This is my first attempt at writing a fic, much less a Fruits basket one. I haven't seen much of the series, so don't blame me if I get the layout wrong or anything.

This will eventually be a Yuki x Kyo fic, and obviously it's my first time at writing anything like it.

This will also eventually be a blatent cross over with Card Captor Sakura, and will take place when Sakura is a few years younger than Kyo.

Oh yes, and I also know that Kyo sounds a little more mature than usual, but it's hard to convey the message that I want to unless I can use the vocabulary that I want to.

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The voice sounds on the edge of my consciousness, rousing me out of my sleep slightly.

I snuggle tighter into a ball and ferret my chin closer to my fists, which grips some of the sheets.

"Kyo," the voice says again, neither male nor female, but a light combination of the two. "I know you now."

With that I come fully into my senses, and stare at the ceiling above. It is still dark outside my window, and a cricket chirps fitfully in the night. I am wide-awake now. The trees sigh with the wind, and something taps on the roof. One of its brethren join it, and soon there is water streaming off the eaves of the roof to mingle with the rain that they had come from.

The particular smell of rain gently comes into to my senses, and I realise that I am not going to sleep again that night.

9.10.2002 2.23 AM

I think I'm going insane. I heard someone talking to me, but there wasn't anyone around.

Or, it could have just been a dream, see, I was half-asleep at the time. Aw, fuck it. It's probably just nothing. I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this down.

I should probably try to sleep again now, but I doubt anything'll happen.


This time the voice isn't nearly so peaceful. I close my little book and place it in the pile of books next to my desk. It is plain, like one of my schoolbooks, and the lable reads 'English Vocab'. Needless to say, I rarely use it, so it is the perfect place to write when I needed to.


I come downstairs at about 100 miles an hour after glancing at my clock, and screech into the kitchen. The breakfast things have all been cleared away, and Tohru iss finishing the dishes.

"What?! You ate without me?!"

Tohru looks instantly apologetic. "I'm sorry Kyo-kun, we tried to wake you but…"

"What do you mean? I've been awake since two in the morning."

"No wonder you look so rumpled then." Yuki sniffs from behind me.

"Shut it, rat!

"Honda-san tried her best to wake you, but…" Yuki, impeccable as always, murmurs, and turns away.

I shoot him 'a look', and turn my attention to our housekeeper and friend. "I was writing at my desk." I explain.

"Not when we came in," Tohru denys, shaking her head. "We couldn't wake you, and were about to call Hatori until Shigure-san decided to give waking you one last shot."

Yuki whacks me around the head. "You made Honda-san worried, lazy cat," he turns and walks out of the kitchen before I can retaliate with anything more than a cry of indignation. "We're going to be late if we don't hurry."

Ah yes, that's my life, a coma here, an out-of-body experience there…

When I get home, the first thing I do is dump my stuff, and cautiously pick up my book like it might bite. I don't doubt Yuki and Shigure's abilities to play tricks on me, but Tohru would never even consider it. She's too nice for that.

I flip to the current page, and there it is, my last entry.

10.10.03 5.03 PM

Okay, now I'm fucking going insane. I check my clock at 3 something, then when I look up after writing only a little bit, I'm late for school. And my cousins, Yuki and Shigure, claim that I had been sleeping all that time, and they couldn't wake me. This would be like one of their usual bouts of asshole-ness, if not for Tohru. Something's wrong with this picture. I'm going insane.

They'd better not tell Akito.

When I was sleeping on the roof again, I heard the voice. It sounded closer this time, more defined. Once again, it told me that it 'knew me now', and I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon. I don't know why I'm not clawing the ceiling and locking myself in for my own good, and I don't know why I haven't told anyone. It just doesn't seem right to.

I close my book again, and slide it back into it's place. I glance distractedly at the window, and realise that it is raining again, and the sun has set early. I collapse back onto my futon, and my eyes closed for only a few seconds before:


I open my eyes again in surprise, and stare at my clock like it had claimed it would become a Broadway star.

7.21 it reads, 7.21.

I slide open my door, and stumble into the bathroom to stare at my unusually pale face in the mirror. My tanned skin looks unhealthily dull, and my pupils are larger than normal, like they'd been diluted. Pressing a shaking hand to my forehead confirms it, I have a fever.


Shigure's throat must be hurting by now.

I turn in irritation from the counter and bawl back "COMING!!"

Pushing myself away from the counter, unready for the wave of vertigo that accompanied it, and head downstairs.

They never mentioned losing hours as part of the insanity of the Sohma cats. Ah well, I've always strived for individuality.

After storming down the stairs like a man possessed, I stand trying to stay upright as the world tilts like a funhouse floor.

Yuki sounds like he was underwater as he yells "Kyo?"

And then the ground reaches up to grab me.

11.10.03 ???

I'm missing a day. I really am. My clock confirms it, but I can hardly rely on that thing any more. I awoke, in my own bed but still dressed, and there was no one around. I've checked the house; there's no one here. Tohru's working until late, whenever that may be, and Yuki and Shigure must be up at the main house. Something's strange. It's raining again, but rain is never mentioned on the news, and the grass is never wet in the morning. Where the fuck am I then?

I stop writing abruptly, storm over to my window, and open it with a 'thump' that sounds out of place. I stick my arm out into the rain. It feels real enough. Disappointed, like the rain might have given me some answers, I wipe my arm on the bottom of my shirt and close the window.

When I turned back around, there is someone standing there.

He seems to be male merely for the convenience of it, because his face was beautiful and wouldn't look out of place on a girl. His amber eyes are serious, and stares at me with some strange form of fascination. Folded neatly behind him is a pair of red, orange and amber flecked wings, and his costume is otherworldly, but still seems formal and ancient. A plait of deep red hair floats after him as he walks closer to me, closing the distance until there is just inches between us, but he stands almost a head over me. His mouth opens, and I know what he's going to say, because I've head it before.

"I know you now?" The voice is different. It is still light and familiar, but familiar in a different sort of way, and sounding confused.

I open my tired eyes, and my world shatters.

"YUKI!" I'm not sure what I bellow after that, but it make him put down my journal. "What the FUCK are you doing going through my stuff!?!"

Yuki, having recovered quickly, narrows his lavender eyes. "You left it out on your desk, baka-neko, so don't blame me if people accidentally read it."

I don't know what to say to that. I had left it on the desk, but that had been when I was in the other place. I didn't know that that applied to here as well.

My door opens, and Hatori comes into the room. "I see the patent is awake," he murmurs, almost as if he's talking to himself. "Lie back down." He commands me.

I stare at the ceiling as he explains. "there seems to be nothing physically wrong with you apart from a slight lump on your skull where your head collided with the stairs."

Flushing slightly, I concede I must have fainted.

"Has he been getting enough sleep lately?"

"He sleeps like he's in a coma. We can't wake him any more, but he wakes himself."

I'm pissed off that they're talking like I'm not here, or a pet or something, but I manage to keep my mouth shut. I'm too tired to complain.

"Well," Hatori sighs, "I suggest you don't go to school for a few days, until you start feeling normal again." He pauses as he's about to leave the room "You could take up star gazing, I hear that a comet will be passing by some time in the next couple of days. Something that doesn't involve moving."

12.10.03 ???

I can see why he didn't want me moving. My legs can barely support my weight; it was a struggle to get to my desk, and when I finally got here, I fell asleep. If my father saw me now, If Yuki saw me now, for that matter. This weakness will pass, and then I will be fine again.

I haven't seen him this time, not since he almost spoke.

It's stopped raining.

My legs support me until I reach the doorframe and I rest, leaning against it until I can work up the strength to move on. This frustrates me, and I silently berate my body for being so weak. Speaking seems wrong.

I greet the fog seeping in through the open front door almost like a friend, as it seems to comfort and support me. I regain a bit more of my strength. I stumble off the deck and it is good to feel the hard-packed gravel drive under my feet again. The trees lie beckoningly a few metres to my sides, but before I can answer their call, a shape pushes out of the mist before me.

"Master?" I hear his voice clearly for the first time, and see the concern in the volcanic eyes as he cushions my fall when my legs give way.

He frowns slightly. "Baka neko."

I close my eyes firmly for a second, and when I open them again, I am outside the house. Yuki has me in his arms, and Tohru is concernedly rubbing my one of my hands to try and warm me up. There is a cool breeze, and I am shivering uncontrollably with only a singlet and boxers on.

I blink stupidly at the two, and Yuki hoists me up into his surprisingly strong arms.

"Don't worry, Honda-san, I'll make sure he gets back to bed okay."

As he strides up the steps and somehow manages to remove his shoes without any hands Yuki mutters at me "How did you get down here? Why did you leave your room? Hatori told you to stay still."

There is slight concern in his lecture though, and it comforts me. I loop my arms around his neck so that I am more comfortable, and regret the loss of body-heat when he tucks me back into my own bed.

I close my eyes for a moment, and when I open them again, the winged man and Yuki are oddly doubled in each other.

"Everything is in place now master, you can sleep properly now."


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