Kiyomisa: Well, guess it wasn't too hard to guess after all! ^-^' So, since the first part worked so well, I decided to write the "asking" process. Hope you enjoy, and hope it makes as much sense to you as it does to me ^-^

"Ah! Apple Pie! My favorite!"

"Why are you just staring at it then?"

"Sorry, Hijiri, but...Hisoka never gives me sweets..."

"You idiot! Who said I had anything to do with it-ow!"

"It was your idea!"

"You didn't have to elbow me, I only suggested it as a joke..." guys..."

"You're still not eating it."

"Eee! Sorry Hisoka!....mmpph...ah! Delicious!"



"mmph, scrumpf....ah! Tayshtee!"

"...Maybe gving him pie wasn't such a good idea after all..."

" least he's not talking when he's eating, mostly. And besides, the sugar'll soften him up for the question."

"? Keshion? Wha'keshion?"

"For god's sake, chew Tsuzuki!"

"I couldn't even understand that, what'd he say?"

" I said, what question?"



"Why are you two blushing?"

"You ask him, 'jiri."

"You ask him, it was your idea!"

"My idea? You're the one who propositioned me!"

"Well you wanted to ask him!"

"How else are we going to find out??"

"Umm, guys?"

"You know, you are really irritating, Hisoka."

"Heh, is that why you like me?"

"What? Hijiri, you're blushing..."

"I know!"


"All right, Hisoka, I'll ask him. Tsuzuki, which one of us do you like better?"


"What!? That is not the right question!"

"Well I wanna know which..."

"The whole point of a threesome is that you like each of your partners!"



"Way to go, 'soka..."

"W-what do you mean, threesome?"




"Well...we agreed that we both...well, love you, and that we like each other too...c'mon, help me out, 'soka!"

"...Are you want to be in a threesome with me??"

" could say that."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic Hisoka."


"Oh c'mon Tsuzuki, you know he's not very good at admitting his feelings."


"Aw, you know you love"



"Heh, told you you loved me."


"He's so cute when he's blushing, don't you think so, 'zuki?"





"He's in shock...see? He's not even blinking."

"...think the kiss did him in?"

"I think the kiss nearly did me in!"

"Am I really that good?"

"You ass!...?? Ts-Tsuzuki?"







"The-luckiest shinigami in the whole afterlife!"




"Y-you idiot! Put us down!"

"You really want me! Both of you!"

"...I think that's a yes."

"...what the hell have I gotten myself into."

Kiyomisa: Heh heh, poor Hisoka, he'll probably get overwhelmed by those two. Ah well. Now I have to go draw a fanart...he he he...see ya around peeps!