you something." Suddenly Usagi was taken out of her thoughts.

" what is it Motoki?" Usagi asked. Motoki grabbed Usagi's hand and reluctantly spoke.

"Well...I just wanted to tell you I'm-- we're going to miss you." Usagi smiled at what Motoki had said. During his talk he hadn't once looked at her.He had watched the floor not daring to look into her crystal blue eyes.

"Don't ever forget me"

His statement caught Usagi offguard and she felt new tears form in her eyes.

"I'm going to miss you and the girls too and I promise I will never forget you." After a short embrace Motoki spoke again

"Usa...did you happen to tell the girls you were leaving?" he asked as if he had not already known her answer. Sighing Usagi squeezed Motoki's hand "No I didn't...I couldn't bare telling them I'm leaving and..." before she finished her sentence her eyes turned back to the ceiling.

"And what Usa...?" Motoki said getting impatient.

"And I don't want you to tell them where I am. I don't want them to find me. I can't bear to see them after I leave here...I just cant." Usagi felt new hot tears blur her vision. Motoki held back the heart filled sobs that racked his heart, standing up Motoki gazed down upon one of his best and strongest friends.

"I promise I won't tell them anything...but you will keep in touch with me wont you?" Usagi nodded.

"Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way!" Smiling courageously Motoki hugged Usagi again. "Will you keep in touch with your parents..." he wasn't able to finish as Usagi abruptly cut him off.

" I wont keep in touch with them." She stated poisen oozing from her mouth. "I will only keep in touch with you and they are not going to hear a word about the baby and all that has happened between Mamoru and me, this is our little secret am I clear?" she questioned, she was bent on not goingback to Tokyo...not ever.

"Crystal clear Usa it's our little secret" Motoki said nodding his agreement

"Flight 143 to San Francisco now boarding" Usagi sighed and slowly stood up.

"Well...I guess that's my flight, take care of yourself and I'll call you when I get there ok?" Usagi asked receiving another nod from Motoki.

"Be careful, and you promised to come back some day, don't forget" Motoki said waving energetically at his friend.

"I know and I never break my promises"