Kiyomisa: I know I know, the summary sucks, but I just didn't want to give it away!! This is my first conversation-only fic, and I wanted to know if it worked without even any tags or physical discriptions of who was speaking. Please lemme know what you think ^-^'

A Conversation

"You love him."

"Wha-? I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You can't deny it. Empath, remember?"


"Are you going to tell him? You know he won't pick it up on his own."

"He's a lot more perceptive than you think."

"Fine, he won't act on it then. Are you going to tell him?"

"What are you now, my conscience? I mean, I know we have the same face and all but-wait...why do you care??"


"It's because you like him, isn't it? You're checking out the competition!"

"No, I want to know because I care about the both of you and I want you to be happy..."

"Why should I even try? He already likes're beautiful, how can I campare to that?"

"-! Y-you idiot! We look just the same! You just have dark hair!"

"No, you're different. Your cheek bones are a bit higher, and I think your nose is a bit thinner."

"S-stop that!"

"Stop what??"

"Touching me...your emotions..."

"Are they overwhelming you?"

"No, not exactly..."

"Then what's wrong?"

"'re supposed to love him! Not-!"

"I never said I loved him, you decided that on your own."

"You never denied it. You going to now?"

"No, don't think I am."

" it possible?"

"Is what possible?"

"T-to love more than one person?"

"You tell me, you're the Empath."


"I'm still touching you, you know, do you want me to stop?"

"Why me?"

"?? Why not you? And you say you're a freak, I'll kiss you!"

"...but I-mmh...mmm...."



"...I told you."

"I didn't say I was a freak though!"

"You're blushing"


"How cute!"


"You didn't push me away...interesting..."


"Heh...could it be, you like me?"

"You idiot! I love-!"



"You do love him!"

"Were you just testing me!?"

"No, I like you too."


"To be honest...I guess I want both of share him with you. But, neither of you would really go for that, would you?"

"Idiot! Don't put words in my mouth!"

"!...mmm....ah, you-but-????"

"I'm not used to sharing, but I guess I could make this an exception..."


"But we should probably find out what he thinks about it."

"He'd never go for it..."

"And how would you know? Have you ever asked him??"


"What are you waiting for? Go ask him!"

"All right, but-"


"You're coming with me! Maybe he'll be dazzled by double the beauty!"


"You're blushing again!"

"If you want to dazzle him...we should bring some pie..."

Kiyomisa: Well, there you go! I'd like to hear who you thought was speaking, and who they were talking about, 'cause though I feel I made it obvious, it may not be, I have no clue -_-' So please review!