Koboshi Uematsu admired her reflection in mirror one morning and thought, 'I don't look too bad I wonder if Kotarou thinks I'm pretty,' she sighed and turned away. She had been best friends with Kotarou Higuchi and Takashi Ayanokouji for as long as she could remember.

They were now in Grade 6 and things had been strange since the beginning of the year because of Kotarou's new neighbour Misha. Misha was an angel with long pink hair, a habit of saying 'su' after every second sentence but what annoyed Koboshi most was how she was always hugging Kotarou. This was because Koboshi had had a crush on Kotarou since they were in Grade 4.

Kotarou didn't seem to notice her in that way. However, Koboshi decided that things were going to change. Valentines Day was approaching soon and she planned to make it special for Kotarou and finally confess her love her him.

'What would Kotarou want for Valentines Day that Misha couldn't possibly give him?' Koboshi wondered and then she had an idea, apple muffins, Misha couldn't cook but she could. She also knew that Kotarou loved eating apples so she went off to buy the ingredients needed.

"Flour, check, apples, check, eggs, check..." she ticked off everything on her list, "Now it's time to start cooking." The young blonde mixed all the ingredients together until it was a lumpy batter then she divided the mixture into the muffin pans ready to bake in the preheated oven.

After baking for 20 minutes she could smell the lovely smell of freshly baked muffins. Koboshi smiled and thought happily, 'Kotarou is sure to like these!'

She waited in anticipation for Valentines Day to arrive and soon as it did she wrapped the muffins up and took them to school for him. As expected Takahashi's desk was piled with a mountain of gifts from his many admirers. Koboshi thought this was amusing because she knew he had a crush on Shia, the demon that had recently moved in with Misha.

Then she saw Kotarou. He looked so cute with his slightly messy violet hair parted in the middle and his large amber eyes. Her heart started beating fast as she approached him.

"Hi, Koboshi-san!" Kotarou greeted.

"Good morning Kotarou-chan," she replied, "I made you some apple muffins...for Valentines Day!" she said and handed him the wrapped up muffins. He took them thankfully and tried one.

"Mmm...these are really delicious, here, try one!" he offered.

Koboshi took one, and then Takashi took one too and out of nowhere Misha came unannounced, as usual.

"Ooh...I smell something tasty, su!" she said as she took a muffin. For once Koboshi didn't mind Misha's presence, she was feeling happy.

Later that day as they walked home together Kotarou gave Koboshi a small package. She hadn't expected to receive anything from him so she accepted joyfully and unwrapped it immediately.

"Kotarou, it's gorgeous!" she exclaimed as she admired the prettily framed photo of the two of them together.

Kotarou smiled and said, "I'm glad you like it."

"Thank you Kotarou, you've made this the best Valentines Day ever!" Koboshi said and embraced her friend lovingly.


Author's note:

I'm so proud to be the pioneer of Pita Ten fanfics. I hoped you enjoyed reading this little story and I maybe you could consider continuing the trend!