Starting Over: Love never goes our way

By: Bree-2006

Chapter 12

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AN: OK this story was originally 32 chapters, which I figured was insane. So I made the chapters longer and made less of them. I hope you all enjoyed my smaller looking story.

Usagi smiled happily at Motoki, her face was bright with happiness and certainty. Motoki opened his mouth to talk and Usagi looked at him.

"Usagi I want to stay with you for as long as I can, I want to help you, I want to be there for you." He told her as he took her hand.

"I..." She was cut off when Motoki's lips grazed hers. Her heart leapt, she could not believe it, Motoki, the man that she had had a crush on since she was 10 was kissing her...and it felt so...right.

Usagi was let out of the hospital the next day; she left the hospital the next day. Premature labor, that was what all the pain was about. She grinned at the thought.

A month passed with no more problems.

Usagi had been doing really well with Motoki's help, he had told her about life back in Tokyo and Usagi wondered why he would want to be in America with her instead of back home.

Mamoru hadn't been seen since the night at the airport and Motoki had believed he went home to Tokyo.

The morning of her nineteenth birthday Usagi woke up to more sharp pains in her belly.

It was 2:00 in the morning when Usagi awoke; she had never felt the way she did. A scream bore its way out of her mouth and out into the hallway, waking everyone within a 20 mile radius.

Motoki ran down the hallway and into Usagi's bedroom. He stood in the doorway flustered and only wearing a pair of happy face boxers. He ran to Usagi's bed side.

"Usagi, what's wrong?" He asked.

"The baby...Oh My God...the baby is coming!" Without another word he yanked off the covers and pulled her up to stand on the floor.

Motoki panicked he had never needed to drive his GIRLFRIEND to the hospital to have her baby.

"MOTOKI...!" Usagi gripped his hand, and he could have sworn he heard a couple of bones break. "This baby is coming now, hurry!" She screamed. He tried to breathe with her, just to calm his own nerves. Were all men like this when they had children?

"I know Usagi I'm going as fast I can…" he told her calmly although inside he was dieing. She only screamed in agony.

"Well DAMNIT! It's not fast enough" She wailed as they drove to the hospital.

As soon as they entered the calm, quiet hallways of the emergency room all hell broke loose.

"WHERE THE HELL IS A DOCTER? I NEED A DAMN DOCTER!" she screamed, holding her enlarged stomach.

A man with black hair and midnight blue eyes came out to the distressed woman.

"Hello miss, I'm Doctor Mayer, what can I help you with?" he asked.

"I'm having my baby NOW!" She screamed showing him all of her, she pointed to her belly and then to the wet part of her night gown from her water breaking. She motioned to below her waist trying to prove that she was indeed having her baby.

"Well I see, guess we better get you a room huh?" She tried not to say anything snippy, holding her hand over her mouth.

"I would hope so…"she mumbled. Motoki hadn't said one word and was too afraid to open his mouth.

The nurse led the labored woman into an empty wheel chair and carried her away to an unoccupied room. The doctor came in shortly after examining her.

"Ok Serena you're going to need to push…" Doctor Mayer had said.

She pushed, eyeing Motoki screaming 'HOW THE HELL CAN YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO ME!' even though they had know.

Then she once again pushed.

And pushed

And pushed

And pushed, for hours the young woman pushed, cursing and hitting anything within sight. She pushed until a wail was heard throughout the whole hospital.

"It's a boy!" The doctor screamed, and Usagi by now was in tears for pain and joy. Everyone stopped as Usagi began to push again, and soon after another wail pierced through the halls, this time the wails belonged to Usagi.

"Uh...oh looks like were going to need you to push again." The doctor told her. Usagi looked at the doctor evilly.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I'M DOING?" She screamed. The doctor cringed. Usagi began to push again.

She pushed

And pushed

And pushed

Soon hearing the beautiful cries of a baby girl...

Usagi stared at her beautiful babies, one girl and one boy. The girl had Pink fuzz on the top of her head, while the boy had purplish color fuzz on his. Twins, to her they were a surprise, but she had never felt so wonderful in her life.

It seemed all worth it. Her new life was starting to come together. She looked down at her sleeping children and smiled.

"I love you my angels" Usagi whispered.

"My little Chibi-Usa and Andrew"

Motoki just stared at the beautiful scene in front of him, everything was wonderful. He had Usagi, she was happy and he was enjoying a family life, a new home and some new friends.

He knew the others back in Tokyo didn't know where he was, and he was glad, he didn't need them, Usagi didn't need them, and even though he would miss his old home, being with Usagi meant much more to him.

But thoughts still crossed his mind. Could Usagi stay hidden forever? It didn't matter now. She had her babies, Mamoru didn't know where she was, and she seemed happy, right now, no matter what happened, he knew, Mamoru couldn't take that away from her. No matter how hard he tried.

Usagi wasn't Usagi anymore.

She was Serena, singer, performer and mother.

End of Part One